Minutes 10 December 2019 - NPC

PRESENT: Councillors: J Evans (Chairman), J Siddall, Mrs J Clayton, Mrs A White, P McNeill, D Newsam, A Henderson, Mrs C Appleton, C Higham, J Radcliffe
In attendance: Mrs D Locker (Clerk), 3 members of the public & Cllr G McNeill (WLDC)
Councillors not present:  Cllr P Jenkinson & Cllr Mrs Brockway (LCC) – apologies received
Commencing at 7.30pm
Public Forum
The Chairman welcomed those in attendance and announced that before opening the meeting, members of the public had an opportunity to address the Parish Council, on any matter, during the 15 minutes public session. Resident 1 advised that he had come to talk about climate change to see if he could work with the Parish Council (PC) to improve sustainability in the parish e.g. the PC could consider:
  • utilising solar power, energy efficiency, use of an electric van, cycle racks to promote cycling
  • working with other organisations, collaboratively e.g. LCC are promoting sustainable transport and active travel and the Parish Council could also work locally with the Church, local schools and residents on projects relating to local habitat, in development of local recycling points and dual bins.
The resident suggested that further consideration should be given to how this could work, to the PC governance arrangements in this respect, use of volunteers and advised they would attend the next meeting of the PC in January 20 to discuss, further.  Resident 2 requested to be heard in respect of recent works to the beck when vegetation was stripped out by a contractor.  They also stated that it would take 7 years of natural growth to recover and that he believed removal of the iris bed was in direct contravention of the Beck Working group’s planned work timetable to be undertaken by the Rivers Trust, during 2020.  Cllr P McNeill advised that the Beck Working Group had since met and the River Trust had been asked to restore the iris bed that had been removed.  Resident 2 requested that the PC contact the contractor to see if the iris rhizomes could be retrieved, that the Property Committee have a debate on what happened and the Beck Management Plan that the PC discussed in an article several years ago, be published in its current draft form.
The Clerk advised that update reports had been received from the Police, Cllr Giles McNeill (WLDC) and Cllr Mrs White (WLDC) and had been circulated to Parish Councillors.
District Councillor Report
Councillor G McNeill (WLDC) advised:
  • He had recently attended the opening of the new £1.6m Nomad centre, funded largely through grants and donations from organisations, charities and the community and was impressed with the facilities on offer, to assist those facing homelessness.

Councillor Mrs White (WLDC) advised:

  • The University of Lincoln has secured £6.4m in funding to create the Lincoln Agri-Robotics centre and for restoration/upgrade of the listed building - Riseholme Hall.

Police Incident report – the contents of the incidents report from 6/11/19 – 6/12/19, were noted.

The Parish Council Meeting opened at 7.47pm
152/19. To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence.  Apologies received from Cllr P Jenkinson.  
It was proposed, seconded and resolved: To accept the apologies of absence, received. Unanimous
153/19. Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations 
Declarations of interests were received from: Cllr Mrs Clayton for item 5(e) and from Cllr Siddall for items 5(a) & 5(e), on the agenda.
154/19. Notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18 November 2019 to be approved as the minutes 
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council, held on 18 November 2019, be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman. Unanimous 
155/19.  Clerks report on matters outstanding (Information only)
The Clerk updated the Parish Council on the following matters:
  • The Councillor vacancy has now been advertised, to be filled by Co-option, via Council notice boards, local Facebook sites and the website, with a closing date of noon 2 January 2020 for consideration at the next meeting of the Parish Council, on 14 January 2020;
  • The Council’s Dog Walker Guide and Map, coordinated by Councillor Siddall, have been added to the website and local Facebook sites;
  • The grass cutting  agreement, with LCC, was signed and returned in respect of urban cuts 2020/21;
  • The Council’s insurers had confirmed that Public Liability cover is in place for any land owned or linked to the council, via liability (including in their arrangements with the Village Hall).
156/19. Financial matters
a) To Ratify Payments made – 01/11/19 – 30/11/19
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the payments schedule be brought to the next meeting for consideration For: 9;  Abstentions: 1
b) To consider the Income & Expenditure information at 30/11/19
The contents of the Income & Expenditure report were noted.  
c) To consider the Council’s bank account balances at 30/11/19
The Vice-Chairman checked the summary against copies of the bank statements and duly signed them as a true statement of monies held, in the Council’s bank accounts.
d) To sign off the proposed pension contribution rates from 1/4/20
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to agree the pension contribution rates as set from 1/4/20. Unanimous
At 8.06pm, Councillors Mrs Clayton and Siddall left the meeting room
e) To consider application for a grant towards the cost of holding the Village Christmas Day meal
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council award a grant to the sum of £100 towards the cost of room hire and decorations. Unanimous (by Councillors in attendance at the meeting)
At 8.10pm, Councillors Mrs Clayton and Siddall re-entered the meeting room
157/19.  Planning Matters 
a) To receive recommendations or observations on the following planning applications
1)  37 Lodge Lane - Mr S Barnes - 140248. Planning application for two storey side extension and single storey rear extension. Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – no comments to make in respect of this application
2)  Land adjacent 72 Scothern Road - Western Power - 140273 - Notification under Electricity Act 1989 – to install 1 x substation to supply new development. Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – no comments to make in respect of this application
(b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals and Withdrawals, Decisions received
 i)   Appeals  
  • Lane off The Hawthorns - Dixon, Gauke, Pickwell - 138494. Outline planning application for erection of up to 63no. dwellings with garages, access roads, footpaths and open space-access to be considered and not reserved for subsequent applications. Appeal Result:  Allowed (with time limit & conditions).   Appeal determination date:  25/11/19
At 20.10pm it was proposed, seconded and resolved to suspend Standing Orders to hear from Cllr G. McNeill (WLDC).  Unanimous
Cllr G McNeill advised that the District Council had determined the original application limiting build of 50 housing units; however the Planning Inspector determined 63 units quoting planning guidance conditions being considered unreasonable.  The current Central Lincs Local Plan is also currently under review.
At 20.16pm it was proposed, seconded and resolved to resume the meeting.  Unanimous
(c) Tree Applications – None considered
d)  Update on outstanding planning matters
Council were advised that:
  • Councillors had met with Stirlin developments to request, following receipt of independent advice, that the access path from their development through to Mulsanne Park be constructed to a recognised standard e.g. 1.5m wide with a minimum of 450mm hardcore base (rather than 150mm as proposed by the developer) and discussions are ongoing.
  • The public right of way on Deepdale Lane (to Larkfleet development) was due to be reopened by 11/8/19 and the delay and breach of the planning conditions had been reported to LCC Highways and WLDC Planning Enforcement, respectively.  Feedback is awaited.
158/19. Property Committee Matters 
a) To consider arrangements and future development of the Mulsanne Park Pavilion and site
A grant application for funding towards energy improvement works, to Mulsanne Pavilion had been submitted recently, to British Airways Carbon Fund – response awaited.  A Mulsanne Pavilion User Group meeting has also been arranged for January 2020.
b) To receive an update about development of the Swathe – No update provided
c) To receive an update about tree management in the parish
Councillors had met with the Tree Advisor to discuss the Parish Tree Mapping arrangements.
159/19. Council Matters 
a) To consider the footpath proposals from Stirling – Lodge Lane to Mulsanne Park
No further discussion as already discussed under Outstanding Planning Matters (157/19(d) refers)
b) To receive an update about Bill Bailey Playing Field proposals
A site meeting is to be held 11/12/19, with Wicksteed - with anticipated start on site end Jan/Feb 2020.
c) To agree the process for notification of a Councillor taking leave
The Chairman requested that Councillors notify the Parish Office with dates for their intended leave.
d) To discuss Council nominations for awards
No nominations were put forward and closing date is 6/3/20.  During discussion it was suggested that:
  • WLDC could acknowledge an individual’s nomination for a Community Award, by presenting them with a certificate;
  • Council also develop articles for Nettleham Matters to recognise the work that local community nominees have done - (subject to their permission).
e) Community Speed Watch update
Council were advised that as only 6 potential volunteers had come forward for the Community Speed Watch initiative, alternative speed monitoring options should also be explored.  This could include the purchase of a speed indicator device which come with a variety of options, at a cost, to include: speed data recording, interrogation via Bluetooth, solar.  Following discussion it was proposed, seconded and resolved not to pursue Community Speed Watch but investigate proposals to purchase a Speed Indicator device and report back to a future meeting of the Parish Council. Unanimous
Action: Councillor Siddall to develop update information to post on Facebook and website.
f) To consider the developers proposals for Nettleham Field Path link – Sudbrooke Lane
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to write to the developer to express interest in their proposals to provide a path from Sudbrooke boundary to Nettleham village and to seek clarification about ownership and future maintenance arrangements. Unanimous
Action: Clerk to write to Truelove Developments to seek clarification of ownership, future maintenance and to ascertain if their proposals meet adoptable standard with LCC.
g) To seek to establish a Neighbourhood Planning Review Task Group comprising of up to 4 Councillors and up to 4 residents
Arrangements are already in place for Councillors to meet with the WLDC nominated Officer and with Caistor Town Councillors to discuss the review process.  It was recommended that the Planning Liaison Panel set up a task and Finish Group, following the meeting with Caistor Town Council & WLDC Officer.
h) Update from the Parish Council Highways Liaison Group
Council were advised that several Councillors had met with Officers from LCC Highways to discuss parking issues identified in the parish, around The Green, outside schools and near the Beckside shop/Church area.  Feedback was that the meeting had been very productive and LCC had advised:
  • some traffic restrictions cannot be enforced e.g. they are advisory restrictions, including those in the vicinity of both the primary and infant schools;
  • where parking on double yellow lines is identified by Traffic Enforcement Officers they need to allow the driver 5 minutes to return to the vehicle, before issuing a penalty notice;
It is proposed, seconded and resolved that Councillors meet with representatives from the Road Safety Partnership to discuss potential options to resolve parking issues identified and to address parking on the pavements. Unanimous
Action: Clerk to contact LCC to request consideration for the 30mph speed limit sign to be moved further down Lodge Lane, near the Rugby Club 
160/19. Nominations and Appointments 
a) To consider nominations to the vacancy on the Property Committee
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that Councillor Radcliffe be appointed as a member of the Property Committee.  For: 9;   Abstentions: 1
b) To consider nomination to the Mulsanne Park User Group
c) To consider Councillor nomination to the Burial Ground & Swathe Working Group
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the nominations to (b) and (c) above be agreed by the Property Committee. Unanimous
d) To consider nominations to a Neighbourhood Planning Review Task Group
It was recommended to hold nominations to this group until after the meeting with WLDC & Caistor TC.
161/19. Consultation
a) To consider submitting a response, about the Village Profile – Central Lincs Local Plan
Council considered the consultation document.  Feedback received was that the contents appear accurate and no observations to be provided. 
162/19. Correspondence received 
a) To consider supporting a resident’s proposals, for submission to LCC, for provision of traffic management, at Deepdale Lane/A46 junction
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and resolved that Council write to LCC Highways requesting the junction (A46/Deepdale Lane) be reviewed with a view to widening it to allow improved exit arrangements, from Deepdale Lane onto the A46. Unanimous
b) To note a temporary traffic restriction – 24/12/19, 6.30pm to 8pm for carols on The Green. Noted
163/19. Councillor Reports/Future Agenda items 
It was requested the following items be included on the next Parish Council meeting agenda:
  • Swathe update 
  • Speed monitoring update
164/19.  Date of next meeting 
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 7.30pm at the Small Hall, The Old School, Mill Hill, Nettleham.
165/19. To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings Act 1960), due to the sensitive nature of the business  to be discussed
At 9.38pm it was proposed, seconded and resolved to move into closed session and to exclude members of the public. Unanimous
There followed a short interval when all members of the public left the meeting room.
a)  To receive an update about the appointment to the post of Assistant Clerk
Council were advised Mrs Jackie Bourne had signed the employment contract with a start date 6/1/20.
b)  Feedback – staff 6 month probation review
Council were advised that the Facilities Manager had successfully completed their 6 month probationary period.
c) To receive an update about proposals for the former Linelands site
Council heard that feedback had been received from LCC advising that they are currently in negotiations, about the future use of the former Linelands site and hope to be in a position to provide an update, in the New Year.
The meeting closed at 21.52 pm