Minutes - 19 February 2018 - NPC

PRESENT: Councillors J Evans (Chair), J Siddall, M Spencer, J Downs, J Hill, R Porter, M Leaning, Mrs J Clayton, Mrs S Harland and Mrs A White (from 8.25pm).
In attendance: 4 member of the public, Mr A Stephenson (Editor of Nettleham News Online) and J Finn (Parish Clerk).
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and also Mr Andy Stephenson, the Editor of Nettleham News Online, and informed members of the Council and the public in attendance that Mr Stephenson would be filming the meeting and the recording would be available on the Nettleham News website.
Public Forum:  A resident stated that the financial information available on the Parish website was not up to date.  The Clerk to look into this matter and ensure up to date financial information was available. 
Nettleham Neighbourhood Policing Team – no member of the Policing Team was available to attend the meeting.
County Councillor Mrs J Brockway had given her apologies for the meeting, however a written report had been received and circulated. 
District Councillor Mrs A White would be arriving late at the meeting due to a prior meeting and would be given the opportunity to answer questions on her circulated report later in the meeting.  
District Councillor G McNeill was not in attendance at the meeting and no written report had been received. 
014/18. Apologies for absence
It was unanimously resolved to accept Cllr T Williams’s apologies and reason given.  It was also noted that County Councillor Mrs Jackie Brockway had given her apologies for this meeting. 
015/18. Disclosure of pecuniary interests
Cllr Porter declared a non-pecuniary interest on Agenda Item Nos.7(h). 
It was unanimously resolved that Agenda Item No,7(b) be discussed in closed session at the end of the meeting.
016/18.Notes of 16 January 2018 meeting
It was unanimously  resolved that notes of the 16 January 2018 Parish Council meeting were duly approved and signed as the minutes, subject to one small typo.
017/18. Clerks report
The Clerk reported that:-
Bridge Street/High Street – this matter would be discussed with the Hon Legal Advisor and brought back to the next Council meeting.
WLDC Community Awards – research currently being undertaken on the nominees and nominations would be submitted by deadline.
018/18. Financial Matters
(a) Ratification of Accounts Paid – It was unanimously resolved to duly approve payment of the accounts as set out below:-
Contractors Hours/306.00/Cleaners December hrs
Avalon IT Services Ltd/105.45/VOIP Telephone system/IT Support
Banks Long & Co/175.00/Valuation of Village Hall
Konica Minolta/114.37/Photocopier charges
Anglian Water Wave/60.77/Water - PO
Anglian Water Wave/188.50/Water - OS
Co-operative Bank/20.66/BACS Fee
BT/49.50/Broadband - PO
BT/47.50/3 x mobiles
Glendale Countryside Ltd/985.00/Supply, erect, decorate, dismantle Xmas tree
Mark Cropper/700.00/Fell tree – BG
Corona Energy/511.07/Gas OS/MP
Corona Energy/309.12/Electricity PO/MP/OS
Anglian Water Wave/213.47/Water – MP
Hall Macadam/61.38/Village hall car park
Avalon IT Services Ltd/17.71/PO phone charges
SCIS UK Limited/189.99/Domain host renewal
ESPO/129.47/Cleaning materials
Stonebow Media Ltd/250.00/Advert 2 x job vacancies
Savills/230.00/BP rent 2018/19
Contractors Hours/701.75/Contractors January hours
Forest Edge Nurseries/603.61/Village hall shrubs
Rialtas Business Solutions Ltd/184.00/Bookings system maintenance
Welton Parish Council/289.25/Facilities Asst. cover - Jan 18
Cllr J Siddall/18.90/LALC training mileage
Multidata/32.43/Wi-Fi OS
Dataplan/34.00/Payroll charges - Dec 17
Information Commissioner/35.00/Data Protection registration renewal
BT/52.20/MP Payphone
Co-operative Bank/20.60/BACS charges - Dec 17
BT/28.88/Broadband - PO
BT/45.50/3 x mobiles
Active8 Managed Tech./105.45/IT Support / VOIP Telephony
Tucann Ltd/90.00/Adverts - Nettleham Matters
B Knight & Son Ltd/75.00/Repair village bench
(b)  Financial Monitoring Report - It was reported that a review of the format of the financial reporting to make it more user friendly had been undertaken and discussed further under Agenda Item 7(i) Following clarification on some of the budget codes it was unanimously resolved to note the financial information provided.
019/18. Planning Matters
An updated planning report was circulated at the meeting. 
(a) Applications
It was unanimously resolved to ratify the comments produced by the Council’s Planning Liaison Committee on Nos.1 and 2 below, which had been submitted to WLDC.  
(1)  Land to rear of 72 Scothern Rd - Truelove Property & Construction Ltd - Ref: 137106. Application for approval of reserved matters (appearance and landscaping) to erect 68no. dwellings-following outline planning permission 131975 granted 14 March 2017
The following comments were submitted to WLDC to meet their deadline.  The Parish Council is requested to ratify these comments.  
Also please see a report from the Chairman of the Planning Liaison Committee regarding this matter.  
The Parish Council has No Comments on this application.
However, the Parish Council is very disappointed in the lack of consultation regarding the non-material amendments for such a major development in the village. 
A report had been produced regarding the above development detailing in chronological order where this planning application is currently.  The Parish Council had yet to receive a response from WLDC regarding the footpath/cycleway from development to Sudbrooke as detailed in the original application.
(2)  4 Mill Hill - Ms J Schooley - Ref: 137281. Planning application for erection of rear single storey extension –  on amended plans to Ref: 136933
The Parish Council’s Planning Liaison Committee made no comment or objection to this application.
It was unanimously resolved that the Chair of the Planning Liaison Committee and Cllr Hill produce relevant observations/requirements for dealing with surface water drainage for planning applications Nos 3 and 4 below, which would be circulated to members prior to submission to WLDC.
(3)  R/O The Tree House, Lincoln Rd - Mr & Mrs C Smith- Ref: 137309. Application for approval of reserved matters to erect 1no. dwelling, considering access, appearance, landscaping. Layout and scale, following outline planning permission 134037 granted 20 April 2016 
The Planning Liaison Committee No Comment to make on this Application.
However, the LPA is asked to consider the following observations:
A number of mature trees are being removed from the site to enable the development to proceed. This will mean that the very large dwellings which are proposed would become the dominant feature when the site is viewed from the South. The Council would ask that TPO`s are placed on the mature trees in order to safeguard the environment.
The foul sewage is shown as discharging into an existing manhole and thence into the main sewerage system. The sewer from the site was not designed to deal with the effluent from over twenty bathrooms/kitchens and the whole system within the village cannot cope with the existing and ever growing discharge which currently flows through it. The sewer from the site would appear to only be 150mm in diameter, clearly inadequate to deal with the anticipated flows. This development, with its very high number of outlets, and being the first dwellings on the system, will only serve to make matters worse. The council asks that the foul water be discharged into a septic tank within the site in order to safeguard the existing properties further downstream in the centre of the village.
(4) R/O The Tree House, Lincoln Rd - Mr & Mrs C Smith - Ref: 137310. Application for approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) to erect 2no. dwellings-following outline planning permission 133063 granted 8 September 2015.
The Planning Liaison Committee will report on this application at the meeting.
Please see comments detailed in No(3) above.
It was unanimously resolved to approve the comments on the Planning Liaison Committee on planning applications Nos. 5 and 6. 
(5) The Cottage, 10 Church Street - Mr R Marshall - Ref: 137253. Listed building consent to replace 5no. windows
The Planning Liaison Committee has No Objection to this Application.
Please note: The Council does not have the expertise available to it to enable it to comment on the legality of this change in appearance and therefore relies on the LPA and its Conservation Officer to properly consider that aspect of the Application.
(6)  8 The Crescent - Mr & Mrs Beatham - Ref: 137358. Planning Application for extension of dwelling 
The Planning Liaison Committee has No Objection to this Application.
(b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals and Withdrawals received 
(i) Appeals – None. 
(ii) Consents 
14 & 16 Scothern Road - Messrs P Danby & M Bond - Ref: 137014. Planning application for two storey rear extension to the rear of numbers 14 and 16 Scothern Road
(iii) Refusals – None.
(c) Tree Applications – None. 
(d) Update on outstanding planning matters 
Updated report on outstanding planning matters had been circulated and was noted.
(ii)  Chapel Lane – Article 4 & (iv) Brunel House, Deepdale Lane Enterprise Park – Advertising to outside of Building – It was unanimously resolved that these items be deleted from future reports. 
(iii) Land off Lodge Lane (ref. 135895) – It was reported that a meeting of the Site Manager, Facilities Manager and Cllr Downs had been held regarding the footpath which had been proposed through the site and awaiting a response from Stirlin Development.  Also contact had been made with Site Manager regarding the dyke which runs alongside the site and also to rear of Mulsanne Park to request information on where dyke goes and who owns it; Stirlin Developments seeking advice on this matter.  
(vi) 2 Greenfields (ref. 134027) – It was reported that no response had been received from WLDC since 27 November 2017 which was disappointing.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved that the Parish Council write to WLDC asking for confirmation that the necessary measurements to ensure that the fence had been erected in the correct position had been undertaken and correspondence would be copied to Mark Sturgess, Head of Planning Dept at WLDC; giving a deadline for a response.  Draft letter to be circulated to Cllrs Hill and Downs for comments prior to sending to WLDC.
020/18.Council Matters
(a) To resolve a dispute concerning ownership of a strip of land (within the existing fencing) at the front of No 7 The Green – A report had been circulated to members with the recommendation “That the owners of 7 The Green are advised that the newly erected fence has enclosed land which is within the ownership of the property and that the Council proposes to take no further action.”  However, it was pointed out that the map with the Land Title Registry showed the boundary in line with fencing to The Black Horse pub and that the owners of 7 The Green would need to make an application for Land Title registration for this additional land.  Following a discussion it was resolved to defer this matter until it had been discussed with the Council’s Honorary Legal Advisor. 8 members in favour and 1 member abstained.
(c) Highways Matters
  • Update on Parking on Mill Hill and response from Lincs Police & Crime Commissioner – It was confirmed that a letter had been sent to the Lincs Police and Crime Commissioner (LPCC) regarding the situation of tradesmen’s vans parking on Mill Hill which was dangerous.  A reply had been received from the Lincoln Road Safety Partnership.  An extract from an email regarding this matter was read out stating it was very disappointing that the LPCC had not replied himself to the council’s letter.  It was also pointed out that that the separate long term issue of school parents parking on Mill Hill and the organisation of a Park & Stride scheme was currently being discussed with various organisations.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved that a further letter be sent to LPCC and copied to LRSP asking him (1)  to specifically to discharge his responsibility for the delivery of community safety (para 20(a) of the Policing Protocol Order 2011, (2) if he intends to exercise his legal power and discharge his duty to provide the local link between the Police and communities, working to translate the legitimate desires and aspirations of the public into action (para 17(i) of the Policing Protocol Order 2011 and (3) if he intends to ensure delivery of the priority of ‘Policing that Works’ (effective policing, there when you need it and responsive to differing community needs) by tackling risky driver behaviour – as set out in the Police and Crime Plan. 
  • To discuss the suggestion by a resident for a footpath/cycleway to Greetwell Lane or Lodge Lane – A request from a resident had been received for the Parish Council to consider making a request to Highways Dept at Lincs County Council LCC) for a footpath/cycleway to Greetwell Lane or Lodge Lane.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved that due to budgetary constraints LCC are currently experiencing and the lack of action on urgent highways issues i.e. potholes, the Parish Council would not take any further action in this matter.
  • To discuss recent accidents on A46/Washdyke Lane Junction and possible way forward – It was reported that information had been obtained from LCC regarding accidents that had occurred in this area, which was that in the last 10 years 2 collisions had occurred at the junction and one just north of the junction – one involved a turning manoeuvre, one a jogger running across the road and one involved a vehicle turning into a private driveway.  LCC stated that the history at this junction did not trigger any significant improvements, however, the Minor Works & Traffic Team were considering lowering the existing speed limit down to 50 mph from the A46 bypass to the existing 50 mph limit at Nettleham Heath and hopefully consultations would commence in the near future.  The Parish Council concerns regarding the potholes to the A46 has been reported to relevant section.   It was unanimously resolved that the Clerk write to LCC stating the Parish Council strongly supported the proposed reduction in the speed limit to 50 mph between A46 bypass and Nettleham Heath.
  • To discuss inviting County Cllr Richard Davies to the next Parish Council meeting to raise the issues of potholes and the general condition of roads and footpaths in and around the village – Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved to ask County Cllr Mrs Brockway to speak to Cllr Richard Davies about attending the March meeting of the Parish Council or if he is unavailable a Senior Level Highways Officer to attend in his place.
(d) To discuss nominations for Lincolnshire Environmental Awards 2018 – Community Category – Following a discussion in the matter it was unanimously resolved to nominate the Vicar’s Wood Working Group for the Community category of the Lincs Environmental Awards 2018.
(e) Update on Linelands – It was reported that a meeting had been held with relevant Officers at LCC and County Cllr Mrs Brockway regarding the future of Linelands.  LCC had allowed the Parish Council six months to look at options available for the site before putting the site on the open market.  The Parish Council is talking with LACE and other elderly care providers and WLDC about this site for elderly care accommodation. It was unanimously resolved to thank Cllr Evans and the other members of the Linelands Working Group for their efforts. 
(f)  To discuss Parish Council Election May 2019 – It was reported that a significant number of the current Parish Councillors did not intend to stand for re-election in May 2019.  It was, therefore, important to undertake a programme of work that would encourage residents to consider standing for election to the Parish Council.  This programme would include general publicity including articles in Nettleham Matters and Nettleham News Online; targeted communications including a Council stand at the Nettleham Carnival and the Festive Market; support to new Councillors by considering ways to assist new Councillors post May 2019 including the production of a Councillors Handbook.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved to set up a working Group with Cllrs Siddall, Leaning, Porter and Evans as members to undertake actions suggested above.
(g) To discuss proposals for the registering of Assets for Community Value – Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved to submit applications for Assets of Community Value for Infant and Junior Schools, Police HQ, Church View and four village pubs. 
(h) To discuss the opening up of pedestrian access to the Nettleham Medical Practice from Poachers Meadow – Following a discussion in this matter it was resolved that the Clerk write to the Nettleham Medical Practice and obtain details of the ownership of the fencing/opening.  9 members voted in favour and 1 member abstained. 
(i) To report the proposed budget control mechanisms – It was reported that a meeting had been held with Cllrs Evans and Hill, Facilities Manager and the Clerk regarding how to manage and report on Council finances and Budget.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved to:-
  • hold a General Reserve/Contingency Reserve of approximately 20% of the previous year’s precept,
  • that the General Reserve be renamed Contingency Fund which would be used for unplanned expenditure
  • the Clerk would produce an Income and Expenditure spreadsheet for each budget heading under the management of the Property Committee which would be reported to Property Committee meeting by the Facilities Manager from the new financial year
  • if an overspend on a Budget Cost Centre Heading should occur, or be likely, this would be reported to a Full Council meeting for the required virement of funds from the General Reserve/Contingency Fund or other Budget Cost Centre Heading as agreed by the Full Council. Individual variations within a Budget Cost Centre would not be reported provided that they could be accommodated within that Budget Cost Centre, and 
  • any anticipated expenditure would be budgeted where indicated from the Property Committee’s 5 year works programme and its detailed annual budget predictions.  
(j) Update on Nettleham Festive Market – It was reported that the first Festive Market had been a great success with only a couple of issues – lighting and PA system.  A Festive Market would be held again on 1 December 2018 and 10 stands had already been booked.
(k)To consider proposed Councillors Code of Conduct – It was unanimously resolved to adopt Councillors Code of Conduct with a few minor changes. 
(l) To discuss the National Citizens Service – It was reported that the Government had set up a youth programme scheme for 15-17 year olds who would work on community schemes for two weeks.  The community scheme could for example include designing a play area.  The Parish Council would only need to provide access to a room and toilet facilities; supervision/guidance would be provided by the people organising the scheme.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved that members email Cllr Evans and the Clerk with any suggestions for community Schemes and these would be put forward by the deadline of the end of March 2018. 
(m) To consider Electricity Easement on Lodge Lane as part of new development – It was reported that the Parish Council had agreed to a Wayleave for a Western Power pole on the boundary of Mulsanne Park for the Lodge Lane Development site.  The Council has now received easement agreements for electricity supply and media cabling which would go underground.  Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved that the Council’s Honorary Legal Advisor review the easement documents and a Land Agent be contacted about the relevant rate of contribution for these types of easements and to request a copy of the map showing the exact location of the trench.
021/18. Property Committee matters
(a) To note the draft minutes of the 23 January 2018 – It was unanimously resolved to note the draft notes of the 23 January 2018 Property Committee meeting. 
(b) To ratify cost for works to the Beckside path – Church Street to Vicarage Lane – Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved to approve awarding the contract for the works to the Beckside path from Church Street to Vicarage Lane (including all labour, plant & materials) and would provide an effective long-term solution for the entire path length at a cost of £3,701.14 and would be allocated from the General Reserve. 
022/18. Consultatiuons
(a)  Regulation 14 Consultation on the Pre-Submission Consultation Version of the Glentworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan – Following a discussion in this matter it was unanimously resolved that Cllr Evans would produce a response (as he was a Neighbourhood Plan Champion) and draft response would be circulated to members before being submitted to Glentworth Parish Council.
023/18. Correspondence
(a) To note general correspondence (publications and letters are available for inspection in the Parish Office):-
(i) Lincs County Council – Letter Fairer Funding Deal for Lincolnshire campaign
(ii) Letter from Internal Auditor following recent quarterly audit 
(iii) Letter from and PC response to resident regarding complaints on various village issues 
(iv) Varios mails from resident regarding complaints on various village issues 
(v) Email from Andy Stephenson, Community Linc/Nettleham News Online 
(vi) Letter from Maypine Construction Ltd Re: Allison Homes – Deepdale Lane Development
It was unanimously resolved to note the correspondence received above.  However, in relation to items (iii) and (iv) it was unanimously resolved that if any further correspondence was received on matters already raised it would be treated as vexatious correspondence. 
(b)Letter from WLDC Re: Parish Boundary Review Request - noted and this matter would be an agenda item at a future Parish Council meeting when a response from City of Lincoln Council was received.
024/18. Councillors Reports/Future Agenda Items
District Cllr Mrs White reported that a survey would be sent out to all Town and Parish Councils on rural crime and lack of services and ways of addressing changes.  Also workshop would be organised and Town & Parish Councils would be invited.
Cllr Evans reported that he and the Clerk had recently attended a LALC organised Chairman and Clerk Training event which emphasised that the Clerk was guiding the Council on Best Practice all the time. 
025/18. Date of next meeting
The next Parish Council meeting to be held on Tuesday 20 March 2018 in Small Hall, The Old School commencing at 7.30pm.
026/18.To resolve to exclude the public and press in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings)Act 1960 to allow consideration to be given to the following matter.
It was unanimously resolved to exclude the public and press.
027/18. Confidential Item
(a) To discuss the article by District Councillor McNeill in January 2018 edition of Nettleham Matters – A discussion took place regarding the article in question and it was unanimously resolved that the Parish Council produce an article regarding the Beal Homes Planning Appeal for 200 dwellings on Larch Avenue which gave the historical and factual details of WLDC and Parish Council’s involvement in this Appeal, which would appear in April edition of Nettleham Matters and on Nettleham New Online website.
The meeting closed at 10.00pm.