Minutes 15 October 2019 - NPC

PRESENT: Councillors: J Evans (Chairman), Mrs J Clayton, Mrs A White, J Downs, P McNeill, D Newsam, A Henderson, Mrs C Appleton, J Radcliffe, J Siddall, P Jenkinson, C Higham
In attendance: Mrs D Locker (Clerk). 9 members of the public & Cllr Mrs J Brockway (LCC) 
Councillors not present:  None
Commencing at 7.30pm
Public Forum
The Chairman welcomed five representatives from the Nettleham Festive Market Committee, in attendance to donate money they had raised to the sum of £301.96, to the Parish Council, to purchase lights to decorate the Christmas tree to be erected on The Green, late November.  He announced that before opening the meeting, members of the public had an opportunity to address the Parish Council, on any matter, during the 15 minutes public session.  A resident commended the Council for all of their work in securing the grant, (from FCC Communities for provision of additional play equipment for Bill Bailey’s playing field), and also in their dealings with residents.  They also advised that they felt the Council was doing the right thing with the village beck; also they expressed concerned that a large puddle forms at the junction of Deepdale Lane and Scothern Road, following rain.  The Chairman advised that this was a longstanding issue and had been reported to Highways.
The Parish Council Meeting opened at 7.34pm
121/19. To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence
No apologies received other than from District Councillor G McNeill (WLDC)
122/19. Disclosure of pecuniary interests in accordance wit the requirements of the Localim Act 2011 and cnsider any requests for dispenstions
None received
123/19. Notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 10 September 2019 to be approved as the minutes
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 10 September 2019 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman. Unanimous 
124/19. Notes of the extra ordinary meeting held on 24th September 2019 to be approved as the minutes 
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the notes of the meeting of the Extra Ordinary meeting held on 24 September 2019 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.Unanimous 
125/19. Clerks report on matters outstanding (information only) 
The Clerk updated the Parish Council on the following matters:
  • The vacancy for Assistant Clerk had been advertised and 6 applicants shortlisted for interview.
  • Further expressions of thanks had been received, by the Council, for replacing the damaged bench, at the corner of Vicarage Lane.
  • Feedback had been received from the Council’s Solicitors advising that the Council’s objection had been considered valid, by the Land Registry but this notice for ownership, by the developer may proceed to the next stage for consideration by the Land tribunal.
  • Lincs River Trust had been notified of the £1,000 expenditure, agreed by Council 10 September 19, for completion of works to the beck.
  • The Council’s Solicitor had received instruction, from the Parish Council, to undertake a review of the Memorandum of Agreement with the Village Hall Committee and the response is awaited.
At 7.38pm it was proposed, seconded and resolved to suspend Standing Orders to receive public reports. Unanimous
Police Report
A written report submitted by the Nettleham Neighbourhood Policing Team outlining the reported incidences for the period 9/9/19 – 07/10/19 was considered. 
County and District Councillor Reports
A written report submitted earlier, by Cllr Giles McNeill, was considered.
Councillor Mrs Brockway (LCC) advised:
  • LCC Highway work is being completed in the Nettleham area, however some concerns have been received from disabled residents advising there are not many dropped kerbs including in the Highfields area.  Highway works are prioritised using a matrix scoring system and 364 similar requests are being considered, by LCC Highways, alongside expenditure required for repairs.
  • Some Parish Councillors also attended the recent Minster Fields residents’ quarterly meeting where it was noted that the residents raised some concerns about broadband issues and that not all of the local roads have been finished to LCC adoptable standards.  The residents, in attendance, were invited to attend future meetings of the Parish Council.

Councillor Mrs White (WLDC) advised:

  • Her full report had already been circulated
  • The Keep Nettleham Tidy group undertook a litter pick during September with equipment provided by WLDC and it was felt that the initiative is making a difference
  • The Chairman requested an update about the District Council’s management restructuring

Cllr Mrs White advised that:

  • Mr Sturgess is retiring; interim arrangements are currently in place; the restructuring proposals are work in progress but Directors have been asked to put forward structure models from Director level and below.  A new Assistant Director of Planning is also in place.
At 7.45pm it was proposed, seconded and resolved to resume Standing Orders and reopen the meeting. Unanimous
126/19. Financial matters 
a) To Ratify Payments made – 01/09/19 – 30/09/19
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council duly ratify the payments made (shown as Appendix 1). Unanimous
b) To consider the Income & Expenditure information & balances in bank accounts at 30/9/19
The contents of the report were noted.  The Vice-Chairman checked the summary against copies of the bank statements and duly signed them as a true statement of monies held, in the Council’s bank accounts.
c) To seek approval for expenditure to provide additional fencing, at the Bill Bailey’s Playing Field following agreement to the revised site location for installation of new play equipment
Council were advised that following approval to change the site layout to the lower tier, some additional quotations had been received from the contractor to include: for the provision of additional fencing, a new bin and relocation of a bench, new concreting and to make good.  Additionally the Earmarked Reserve for the site is currently £34,061 and whilst sufficient to cover all of the additional work, the maximum contribution previously agreed, by Council, was £30,000.  Following discussions
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to approve additional expenditure of £4,556.43 following the decision to site the new equipment at the lower site and authorise the Clerk to submit a revised. Purchase Order, to the sum of £80,750 to undertake the full works quoted for For: 9;       Against 1;       Abstentions: 2
d) Authority to purchase a wreath for the Remembrance Day service – 10/11/19
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to order a wreath from British Legion and send a donation to the sum of £19.25. Unanimous
127/19. Planning Matters 
a) To receive recommendations or observations on the following planning applications
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to submit the following comments to WLDC in respect of applications a)1 to a)7 Unanimous
1)  4 Field Close - Mr C Hopkins - 140078. Prior approval to extend dwellinghouse 5m from rear wall of original dwellinghouse, 2.475m to height of eaves of enlarged part of dwellinghouse and 4m to highest point of enlarged part of dwellinghouse. Comments from NPC: The detail information with this PA is inadequate to make any assessment of the application, we wonder how the Planning Dept would have accepted a planning application of this standard.
2) Deepdale Lane Enterprise Park - Mr D Lui - 140042. Planning application for two and a half storey office building and associated car park . The Parish Council strongly objects to this PA on the following grounds.
i. The proposed building would be very dominant at the entrance to the Enterprise Park and would not fit within the character of the remainder of the Enterprise park.  At height of 2 ½ floors would dominate the surrounding area, and would be the largest building in Nettleham village.  This would contrary to Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy d-6 a) relating to local rural character.  This building looks like a modern office block and bares no relationship to a barn conversion.
ii. The scheme shows the front of the building totally exposed to the rural Deepdale lane without the benefit of hedging as can be seen along the rest of the lane so contrary to Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan Policy D-6 e).
iii. Boundary conditions all around the other sites on the enterprise park include hedgerow plants to soften the landscape impact. This site does not have significant softening to the front or rear of the building.  This is contrary to Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy-6 g).
iv. Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy 6 also calls for sufficient external amenity space, refuse and recycling storage facilities.  These are not apparent for the drawing provided.
v. In view of the scale of this proposal and strong objection from the Parish Council we would request that this application is referred to the Planning Committee for determination.
3) 15 Orchard Way - Mr And Mrs D Davison - 140023. Planning application for single storey hallway extension to front of dwelling and single storey rear extension. The Parish Council has no comments to make
4) 12 Scothern Road - Mr. Michael Smith - 140015. Planning application for single storey front extension and two storey side and rear extension to include balcony. The Parish Council comments: The drawings provided are too unclear and indistinct to provide a meaningful comment.
5) 23 Greetwell Lane - Ms Hindle - 140003.  Planning application for outbuilding to be used as beauty salon.The Parish Council objects to this application on the following grounds
The building shows UVC cladding which is inappropriate and not in keeping with the local character, Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy 6a.
There would not be adequate on-site parking for business customers as well as residential needs and parking on Greetwell lane, which is a well used country lane, would represent a hazard. 
The PA states there flat roof and the drawing shows a pitched roof to a height of 3.64m.  At this height it would be visible from the Bishops Palace Heritage amenity (SAM) site contrary to Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy D6 c. 
There would appear to be some confusion over the quoted opening hours which would appear to relate to a “take away”.
6) 64 Washdyke Lane - Mr & Mrs Thorp - 139982. Planning application for two storey extension to side and single storey rear extension.The Council has no comments to make in respect of this application
7) 38 Ashtree Avenue - Miss L Johnstone - 139951. Planning application for single storey rear extension, including internal & external alterations. The Council has no comments to make in respect of this application
(b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals and Withdrawals received
  i)  Appeals – None
 ii)  Consents/Approval of Reserved Matters & withdrawals 
  • Deepdale Lane Enterprise Park - Mr D Lui - 139956. Reserved matters application for rural enterprise park plots 8 & 9 considering access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline planning permission M04/P/1460 granted 17 March 2005. Withdrawn by Applicant 
  • Land off, Deepdale Lane - Chambers - 140110. Application for non-material amendment to planning permission 135567 . Granted 8th November 2017 re: sprinkler tank.  Validation Complete
  • 7 Sudbrooke Lane - Mr Tom McCarthy - 140080. Application for a Lawful Development Certificate to erect garage to side. Validation complete
  • 72, Scothern Road - Miss Hannah Grewcock - 139998. Application for a Lawful Development Certificate to erect garage to side.  Validation Complete
  • 12 Larch Avenue - 139737. Planning application for single storey side extension, single storey front extension and replacement of existing porch –  Application determined 13/09/19
iii)  Refusals – None
(c) Tree Applications – None
(d)  Update on outstanding planning matters - none
128/19.   Council matters
a) To consider the Draft Council Financial Regulations – following review
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to approve the modifications to Council Financial Regulations. Unanimous
b) Review of Personnel & Standards Panel – Terms of Reference. 
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to approve the modifications to Personnel & Standards Terms of Reference. Unanimous
c) To receive feedback following meeting with LCC regarding on-street parking in the parish 
Council were advised that a meeting had been held with LCC officers with discussion about a number of issues of concern raised locally, including:
  • about cars being parked in the parish not in line with the highway regulations;
  • speeding vehicles along Lodge Lane;
  • there being no footpath (near new residential properties) along Lodge Lane.
The Chairman suggested that Council set up a Highways Liaison Group to help maintain discussions with LCC about the issues identified.  Councillors Mrs Appleton and Radcliffe expressed their interest in being involved with this initiative along with Cllr Mrs Brockway (LCC).
d) To seek approval to publish the Community Speed Watch Volunteer invitation 
Council considered the contents of a flyer setting out how CSW operates, how prospective volunteers could get involved and how to register their interest with the Parish Office.  It was suggested that 12 volunteers would need to come forward for CSW to be viable, in the parish.
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Council promote the development of a CSW scheme and to advertise for volunteers to come forward (with use of the flyer) using the Council’s standard advertising methods.Unanimous
e) To seek approval to publish the Dog Walker Guide 
Council were advised that a dog walking guide, for the Parish, had been developed for agreement and publication.  During discussion it was raised that dog owners were not currently advised to keep dogs on leads, at The Swathe; however, as the Council was taking steps to develop this area as an extension to the existing burial ground, this practice should be reviewed.  
It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the dog walker guide be updated to advise that dogs should be kept on a lead at The Swathe. For:  11;  Abstentions: 1
Following further discussion, it was proposed, seconded and resolved to accept the designations within the dog walker guide with the requirement for dogs to be kept on a lead at: The Swathe, Mulsanne Park, Vickers Wood, Bill Bailey’s Playing Field and to publicise the guide, once finalised. For: 10;  Abstentions:  2
129/19. Property Committee Matters 
a) To consider the notes from the Property Committee – 24/09/19
The contents were noted.  The Chairman advised that a meeting had taken place with the Developers of the scheme on Scothern Road about the provision of allotments, paths and brick storage at the allotment site and these are likely to be available in approximately twelve months’ time.  Council were also reminded that the Council’s Chairman and Vice-Chairman attend the Property Committee in an ex-officio capacity.
b) To receive an update about Council tree matters
Council were advised that enquiries are currently in progress with tree consultants to establish the cost to survey and develop a comprehensive list/map and report about the trees, within the parish.  
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to invite prospective tree consultants to attend a future meeting of the Property. Committee to discuss proposals. For:  10;    Abstentions:  2
c) To agree additional expenditure to undertake additional grass cut and road gutter weed spray
Council were advised that whilst the grass cutting budget had been used, grassed areas had continued to grow and would benefit from an additional cut.  During discussion it was raised that the maintenance of the grassed areas was considered important to the village.
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to agree an order be placed with the contractor to undertake a further one off grass cut to all areas using a virement from General Reserves to cover the additional expenditure. Unanimous
Following further discussion about also undertaking a further programme of gutter weed spraying, 
It was proposed, seconded and resolved to agree the order of an additional road gutter weed spray and a virement from General Reserves to cover the cost. For:  10;  Abstentions:  2
130/19. Correspondence received
The Clerk advised:
  • The parish had been judged ‘runner up’ in the 2019 Best Kept Village Competition.  Copies of the judge’s comments had also been received with the parish receiving a score of 149 out of a possible 150, in the last round.  Excellent feedback was provided about the village, care given to areas by the Council and residents along with comments about the management of wildlife areas which were stated as ‘incredible’;
  • A resident had emailed their suggestions about how additional information about the range of services delivered by County, District and Parish Council could be communicated.
131/19. Councillor Reports/Future Agenda Items
It was requested the following items be included on the next Parish Council meeting agenda:
  •  Minster Fields
132/19.  Date of next meeting 
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 18 November 2019 at 7.30pm at the Small Hall, The Old School, Mill Hill, Nettleham.
133/19. To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press in accordance with the public Bodies (Admissions to meeting Act 1960), due to the sensitive nature of the business to be dicussed -  No items
The meeting closed at 9.02pm