Minutes 18 June 2019 - NPC

PRESENT: Councillors: J Evans (Chairman), Mrs J Clayton, Mrs A White, J Downs, P McNeill, D Newsam, C Higham, A Henderson, (Councillor Mrs C Appleton completed acceptance of office post Co-option)
In attendance: Mrs D Locker (Parish Clerk) and 4 members of the public and Councillor Mrs J Brockway (LCC) & Councillor G McNeill (WLDC) 
Councillors not present: Councillor Phil Jenkinson
Commencing at 7.30pm
Public Forum
Councillor Evans announced that before opening the meeting, members of the public in attendance had an opportunity to address the Parish Council, on any matter, during the 15 minutes public session.
County and District Councillor Reports
Councillor Mrs Brockway (LCC) advised:
  • LCC are reviewing access into Lincoln including access links over the bypass.  The planned A46 adjustments will reduce the space at central reservations approaching the roundabouts to enable widening of the roads.  These plans are, however, causing cyclists some concerns because of reduced space to use to cross over the roads.
  • Housing developers are not ensuring suitable infrastructure is in place to enable residents to receive fast broadband coverage. A voucher scheme will be put in place to enable residents and businesses to access faster broadband speeds; those within the 3rd stage of the digital roll out may still have to wait up to 12 months before fast broadband speeds are available.
Councillor G McNeill (WLDC) advised:
  • Had attended the ‘Getting Lincolnshire Moving’ launch setting out a new strategy for physical activity in the county;
  • In addition to being elected Leader of WLDC, continue as member of the Planning Committee;
  • The Councillors’ Initiative Fund is now open - £4,000 grant allocation each WLDC Councillor
  • WLDC have launched a new district-wide fund to help businesses pay for professional advice on project deliverability with grants of up to £5,000 subject to 50% match funding.
Councillor Mrs White (WLDC) advised:
  • Represents WLDC on the LCC Health Scrutiny Committee and a key issue identified for hospital services is the inability to attract and recruit key staff, particularly Consultants and Radiologist in the Grantham and Boston areas.  Consequently some services have been centralised to bring the necessary staff together to ensure delivery of these key services.
  • WLDC will have a stand at the Lincolnshire Show which will include the display of entries for the photograph competition and a peoples’ choice competition during the show;
  • Have discussed with WLDC to place stickers on local bins to encourage residents when they find the bin they wish to use is full – to locate and use an alternative bin. 
Police Report
A report submitted by the Nettleham Neighbourhood Policing Team outlining the reported incidences from 01/05/19 – 16/06/19, was circulated. 
070/19. To resolve to  receive apologies and accept reasons for absence
Councillor Phil Jenkinson. It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the apology be received and reasons for absence accepted. Unanimous
071/19. Disclosure of pecuniary interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations
Declaration of a pecuniary interest was received from Councillor Downs for agenda item 8(a)(1) and declaration of a non-pecuniary interest from Councillor Newsam for agenda items 8(a)(2) and 12(e).
072/19. To approve as a correct record  the notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8th May 2019 and to authorise the chairman to sign the official minutes
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 May 2019 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman. Unanimous 
073/19.  Clerks report on matters outstanding (information only)
The Clerk updated the Parish Council on the following matters:
  • Confirmation had been received from Wren that the Council’s application for grant funding towards the cost of providing new play equipment, at Bill Baileys Playing field had been successful;
  • Feedback had been received, from Lincs Police following a report being passed on from a concerned resident about vehicles, with flashing lights, speeding through the village. The response stated that a Police Officer responding on blue lights is only doing so in response to an emergency and they are specialist trained to do so.
  • Following concerns raised by Councillors and forwarded on to the Police, about reported traffic incidents in Police reports submitted to Council, the Police confirmed that Nettleham had been included in a ‘Preventative Policing’ initiative consisting of five separate speed check sessions during April and May 2019. Feedback provided suggested that the initiative had been well received by residents/motorists, in their discussions with the Police.
  • The memorial bench damaged by a vehicle at the corner of Mill Hill had been reported, to the Police, by the Council. Initial estimates suggest that the cost of a replacement bench is in the region of £400 to £500 plus fitting costs. The Police had subsequently advised Council staff that they would welcome any witnesses, to the incident, to contact them directly.  
  • Action:   Clerk to arrange a post on the Council’s Facebook site requesting witnesses to contact the Police directly to report the incident.
  • A resident had written into the Parish Office to express their thanks to those involved in the arrangements for development of the new Field path (Swathe to Greetwell Rd) and to the landowner for their agreement for access over their land.
  • Following confirmation of the Council’s offer of ongoing support to the Junior School and LCC, a second park and stride initiative has been arranged, over the four week period 24/06/19 to 19/07/19 for children to walk from Mulsanne Park car park to the Junior School.
  • The condition of the phone kiosk at the corner of Lodge Lane and Sudbrooke Rd has been reported to BT who advised they will make it safe and also consult residents on its removal. 
  • Following reports of children accessing the empty Lineland’s building and site, LCC have written to the Council to advise that work has been undertaken to make the building secure.
  • Nominations had been forwarded to LALC for the ‘Shining Star’ long service award category for former Councillors – John Hill and Malcolm Leaning having both retired, in May 2019, in recognition of their valued and long service to the Council. 
074/19.  Financial Matters 
a) To ratify payments made – 01/05/19 to 31/05/19
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council duly ratify the payments made (shown as Appendix 1). Unanimous
b) To consider the Income & Expenditure Report and Account Information
The contents of the report were noted.  The Chairman checked the summary against copies of the bank statements and duly signed them off as a true statement of monies held, in the Council’s bank accounts.
075/19. To consider the contents of the internal auditors report and any recommendations
The contents of the Internal Auditor’s report and recommendations were considered and noted. 
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council agree the introduction of a Petty Cash Account up to £100 to use for day to day expenses and the list of variable direct debit for suppliers and salaries be included as an agenda item for consideration at the next Parish Council meeting. Unanimous
076/19. To approve and sign the council's annual governance and accounting statements 2018/19 annual return for the financial year ended 31 March 2019, prior to submission to the external auditors
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council approve the Council’s Annual Governance and Accounting statements on the annual return for the period 2018/19 and they be signed prior to submission to the External Auditors. Unanimous
The Chairman and Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer proceeded to sign the Annual Governance and Accounting statements for the Annual Return 2018/19, as appropriate.
At 8.06pm Councillor Downs left the meeting room having earlier declared a Pecuniary interest in relation to a planning application shown as item 8(a)(1) on the agenda.
077/19.  Planning Matters 
a) To receive recommendations or observations on the following planning applications:-
1)  Corner Cottage, 27 East St - Mr & Mrs J Downs -  139371 & 139372 Planning application & Listed Building Consent for conversion and extension to existing single storey outbuilding to form new accessible bedroom, bathroom and w.c. It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council have no comments in respect of this application. Unanimous (by the 7 Councillors in the meeting room)
At 8.09pm Councillor Downs re-entered the meeting room
2)  5 Vicarage Lane - Mr R Mountford - 139425.  Planning application for part change of use to pre-school between the hours of 08:30 and 15:30 during term time. It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council have no comments in respect of this application.  For: 6;   Abstentions: 2.
3   Roswill, Lincoln Road - Mr J Greed - 139525. Planning application to erect single storey rear extension, alteration to existing dormer window to create doorway with access to new balcony. It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council have no comments in respect of this application. Unanimous
(b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals and Withdrawals received
 i)    Appeals – none
(ii)  Consents/Approval of Reserved Matters 
  • 19 Cherry Tree Lane - Mr & Mrs Sheppard - 139294. Planning application for single storey rear extension & rear conservatory.  Application determined – decision date: 30/05/19
iii)  Refusals 
  • Pendle, Welton Rd - Mr G Lidgett - 139456.  Application for non-material amendment to planning permission 139048 – 04/04/19 for single storey extension increased in width by 1m and cladded in cedar – Refused 06/06/19
  • 72 Scothern Rd, Nettleham - Miss H Grewcock - 139351.  Application for non material amendment to 131975 – 14/3/17, amendment to plots 19 – 23 inclusive and site plan – Refused 14/05/19
(c) Tree Applications – None
(d)  Update on outstanding planning matters
Council were advised that discussions with the developers, Stirlin, relating to the provision of a footpath and a request for a contribution to play equipment, at Mulsanne Park, are ongoing.
078/19. Council Matters
a)  To consider the Council’s revised Asset Register
The contents of the revised Asset Register (May 19) were noted.
b)  To consider the Council’s Risk Register
The Clerk advised Council of amendments to the risk register.
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that Council agree the revised risk register.  Unanimous
c)  To discuss arrangements for attendance at the Nettleham Carnival
During discussion it was suggested that the carnival would provide an opportunity for the Council to update residents about key projects in development and to seek feedback with use of a questionnaire. 
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that Council request a stand at the Carnival and collate all feedback for consideration and in the development of the Council’s future priorities.  Unanimous
d)  To consider a request for names for the development off Scothern Rd
The Clerk advised that the developer had requested some ideas for road names be put forward.
It was proposed, seconded and resolved the Clerk to advise the developer that Council will seek ideas for new road names from local residents, whilst at the Nettleham Carnival. Unanimous
e)  Parking in the parish
There was discussion about the number of vehicles parked around the village centre can be excessive, particularly at peak times and some drivers appear to disregard parking restrictions.
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Clerk arrange for Councillors Mrs A White, C Higham and P McNeill to meet with LCC Highway Officers to explore additional traffic enforcement opportunities, for the parish and to report back to Council with their findings. Unanimous
079/19. To consider applications for co-option to two councillor vacancies
Following two separate voting rounds for Co-option to the uncontested vacancies 
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that Christine Appleton and Jeremy Radcliffe be Co-opted as Parish Councillors. Unanimous  
Mrs Appleton signed an Acceptance of Office form, (signed also by the Clerk) and then proceeded to sit with fellow Councillors.
080/19. Property Committee Matters 
a) To consider the notes from the Property Committee meeting  of the 5 June 2019
The contents of the draft meeting notes were considered.  Council were advised that: 
  • the two dead trees All Saints Lane had been reported to LCC; 
  • the tree at Wold View had been chosen by LCC and in their ownership;
  • further representatives are required for the Village Hall, Bill Bailey’s and miscellaneous amenity Working Groups.  
Councillor Mrs C Appleton was nominated to sit on the Amenity Working Group and Councillor C. Higham was nominated to the Play equipment Working Group.
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the nominations be accepted.  Unanimous
b)  To consider work required to update the existing cemetery plan
Council were advised that an updated quotation had been received for update of the burial survey map and markers although further information is required before placing an order for the work.
081/19. Correspondence received
a) To consider the LALC Service Level Agreement with member councils 2019
The contents of the Service Level Agreement were noted.
b) To consider a request for a grant towards repairs to the All Saints’ Church Tower
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that whilst the council cannot make a financial contribution, the offer of expertise from Parish Council resources would be offered, as appropriate. unanimous
c) Temporary traffic restrictions (Deepdale Lane) 6 July 19 
The information was noted.
d) Road improvements – from Wragby Rd roundabout to Lodge La junction w.c. 1/7/19
The information was noted.
e) Request to use Village Green – Scouts Breakfast on Sat 14/9/19 – 9am - 12 noon
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that permission be granted for use of the Village Green, as requested. For: 8; Abstention: 1 (Cllr D Newsam abstained from the vote)
f) To consider correspondence, received from residents at Orchard Way relating to trees located at Bill Bailey’s recreational area, Scothern Road 
The content of the letters received from the residents was considered.  Council were advised that these trees had been inspected regularly by the Council’s Tree Advisor and tree contractor and feedback received was that there has been little change to these trees in recent years.
It was proposed, seconded and resloved that the Council write to the residents directly, to confirm the current position, in respect of the trees. Unanimous
082/19.  Consultations
a)  To consider providing a response to the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Planning Liaison Group meet to agree a response to the Local Plan consultation, to respond and bring back details of the consultation submission to the next meeting of the Parish Council on 22 July 2019.Unanimous
083/19. Councillor Reports/Future agenda items
It was requested the following items be included on the next Parish Council meeting agenda:
  • Consultation responses received at the Nettleham Village Carnival (DN)
  • Meeting timings (AW)
084/19.  Date of next meeting 
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 22 July, 2019 at 7.30pm at the Small Hall, The Old School, Mill Hill, Nettleham.
085/19. To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960)due to the sensitive nature of the business to be discussed.
The meeting closed at 9.26pm