Minutes - 16 January 2018 - NPC

PRESENT: Councillors J Evans (Chair), J Siddall, M Spencer, J Downs, J Hill, R Porter, M Leaning, Mrs J Clayton, Mrs A White, T Williams and Mrs S Harland (from 8.00pm).
In attendance: 4 member of the public and J Finn (Parish Clerk).
Public Forum: The owners of & The Green attended the meeting to give information on the fencing to their property next to The Green following receipt of a letter from the Parish Council regarding possible encroachment on The Green.  The owners reported that the fence had been placed in line with a brick edge to the garden and they had also spoken to the previous owner of the property who had lived at the property for 20 years and the garden had been maintained in its current dimensions; they do not want to cause an issue with the village.  It was reported that the matter would be discussed under the Clerk’s Report. 
A resident stated he was here to listen to discussion on the parking on Mill Hill Agenda item.  He also asked about enforcement of 20mph speed restriction and zig-zag lines outside village schools and the possibility of making speed limit mandatory.  It was reported 20mph speed limit and zig-zag lines are both advisory only and representations would need to be made to Lincs County Council’s Highways Dept. to review the issues. 
Nettleham Neighbourhood Policing Team – no member of the Policing Team was available to attend the meeting, however a written report had been received and circulated.
County Councillor Mrs J Brockway had given her apologies for the meeting and no written report had been received. 
District Councillor Mrs A White report had been received and circulated.  In addition further details were given on Larkfleet conference in relation to Deepdale Lane Development and the need for Affordable Housing and requirement to put pressure on ACIS and developers to provide sheltered/affordable housing.  The National Homeless Strategy now put the responsibility for all homeless people no matter where they originally came from on local authorities.
District Councillor G McNeill had given his apologies for the meeting and a written report had been received. Cllr Hill stated that Cllr McNeill had included an article in the January edition of Nettleham Matters which did not represent all the facts in relation to the Beal Homes Planning application for 200 dwellings and its subsequent refusal following a Planning Appeal.  This matter would be an agenda item at the next meeting and Cllr McNeill to be notified of this action.
001/18. Apologies for absence
It was unanimously resolved to accept Cllr G McNeill’s apologies and reason given.  It was also noted that County Councillor Mrs Jackie Brockway had given her apologies for this meeting. 
002/18. Disclosure of pecuniary interests
Cllr Porter declared a non-pecuniary interest on Agenda Item Nos.7(b), 7(f) and 9(a) due to his employment with Lincs County Council. 
003/18. Notes of 11 December 2017 meeting
It was unanimously resolved that notes of the 11 December 2017 Parish Council meeting were duly approved and signed as the minutes.
004/18. Clerks Report
The Clerk reported that 
155/17(a) – Advertising Policy – the first meeting of the working group had been organised for 20.2.2018.
155/17(b) – Parish Boundary Review – A letter received from City of Lincoln Council stating they were in the process of looking into the details and implications of the request and undertaking the necessary fact finding exercise.  No response as yet from WLDC.
155/17 – Assets of Community Value – nominations for Nettleham Community Hub and The Pinfold, Mill Hill had been submitted and WLDC stated they would consider whether these properties can meet the eligibility criteria and would make decision by 23 February 2018.  It had not been possible to submit nomination for Linelands as the building had been empty too long.
155/17 – Encroachment of fencing on the Green – A letter had been sent to the owners regarding this matter and they had spoken with Cllr Downs.  It was reported that this matter could not be discussed at this meeting as it was not an agenda item but would be on the Agenda for the February 2018 Council meeting.  At the February meeting it will be essential that all evidence including photographs be given to The Clerk.  The owners were requested to provide a copy of email from previous owner of the property.  No action to be taken in relation to the fence at this time.
155/17 – Councillors Skills Audit – The outcome of the Skills Audit would be discussed at the February Parish Council meeting.
It was unanimously resolved to take Agenda Item 7(a) next.
005/18. Council Matters
(a) To discuss report produced by a resident Re: Parking on Mill Hill - Mr Norris had requested a report produced by himself be brought before the Parish Council and copies had been circulated to members.  Mr Norris made a short statement outlining the most important point of the significant danger to people using Mill Hill.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved that the Clerk write an appropriate letter to the Lincs Police and Crime Commissioner in terms of the points and traffic legislation quoted in Mr Norris’ report and in consultation with the Hon. Legal Advisor.  Also include a piece as part of the next Parish Council Article in Nettleham Matters about the action the Parish council had taken.  Mr Norris was thanked for his efforts in this matter. 
Cllr Mrs Harland arrived at the meeting at 8.00pm.
006/18. Financial Matters
(a) Ratification of Accounts Paid – It was unanimously resolved to duly approve payment of the accounts as set out below:-
James Heath Electrical/180.57/Electrical works OS/MP
Avalon IT Services Ltd/105.45/VOIP /IT Support
Lincs Cleaning/985.25/Deep Clean of Kitchens at OS/MP
Lincoln Metalcraft/262.25/Car park gates Village Hall 
Multidata/32.43/Wi-Fi OS
Contractors Hours/746.00/Contractors November hours
Staff/15.50/MP keys cut
Regor Office Supplies/2170.00/2 x village notice boards
P Elsom43.00/Window cleaning
Welton Parish Council/226.64/Contracted Facilities Nov hrs
Co-operative Bank/20.60/BACS Fees Oct salaries
BT/45.00/3 x office mobiles
Anglian Water Wave/14.99/Water – Bishops Palace
Anglian Water Wave/13.32/Water – War Memorial
Anglian Water Wave/19.03/Water – Burial Ground
Anglian Water Wave/26.78/Water – Allotments
Staff Salaries/3067.61/Staff December salaries
Society of Local Council Clerks/258.00/Renewal of subscription
Aegis Technologies/309.00/MP alarm monitoring
James Heath Electrical/67.61/Switch for Xmas tree lights
Mark Cropper/825.00/MP Tree work
ESPO/27.43/Office supplies
Multidata/32.43/Wi-Fi OS
Avalon IT Services Ltd/19.42/PO calls
Contractors Hours/306.00/Contractors December hours
(b) Ratification of the increase in the rental of Bishops Palace Site - It was resolved to ratify the increase in rental of Bishops Palace site with effect from 1 February 2018 in the sum of £230.00 per annum.  This expenditure would be allocated from the Bishops Palace Site budget code 1713.
(c) The increase in the licence fee for the access strip to The Swathe/Bishops Palace site/Burial Ground – It was unanimously resolved to approve the increase in the annual licence for the access strip as detailed above in the sum of £75.00 from 5 March 2018.  This expenditure would be allocated from the Village Facilities Budget code 1520.  
(d) Renewal of LALC 2018/2019 Annual Training Scheme subscription – It was unanimously resolved to approve the renewal of LALC 2018/19 Annual Training Scheme subscription in the sum of £125.00 and would be allocated from the Admin Subscriptions Budget code 1124.
007/18. Planning matters
(a) Applications
It was unanimously resolved to approve comments submitted by the Council’s Planning Liaison Committee on No.1 below. 
(1)  10 Greetwell Lane - Mr I Fernandes - Ref: 137108. Planning application for 2 storey rear extension, single storey garage to side of property and adormer window to front
The PLC has No Objection to this Application.
The PLC does however note that this Application constitutes a further erosion in the stock of smaller, relatively inexpensive homes within Nettleham.
(2)  Land to rear of 72 Scothern Rd Truelove Property & Construction Ltd Ref: 137106
Application for approval of reserved matters (appearance and landscaping) to erect 68no. dwellings-following outline planning permission 131975 granted 14 March 2017
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee made no comment or objection to this application.
(b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals and Withdrawals received 
(i) Appeals – None. 
(ii) Consents – None.
(iii) Refusals – None.
(c) Tree Applications
It was reported no new tree applications had been received.  The application for the felling of two trees to side of Community Hub/Library building was still to be resolved. 
(d) Update on outstanding planning matters 
Updated report on outstanding planning matters had been circulated and was noted.
(ii)  Chapel Lane – Article 4 – It was unanimously resolved to note the current position and take no further action at this time.
(iii) Land of Lodge Lane (ref. 135895) – It was reported that Facilities Manager and Cllr Downs had had a site meeting with Stirlin Developments Site Manager, there was a difficult situation with Western Power and the work they have undertaken on the boundary next to the training pitch and damage done to pitch.
(iv) Brunel House, Deepdale Lane Enterprise Park – Advertising to outside of Building - It was unanimously resolved to note the current position and take no further action at this time.
(vi) 2 Greenfields (ref. 134027) – photographs of the hedging plants and fencing had been emailed to WLDC and awaiting a response from them.
008/18. Council Matters
(b) Additional funding to Village Hall car park renovation – A financial report had been circulated to members which detailed the total project cost of the car park project.  The project had gone over budget by £6,923 and it was recommended that this overspend be allocated from the 2018/19 & 2019/20 joint capital village hall fund.  Cllr Williams expressed his concern on the overall increase in the cost of the project, which was a 15% increase.  Cllr Hill pointed out that the majority of the overspend (£5,905) was due to unknown essential drainage works which the Parish Council was not aware of. It was unanimously RESOLVED to approve recommendation to allocate overspend of £6,923 from next two financial years joint capital village hall fund.  Cllrs Hill and Siddall and Facilities Manager were thanked for all their hard work and it was a pleasure to see the project done and finished.
 (c) Nominations for West Lindsey Community Awards – Following a discussion regarding the various nominations categories, it was unanimously resolved to nominate:-
Nettleham Festive Market Committee and Buddies Dementia Café for Community Group 2018 and 
The co-ordinator of the Patient Support Group at Nettleham Medical Practice for Volunteer of the Year.
(d)  Report on meeting with Highways Officers from Lincs County Council – Notes of the meeting held with Lincs County Council had been circulated and were outlined by Cllr Hill.  It was pointed out that the Highways Dept. have been asked to achieve an impossible task with the resources and funding available.  LCC had stated £180,000 was to be allocated to Nettleham in 2019/20 financial year but this would not go far with the road issues already being experienced.  The Council did not know what the solution was but to continue to report highways issues and offering assistance where possible.  It was felt the liaison with LCC Highways Officers was as good as possible.  It was unanimously resolved to note the meeting notes.
(e) The organisation of Remembrance Sunday Service – Due Cllr McNeill absence it was unanimously resolved to defer this item to a future Council meeting.
(f) The possible provision of bus shelters – A report had been produced regarding possible bus shelters (1) outside Methodist Chapel on High Street and (2) next to junction of Kingsway and the High Street.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved to acknowledge the excellent report and consider no further action in the future as part of a village wide consultation. 
 (g) To consider re-instating static security to the car park at the Old School – It was resolved to reinstate static security at the Old School car park; the frequency to be decided by the Clerk/Facilities Manager.  The expenditure to be allocated from the Old School revenue budget.  10 members in favour and 1 member abstained.
009/18. Property Committee Matters
(a) To note the draft notes of the 5 December 2017 – It was unanimously resolved to note the draft notes of the 5 December 2017 Property Committee meeting. 
(b) To ratify additional expenditure at the Burial Ground/The Swathe – It was unanimously resolved to ratify the additional expenditure at the Burial Ground/The Swathe to be allocated to appropriate Burial Ground and The Swathe budgets.
(a) Lincs County Council – Consultation on Building Communities of Specialist Provision for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Lincolnshire - Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved to note the consultation. 
011/18. Correspondence
(i) Lincs County Council – Notification of the Adoption of the Lincs Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Site Locations
(ii)  Email from Lincs Road Safety Partnership – Community Speed Watch – Nettleham – The Community Speed Watch scheme would be launched in April 2018 and Nettleham’s interest in the scheme had been noted.  Mr Farmer, one of the volunteers, would be notified of the situation.
It was unanimously resolved to note the correspondence received above. 
012/18. Coucillors Reports/Future Agenda Items
Cllr Evans reported on a recent meeting with LACE regarding Linelands and its future use.  LACE had also informed Cllr Evans that the Deepdale Lane development would be commencing shortly with the installation of the road; it was anticipated that the development would be completed by Autumn 2019.
Cllr Downs reported that flooding was still occurring to the road at Lodge Lane near the Stirlin Development and also to the Bridleway – the Clerk to report these matters to LCC.
Cllr Hill reported that the planters outside the Co-op on Vicarage Lane would shortly be relocated to the positions of the trees which had been felled. Two of the planters would have autumn flowering cherry planted with heathers around the bases of all three planters; the other planter would have a spring flowering serviceberry.
The following Agenda items were requested:-
To discuss proposals for the registering of Assets for Community Value – Cllr Leaning
To discuss the opening up of pedestrian access to the Nettleham Medical Practice from Poachers Meadow = Cllr Leaning 
Update on Linelands Site – Cllr Evans 
Update on Nettleham Festive Market – Cllr Evans  
013/18. Date of next meeting - The next Parish Council meeting to be held on Monday 19 February 2018 in Small Hall, The Old School commencing at 7.30pm.
The meeting closed at 9.40pm.