Minutes - 16 October 2018 - NPC

PRESENT: Councillors:  J Evans (Chairman), J Siddall (Vice-Chairman) J Downs, M Lean, Mrs J Clayton, G McNeill, M Spencer, J Hill, Mrs A White, R. Porter.
In attendance: Mrs D Locker (Parish Clerk), and 1 members of the public. 
Commencing at 19.30
Public Forum
The Chairman announced that before opening the meeting, the member of the public in attendance had an opportunity to address the Parish Council, during the public session. 
County and District Councillor Reports
Written reports received from Cllr Mrs Brockway, Cllr Mrs White and Cllr McNeill were circulated prior to commencement of the meeting.  Councillor Brockway also provided a verbal report advising:
  • The County Council has developed 3 key corporate documents: - a Highways Infrastructure Asset Management plan setting out the policies and standards around Highways maintenance, a supplementary Winter Service Plan setting out the policy and procedures required for winter service management and the Civil Parking Enforcement Annual Report 2017/18 setting out various statistics related to enforcement, appeals and cost of the service. 
  • That whilst approximately 33,000 hours of civil enforcement related activity had been undertaken around the county, during the last year, insufficient resources are available to provide parking related enforcement outside of the majority of schools.  There followed some discussion about the benefits of introducing a Park and Stride initiative locally and the use of cameras outside of schools to help prevent inconsiderate parking.  Cllr Brockway acknowledged receipt of a letter from the Parish Council requesting assistance, from LCC in coordination and development of Park and Ride in the village and encouraged such an initiative. 
Cllr Leaning raised that a report made approximately 18 months ago to LCC in respect of a stretch of footpath between numbers 1 – 15 High Leas has still not been completed and the path is in a poor state.  Council was advised that a meeting had been arranged for Councillors and Parish Council staff to meet with Senior Highway Officers from LCC, the following day, to discuss highways related issues and this would be included as an item for discussion.
District Councillor Reports
Cllr Mrs White advised:
  • Residents had recently reported overflowing co-mingled bins across the parish, although they had been emptied very quickly, when subsequently reported to West Lindsey District Council. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation and liaise with the District Council to request a review of their bin emptying cycle.
  • Riseholme Parish Council has strengthened links with the University campus and their interest in the Heritage Trail.
  • Recently it had been reported that there are now fewer numbers of Police Officers locally, particularly traffic Police, since joining with East Midlands Police. WLDC will be writing to lobby for additional Police resources.
  • An approach will be made to WLDC to seek funding opportunities for the provision of outside gym equipment to site at Mulsanne Park.
  • Cllr McNeill advised:
  • Truelove Property & Construction had been in attendance at a recent North Greetwell Parish Council meeting to discuss a proposed new development in excess of 60 properties, although it emerged that the site is located within the Nettleham parish.  During discussions it was recommended that the Parish Council invite the developer to a future meeting of the Council.
  • The Parish Council boundary review will be raised during the next WLDC Councillor briefing meeting.
113/18. To resolve to accept apologies and reasons for absence
The Clerk advised that apologies and reason for absence had been received from: Cllr T Williams. It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the apology for absence and reason be noted and accepted. Unanimous
114/18.  Disclosure of pecuniary interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011and to consider any requests  for dispensations
Declarations of non-pecuniary interests were received from: Cllr Mrs Clayton for item 9(i) (Village Hall Committee) and from Cllr Siddall for item 9(i) (Village Hall Committee and for item 7(a) (Community Speed Watch). Declarations of a pecuniary interest were received from Cllr Evans (for the financial payment listed at item 5(a) and from Cllr Siddall at 5(a) for the payment for their attendance at the Council Networking event.
115/18. Notes of the Parish Council meeting on 11 September 2018 to be approved as the minutes
Following some minor changes, it was proposed, seconded and 
resolved that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 11 September 2018 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman. For: - 9,   Abstentions: - 1
116/18. Clerks reports on matters outstanding
The Clerk advised that:
  • A poppy wreath had been ordered from the British Legion, for laying at the Remembrance Sunday service, to be held on 11 November 2018;
  • The Council had been notified that the parish had been judged ‘runner up’ in the 2018 Best Kept Village competition.  The Clerk will request a copy of the associate judging forms.
117/18.  Financial matters
a) Ratification of Accounts Paid
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council duly ratify the payment of accounts as set out below. For: - 8,   Abstentions - 2
1/9/18 - 10/10/18 - Payee Name - Amount
Transaction Detail
Staff - 54.45 - Facilities Assistant mileage Aug & Sept
Staff - 57.86 - Mileage / petrol for strimmer
Contractors Hours - 1778.75 - Contractors August & September hours
Co-operative Bank - 13.68 - BACS charges - July
BT - 33.09 - Broadband PO
AW Wave - 210.52 - Water - OS, BP, The Green, BG
Multidata - 32.43 - Wifi OS
ESPO - 124.02 - Cleaning materials
Continental Landscapes - 2002.17 - August grass cutting / spraying
R Reynolds - 235.00 - OS plumbing repairs
IWJS - 95.00 - MP drain vetting
Cllr J Siddall - 52.99 - Long service crystal award
Regor Office Supplies - 7.98 - Keys for filing cabinet
Staff - 39.48 - Bucket/ mileage
ESPO - 176.48 - Clerk's chair / H&S signs
Avalon IT Services - 105.45 - IT support / VOIP
Cllr Evans - 17.55 - Mileage - training course
AW Wave - 496.43 - Water - allotment, office, MP
Andrew Blow - 16.50 - Refund - kitchen booking
Staff - 10.00 - Batteries for office use
G R Bourne - 3410.00 - Beck path - Church St - Vic Lane
Corona  - 245.64 - MP,Office, OS Electricity
Staff - 12.47 - Ties / superglue
Lincoln & District Pest Control - 100.00 - Rats - allotments
Regor Office Supplies - 7.98 - Filing cabinet keys
Dataplan - 50.00 - Payroll services - Aug 18
Corona  - 257.90 - MP,Office, OS Gas
RBS Ltd - 492.06 - Omega training - Clerk
SLCC - 365.00 - Conference/training - Clerk
PKF Littlejohn LLP - 600.00 - External Auditor Fees 17/18
Lincs Assoc. Local Councils - 20.00 - Networking Day
Staff - 27.45 - Handyman mileage Sept
ESPO - 88.53 - Cleaning materials
b) To consider renewal of Community Lincs membership 
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Clerk investigate the implications for a non-building specific membership and subject to the findings the Clerk to arrange renewal. Unanimous
c) To consider renewal of membership of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CRE)
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to agree membership renewal for CRE For:  9, - Abstentions: 1
118/18.  Planning matters
a) Applications
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to approve the comments produced by the Planning Liaison Committee for four planning applications (detailed below).For: 9, - Abstentions: 1
(1)  50 Brookfield Avenue - Mr L Coulson - Ref: 138314. Planning application for extension to rear, modifications to front entrance and pitched roof above existing garage.
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee has No comment or objection to this application.
(2)  2 Heath Farm Cottage, Welton Rd - Mr & Mrs M Ashcroft - Ref: 138331.  Planning application to erect two storey side extension, rear single storey extension and detached garage – amendment to 133392 to change Juliet balcony on rear elevation of approved extension to walk out balcony and addition of 5 n. roof lights. 
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee has No comment or objection to this application.
(3)  Woodville, Welton Rd - Mr & Mrs J Jackson - Ref: 138354. Planning application for alterations to dwelling to form loft conversion – resubmission of 137737.
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee has No comment or objection to this application.
(4)  Land off Deepdale Lane - Larkfleet Homes - Ref: 138371. Planning application for construction of an electricity substation to serve the residential development.
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee has No comment or objection to this application.
(b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals and Withdrawals received 
(i) Appeals   
Planning Inspectorate Appeal: APP/N2535/W/18/3209967
  • Ambrose House, 40 Lodge Lane - Gelder Ltd & Mr D Tate - Ref: 137531. Planning application for proposed development of 7no. dwellings.

(ii) Consents/Approval of Reserved Matters 

  • Land adjacent Lodge Lane  - Mrs J Truelove - Ref: 138232. Application for hedgerow removal notice of 600 mtrs of hedgerow – Approved 18/09/18
 (iii) Refusals
(c)  Tree Applications 
Land off, All Saints Lane, adj. 5 The Green - WLDC - Ref: 040697
Reduce cherry tree by 2m all round, and crown thin by removing up to 10mm diameter branches, T1. The Applicant has given no % reduction figure regarding “thinning the canopy’.  Not withstanding this omission the proposals are eminently sensible.  They will result in a significant reduction of nuisance but retain the valuable contribution that this mature Cherry Tree makes in its central village location. The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee supports this application.
d) Update on outstanding planning matters - Co-op signage
The Clerk advised that WLDC Planning team had confirmed that no planning application has yet been submitted, by the Coop, for the signage that has already been erected and no enforcement action has commenced.   
e) To discuss cycle way and footpath associated with Truelove Property & Construction Ltd
The Clerk confirmed that Sudbrooke Parish Council had been approached recommending that a joint letter be sent to the developer requesting consideration for installation of a full footpath/cycle track connection Nettleham and Sudbrooke.  A draft letter had already been forwarded to the Clerk at Sudbrooke and had advised that this request was tabled for consideration at their next Parish Council meeting in November 2018. 
f) Naming of small housing development  land rear of the former Brown Cow Public House
Council was advised that the developer of this small housing development on land off Lincoln Road, had contacted the Parish Council to seek feedback on some suggested names for the scheme.
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee recommendation is that the development is named Lysterfield End.   It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Clerk write to West Lindsey District Council and the developer to advise that the Parish Council’s recommended name for the development is Lysterfield End.  Unanimous
119/18.  Council Matters
a)  Update on the Community Speed Watch Scheme
Council were advised that since the proposal by the Parish Council to investigate the development of a Community Speed Watch (CSW) group in the village, 4 volunteers had come forward, a further 4 residents had also expressed some interest.  Feedback for five suggested monitoring sites had also been put forward, so far. Estimates also suggest that an initial budget of £750 would be required to purchase a radar gun, warning signs, Hi-Vis jackets and for site inspections.  During discussion it was acknowledged that this scheme could act as a deterrent for speeding within the village.  Some concerns were also raised about the volunteers own personal safety, when undertaking speed watch and the potential for verbal abuse, from some drivers.
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to suspend further activity in developing a CSW scheme, for 12 months, to see how this type of project develops. For: - 8,  Against: - 1,   Abstention: - 1
b) To discuss the proposed Policy – Access to Land managed by the Parish Council
The draft policy was discussed and it was proposed, seconded and resolved to approve and adopt the Access to Land Managed by the PC policy. Unanimous
c) To discuss the draft Village Green Policy/Procedure
The draft policy was discussed and following recommendations for some minor amendments it was proposed, seconded and resolved to approve and adopt the Village Green Policy. Unanimous
d) Interim External Auditor Report
The Clerk advised that the external auditors PK Littlejohn had written to the Parish Council confirming that they had been unable to complete their review for 2017/18 stating this was as a result of having received challenge correspondence; a final report detailing any qualifications/other matters will be provided with the certificate of completion, following finalisation of the review work and any additional work required.
e) Bus Stop names in Nettleham
Council considered a background report discussing that all bus stops have unique codes (NaPTAN) and a name.  The report also discussed that buses will increasingly be expected to display the route and upcoming stop information, although some existing stop names may not easily be recognisable.
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Parish Council reviews the names of bus stops in Nettleham, with input from appropriate community groups, and then proposes changes to LCC. Unanimous
f) Councillor Vacancy following resignation from Council
The Chairman advised that Councillor Mrs Harland had submitted their resignation to the Parish Council, confirmation had been submitted to West Lindsey District Council and that notice of the vacancy had been advertised on the Parish noticeboards and website.  The Chairman, on behalf of the Council, expressed their thanks to Mrs Harland for her service to the Council and also to residents.
g) Fly posting in Nettleham and the Council’s Advertising Policy
Council were advised that there had been a number of incidences of advertising fly-posting recorded recently, across the parish, which had subsequently been reported to WLDC.  During discussion it was acknowledged that whilst the District Council has the responsibility to take action against those responsible for fly posting, historically postings had been left displayed on utility boxes and poles and their removal had not been enforced.      
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Parish Council liaise with WLDC and the County Council to see if powers could be delegated to the Parish Council for the removal of fly-posted advertising materials. Unanimous
120/18.  Property Committee matters
a) To note the draft minutes of the 4 September 2018 Property Committee Meeting
The contents of the draft minutes were duly noted and it was reported that the next meeting of the Property Committee had been rescheduled for 30 September 2018.  The Clerk advised that arrangements for leasing the works vehicle were progressing and all staff would be insured to drive the vehicle, as required.
121/18. Correspondence
a) General correspondence 
LCC had emailed the Parish Council setting out website links for gritting routes and that 1 tonne bags of salt/grit are available to councils during the winter. The Clerk to request a supply from LCC.
b) Concerns from resident regarding Nettleham village
An email discussing inconsiderate parking around the Village Green area and some incidences of overflowing bins was considered.
c) Request for clothing bank at Old School or other Parish Council amenity
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the request be declined as there is already a recycling scheme operating in the village. Unanimous
d) Email regarding Police Independent Advisory Group
For information purposes about existence of the group
e) Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government – revised model byelaws template
For information purposes about the revised byelaws template, for use as required.
f) Review of Polling District and Polling places - WLDC
A letter received from WLDC set out that they are undertaking a review of polling district and polling places. It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council write to WLDC to recommend that the Old School be the polling place for Nettleham residents and for Grange de Lings to have their own polling station. Unanimous
g) Feedback about Sudbrooke Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to accept the wording proposed. Unanimous
h) Email from resident – Re: response to Village Hall Memorandum of Understanding critique
It was proposed, seconded and resolved not to discuss unless 5 Councillors request it and defer this item for six months as this had already been considered and a decision made. Unanimous
122/18.  Councillors Reports/Future Agenda items
Council was advised that bluebell planting has been arranged and will be undertaken by the Scouts, along Green Lane, during November 2018.
123/18. Date of next meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 19 November 2018 at 19.30 in the Small Hall, The Old School.
124/18. To resolve to exclude the public and press in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, to allow consideration to be given to the following sensitive matters
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council move into closed session. Unanimous
At 21.38 the meeting room was cleared of members of the public.
At 21.40 the Clerk left the meeting room.
125/18.  Confidential items
a)  LGPS – Actuary valuation
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council continue with contributions to the Local Government Pension Scheme at the lowest applicable rate. Unanimous 
The Clerk returned to the meeting room at 21.48 and the meeting closed at 21.50