Minutes - 23 July 2018 - NPC

PRESENT: Councillors J Evans (Chair), J Siddall, M Spencer, T Williams, Mrs J Clayton, Mrs A White, J Downs, J Hill, and G McNeill (left the meeting 7:50 pm).
In attendance: 6 members of the public and J Finn (Parish Clerk). 
Public Forum 
A resident stated that he would like to comment on Agenda Items 6(b), 8(a) and 8(d). 
County Councillor Mrs J Brockway reported that the LCC’s IT system had failed and Councillors were struggling to receive and send emails; a consultant had been brought in, Steve North, and the new Head of IT at LCC John Wickens were dealing with the issues being experienced.  Scothern Road had been resurfaced following teamwork lobbying villagers and the parish Council and other areas within the village were now being looked at.  Lincs County Council were helping a refugee family and also helped children who were abandoned off the A1; each child looked after up to the age of 25 years costs LCC £1million and no additional funding received from the government.  Lincs CC will take some refugees but need to know their circumstances and implications for local residents.  A consultation on Health and Wellbeing was being undertaken and there was an issue with young and adult carers not receiving the support being offered.  The new Chief Executive was now in place.   
District Councillor G McNeill had provided a report which had been circulated.  He also reported that due to the current weather conditions being experienced and their similarities to June 2007 when the village experienced flooding it was suggested that the properties which had experienced flooding in 2007 be notified so they could take the necessary precautions.  Also a new Planning Enforcement Officer had been appointed, Tom Rawle.
District Cllr Mrs A White had provided a written report and also reported that she had contacted Oliver Fytche-Taylor about the query regarding the approval of minor/non-material amendments to planning applications and response from Oliver Fytche-Taylor to be emailed to members and the Clerk.  Cllr McNeill stated that WLDC’s Governance and Audit Committee would also be looking at the matter this year.  
Nettleham Neighbourhood Policing Team – no member of the Policing Team was available to attend the meeting, however a written report had been received and circulated.  It was reported that members were pleased the Neighbourhood Policing Team were looking into the issues at Mulsanne Park.
088/18. Apologies for absence
It was unanimously resolved to accept Cllr Mrs S Harland, M leaning and R Porter apologies and reason given.   
089/18. Disclosure of pecuniary interests
Cllrs Mrs Clayton and Siddall declared a personal interest in Agenda Item 6(b) and 8(a) as they are members of the Village Hall Committee. 
Cllr McNeill declared a pecuniary interest in Agenda Item 4 due to his membership of WLDC Planning Committee.
090/18. Notes of the Parish Council Meeting  held on 19 June 2018
It was resolved that the notes of the 19 June 2018 Parish Council meeting were duly approved and signed as the minutes.   
Cllr McNeill left the meeting.
091/18. Presentation by Globe Consultants on proposed development off Larch Avenue
The Chairman welcomed Russell Wallace, Globe Consultants; Richard Havenhand from Framework Architects and their client John Dixon of John Dixon Homes to the meeting. 
Mr Wallis outlined the proposed application which would be confined to the 3.5 hectares of land off Larch Avenue as identified in the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plant (NNP) and the Local Plan.  A plan showing the indicative proposals was displayed.  NNP Policy H-7 referred to this site and detailed the number of dwellings and requirements for example satisfactory vehicular access, provision of footpath, etc which would be met by the proposed development.  
Mr Havenhand outlined how the proposed development met Policy H-1 ‘Managed Housing Growth’ and a plan showing the design and layout of the site was displayed which detailed the vehicular access from The Hawthorns, the footpath from Ridgeway into the site and a Green area to the entrance of the site.  There would be a SUDS scheme to the lower position of the site to The Beck and roadside swales incorporated.  The scheme is in two halves – left and right with 2 and 3 clusters of dwellings from 2 bed properties to 4/5 bed properties.  The number of dwellings was proposed at 63 with 25% affordable housing included.  Field access had been included for any possible future development.   Separate garages included in the design to try to stop garages being incorporated in the living space of a dwelling and car parking needs to be met with longer length driveways which would allow for 2/3 car parking.
Questions were taken including:-
1.  The number of units of affordable housing and were they suitable for elderly residents.  It was stated that 16 units would be affordable housing and were conducive to elderly living i.e. bungalows.  It was also pointed out that there was a requirement for 30% of any development to be adaptable for elderly living.    
2.  The Outline Planning Application appeared to meet requirements of NNP and Local Plan but when would Council and residents see the actual design and layout.  It was reported that if the outline planning application was granted the developer would then submit reserve matters application.  It was hoped that constructive dialogue with all parties would be held all the way through the planning process.  The policies in the NNP and Local Plan were robust and well managed policies which had to be met.   It was also pointed out that the landowners have a say on any future design and layout of any proposed changes.  
The Chairman thanked Mr Wallis, Mr Havenhand and Mr Dixon for attending the meeting and giving a useful presentation.  They left the meeting at this point. 
092/18. Clerks Report
The Clerk reported as follows:- 
District Councillor McNeill’s Report at 19 June 2018 Council meeting 
Cllr McNeill stated that the planning application detailed in his report of 19 June 2019 referred to the Stirlin Development on Lodge Lane and not Ambrose House planning application as thought.
080/18(g) – re-instatement of Grass verges following gas works – A site meeting with representatives of Cadent and Highways Officer had been held with Facilities Manager.  Due to the current weather conditions it was agreed that the necessary reinstatement works would be undertaken in early autumn. 
080/18(c) – re-instatement of directional sign to Deepdale Lane/A46 – Cllr Mrs Brockway was in contact with the new LCC Officer dealing with this and would report back to the Clerk.
093/18. Financial Matters
(a) Ratification of Accounts Paid – It was unanimously resolved to duly ratify the payment of accounts as set out below:-
Staff/26.13/FA equipment
Cllr Evans35.10/Mileage - WLDC meetings
Continental Landscapes Ltd/2836.91/Grass cutting & weed spraying
J & Y Moreton/100.00/Return of deposit halls booking
Tyson Mowers/333.33/Hover mower
Allen Signs/1522.35/Replacement signs BB OS BP
Corona Energy/3752.93/Gas OS/MP Oct-17 - Apr 18
Anglian Water/11.71/Bishops Palace - water
Buildbase/28.20/Line marker paint
P Elsom/42.00/Window Cleaning - PO/OS/MP
Anglian Water/13.06/Water - The green
Anglian Water/14.42/Water - BG
Anglian Water/81.66/Water - MP
Dataplan/50.00/Payroll charges - June
Cllr J Evans/155.00/GPO phone box apparatus
Staff/7.53/Petrol (strimming)
ESPO/203.53/Office supplies / Cleaning materials
West Lindsey DC/81.22/Clearance of waste from allotments
Rudies Roots/651.42/Village floral displays
J Tech Roofing/680.00/Repair gutters - MP
Multidata/32.43/Wi-Fi OS 
Contractors Hours/716.50/Contractors June hours
Lincs Assoc. Local Councils/22.50/LCR mag 2018/19 / LALC News
Mark Cropper/1180.00/Tree work
Staff/24.75/Facilities Assistant mileage June
Continental Landscapes Ltd/2691.57/Grass cutting & weed spraying
Mundys/250.00/Easement valuation advice
Active8 Managed Technologies/21.89/PO calls May 18
SCIS UK Ltd/30.00/IT maintenance
Multidata/32.43/Wi-Fi OS June
AJB/415.00/Ventilation service OS
Konica Minolta/83.31/Copier charges Jul-Oct18
Rialtas Business Solutions/547.40/Closedown 207/18 accounts
Active8 Managed Technologie/105.45/IT management / VOIP
1st Choice Security/165.00/OS Car park security June
The meeting was suspended to allow a resident to speak regarding the following item and then resumed following his statement. 
(b)   Update on Village Hall Car Park Project – A resident raised queries on the overall cost of the Village Hall Car Park.  He requested a review in the future by members who had not been involved in the project.  It was pointed out to the resident that the Parish Council continually reviewed the project and a fully accurate account for the Village Hall Car Park project was produced.  Each project is a learning curve and the Parish Council strived to improve each year.  The full details of the Village Hall Car Parking Project would be provided to the September Parish Council meeting following a review.   
(c)  Quarterly Financial Monitoring Report – Following a discussion in this matter and additional information being provided it was unanimously resolved to approve the Quarterly Financial Monitoring Report for the period 1 April 2018 to 30 June 2018.
094/18. Planning Matters
(a) Applications 
It was unanimously resolved to approve the comments produced by the Planning Liaison Committee on three planning applications below.  
(1)  10 Crescent Close - Mr & Mrs Fryer - Ref: 137888. Planning application to convert existing loft to create upstairs living space, including 3 dormer windows.  Demolition of existing wc and entrance and replaced with a new utility room and wc
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee made no comment or objection to this application.
(2)   Land off Lodge Lane - Mr Clarke, Mann & Weldon - Ref: 137973. Application for variation of conditions 5 and 8 of planning permission 137381 following granted 25 May 2018 re: wording of conditions
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee made no comment or objection to this application.
(3)   3 Herrington Avenue - Mr A Ward - Ref: 137690. Planning application for proposed first floor rear extension and roof alteration  
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee made no comment or objection to this application.
(b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals and Withdrawals received 
(i) Appeals   
(ii) Consents/Approval of Reserved Matters 
38 Highfields - Mr C Rawson - Ref: 137741
(iii) Refusals
Ambrose House, 40 Lodge Lane  - Gelder Ltd & Mr D Tate - Ref: 137531
Planning application for proposed development of 7no. dwellings 
(c) Tree Applications 
It was unanimously resolved to approve the comments produced by the Honorary Tree Advisor and submit the observations to WLDC. 
(1)  Ash Tree Farm, 50 High Street - Mr A Morrison - Ref: 040500
Fell one maple close to No.52
The Honorary Tree Advisor made the following comments:-
This is a very sensible and needed course of action with regard to this Norway Maple tree. It has outgrown its usefulness and it is now a multiple nuisance both to the applicant, their neighbour (potential foundation damage and severe shading) and it is also starting to overhang the highway with a potential to impact on passing double decker buses. Felling it will give a benefit to the nearby Silver Birch which is struggling with its competition. In short we have no objection to this application.
(2)  1 Cross Street - Mr H Griffith - Ref: 040540
Cut back overhanging branches to the boundary line, of a tree at the library
The Honorary Tree Advisor recommended that no comments be made on this tree application 
(d)  Update on outstanding planning matters
Advertising Consent for additional Advertising Displays at Nettleham Co-operative Store – the Clerk read out an email received from WLDC Planning Enforcement Officer regarding the current position and contact with Lincolnshire Co-operative.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved that the Clerk write to Conservation Officer requesting that the same requirements for the Nettleham Parish Council Noticeboard at the Nettleham Co-operative store are applied to Lincolnshire Co-operative’s display boards. 
2 Greenfields – it was unanimously resolved to remove this property from the outstanding planning matters list. 
095/18. Council Matters
(a) To appointment a new Parish Council representative on Village Hall Committee – Following a discussion in this matter it was resolved to adjourn the vacancy and seek nominations at the May 2019 Annual Parish Council meeting.  5 members voted in favour, 1 member abstained and Cllrs Mrs Clayton and Siddall took no part in the discussion or vote.  
(b) To appointment a member for the vacancy on the Planning Liaison Committee – Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolvedD to appoint Cllr Williams as the Reserve member of the Planning Liaison Committee and to seek nominations for all 5 members at the May 2019 Annual Parish Council meeting. 
(c) To consider attendance at Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils AGM and Conference 2018 on Wednesday 17 October – It was unanimously resolved that the Chairman (Cllr Evans) and the newly appointed Clerk attend this Conference, subject to Clerk’s availability being confirmed. 
(d) To consider a protocol for volunteers working with the Parish Council – Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved to refer this matter to the Personnel & Standards Panel to consider and produce a draft protocol.  The draft protocol would be considered at a future Parish Council meeting. 
(e) To ratify agreement to Street Name on Minster Fields, Wolsey Way, Lincoln - Phase 3 – It was unanimously resolved to ratify the Parish Council’s agreement to the street name of Gibson Road.
(f) Update on Parish Council stand at the Nettleham Carnival – The Chairman thanked all the members who had manned the Parish Council stand on a very hot day.  There had been a lot of interest with a steady flow of people.  It had also been encouraging that some residents had expressed an interest in becoming Parish Councillors.  16 questionnaires had been completed regarding the future of Mulsanne Park and the analysis of these questionnaires would be brought to a future Parish Council meeting. A vote of thanks was made to all the members involved in the production of the Posters and leaflet especially in the short timescale and the Chairman and his wife Sue for setting up and taking down the stand.  
096/18. Property Committee Matters
(a) To consider recommendation of Property Committee for the provision of a works transport vehicle for use by the Facilities Team – It was reported that this matter had been discussed at the 17 July 2018 Property Committee meeting and had been brought to this meeting to get all Councillors thoughts on this matter.  It would be discussed further at the next Property Committee meeting when all the options and costings would be available for a recommendation to be made to the next Parish Council meeting.    It was unanimously resolved to note the current position.  
097/18. Correspondence
(i) Email from a resident on 17 June 2018 Re: confidential item on VH MoU at 19 June 2018 PC meeting. 
(ii) Further email from resident on 20 June 2018 regarding above matter
(iii) Email from the same resident on 8 July 2018 Re: Potential Objection to 2017/18 Accounts and Letter of response sent on 12 July 2018.
(iv) Further email from above resident on 15 July 2018, PC’s response and further email on 16 July 2018 
(v) Email from Cllr R Davies – Cutting of Grass Verges.   
It was unanimously resolved to ratify and approve correspondence between a resident and Parish Council and to note correspondence from Cllr R Davies.
098/18. Councillors Reports/Future Agenda items
Cllr Evans reported that he had represented the Parish Council at the recent turf cutting ceremony by LACE at the Deepdale Lane development.  It was anticipated that the 14 bungalows and 22 apartments would be available by the end of 2019 and preference would be given to Nettleham residents.  An article and photograph had been produced and would appear in the September edition of Nettleham Matters. 
The following Agenda items were requested:-
Cllr Williams – To discuss proposals for an improvement scheme to the Beck 
Cllr Siddall – Update on Community Speed Watch Scheme  
Cllr Siddall – To discuss Twinning gift following recent visit to Mulsanne, France.   
099/18. Date of next Parish Council Meeting
The next Parish Council Meeting would be held on Tuesday 11 September 2018 at 7.30pm in Small Hall, The Old School.
100/18. To resolve to exclude the public and press in acoradance with the Public Bodies(Admissions to Meetings ) Act 1960 to allow consideration to be given to the following employment and commercially sensitiv matters.
It was unanimously resolved to exclude public and press. 
101/18. Confidential items
(a)  Update on the recruitment of a new Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer – It was reported that two applicants had been interviewed for the post of Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer and both candidates had been good.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved to appoint Mrs Debbie Locker to the post of Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer on a full-time basis on NJC spinal point 31 and would be enrolled into the NEST pension scheme.  It was also agreed the salary would increase by one spinal point subject to obtaining the CiLCA qualification.  The date Mrs Locker would start was still to be finalised but she would be in post by 3 September 2018 at the latest. 
(b)  Update on Deeds of Easements for Lodge Lane Development and Mulsanne Park – It was reported that Stirlin Developments and their solicitors had been notified of the Parish Council requirements for the Deeds of Easement.  Currently discussions were being held between the solicitors regarding the Western Power Wayleave/Deed of Easement.  It was hoped this matter would be finalised shortly.  
(c)  To consider members of staff being DBS checked – Following the Clerk being notified by five members of the Council of a special motion (Standing Order 8a) to discuss the matter of staff members being DBS checked following receipt of further information being obtained; it was unanimously resolved that members of staff would not be DBS checked as this was not required as they are not delivering a personal service.  
 The meeting closed at 9.05pm.