Minutes - 14 September 2021

Present: Councillors: Cllr J Evans (Chairman), Cllr P Jenkinson (Vice-Chairman), Cllr Mrs J Clayton, Cllr M Homer, Cllr P McNeill, Cllr D Newsam, Cllr J Barrett, Cllr R Porter,  Cllr Mrs A White, Cllr A Henderson, Cllr J Radcliffe, Cllr C Higham 
Also in attendance:     Mrs D Locker (Clerk/RFO), Cllr G McNeill (WLDC) and 4 members of the public.
Councillors not present:  All present
Commencing at 7.30pm
The Chairman welcomed those in attendance, advised that the meeting would commence with the opening of the 15-minute public session and confirmed that this was an opportunity for anyone to raise any matter on the agenda which can be discussed, or otherwise added to a future agenda. 
Public Forum
Resident 1 – Requested confirmation of who held responsibility for the village beck as they had noted a growth in the amount of weed in the beck and had concerns that this may increase the risk of flooding.  The incidence of flooding that occurred in 2007 was raised and the resident requested that the Parish Council review the standard of measures currently in place to prevent flooding and future blockages of debris and weeds, particularly at the culverts.  The Chairman of the Council’s Beck Working Group confirmed that weed clearance is the responsibility of the Riparian owners (landowners abutting the beck).  The Coop have been asked to clear weed from the beck on several occasions during the last 18 months.  The installation of the berms was also supported by Lincolnshire Rivers Trust, with feedback that they posed no increased threat of flooding.  The culverts are also inspected regularly by staff and Councillors and debris and vegetation is removed on a regular basis; also by residents.
Resident 2 –  Advised that the flooding in 2007 was attributed to blockages further down the beck in the Brookfield area.  The Chairman of the Beck Working Group confirmed that the beck had recently been cleared right back by the Riparian owners in the Brookfield area.
Resident 3 – Advised that they had provided feedback as part of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation process to request improvement works to the culverts using monies generated from new build Community Infrastructure levy (CIL). District Cllr G McNeill (WLDC) commented that the cost of works to improve the culverts had already been calculated as being at a significant cost and therefore unlikely to be met by monies generated from CIL.  The Chairman confirmed that the work to bridges and culverts would need to be covered by the County Council.
Councillor Mrs White (WLDC) advised:
  • Her written report had already been circulated;
  • She and Cllr Evans had attended the WLDC Extraordinary meeting of the Prosperous Communities Committee who were meeting to decide on their response to the draft review of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (CLLP).  Cllr Evans was in attendance to provide feedback on behalf of the Nettleham parish, as in the draft proposals, the parish appears to be having to take what is considered an unequal proportion of development compared with that proposed in urban areas. They also subsequently met with the Planning Officer responsible for writing the WLDC response to the CLLP;
  • She will also be attending the next meeting of the Central Lincs Joint Strategic Planning Committee which will then have made some decisions about their responses to the review of the Local Plan (which includes the parish in the Local Plan area);
  • The WLDC Health Scrutiny Committee will also be looking at General Practitioner practice generally and will also consider local residents concerns that have been reported via Cllr Mrs White;
  • A range of Planning related issues, reported by local residents, have been forwarded to the WLDC Enforcement team for their consideration.
Councillor G McNeill (WLDC) advised:
  • His written report had already been circulated;
  • A local resident had been taken to hospital for medical treatment, having been stung when dealing with a wasps’ nest.  He urged residents seek a professional pest controller for removal of wasp nests;
  • WLDC Grants are available from £70-£700 for groups arranging festivities to mark the Queen’s Jubilee.
Police Report – was circulated, prior to the meeting.  The offer from the Police to attend meetings or events was noted and it was suggested that an invite be sent for them to attend a meeting of the Parish Council. It was raised that the Police had used the Old School car park to mark bicycles recently.  The Clerk had not been notified that the Police were holding this event.  As a result, the opportunity to promote such an activity, via the Council’s publicity arrangements, had therefore been lost.
The Meeting opened at 7.50pm.
119/21.  To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk, prior to the meeting.  None 
120/21.  Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations.
Declaration of interests received from Cllr Mrs J Clayton in respect of agenda item 17(a) and from Cllr D Newsam for item 14(e).
121/21.  Notes of the Parish Council’s meeting held on 20 July 2021 and notes of the Extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council held on 19 August 2021 to be approved and to authorise the Chairman to sign as the official minutes
It was proposed, seconded and  RESOLVED That the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 20 July 2021 and the notes of the Extraordinary meeting held on 19 August 2021 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.  Unanimous (by those in attendance at the meetings)
122/21.  Clerk’s Report (for information only)
The Clerk updated Council as follows:
  • The External Auditors, PKF Littlejohn, had sent confirmation of their conclusion of the audit of the Council’s Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2020-21 with no exceptions statements to report.  The associated documents have been publicised on the Council’s noticeboards and website.  The Chairman congratulated the Clerk on the successful outcome following the External Audit;
  • Council had been notified that WLDC had approved their application for grant funding of £8,000 towards refurbishment of the Mulsanne Pavilion, subject to receipt of match funding from the Football Association.  A grant application will also be submitted to the FA, in the near future;
  • Councillors were reminded that they could attend the LALC AGM & conference on 6/10/21;
  • Following difficulties encountered in securing a new lease deal – the existing works van lease has been extended for 1 year;
  • No further Covid-19 related guidance has been received.  The Council’s premises hirers have been advised that Council’s recommendation is to retain related measures, although not compulsory e.g.: use of social distancing, face coverings, attendee lists for track & trace, cleaning – as appropriate.
123/21.  Financial Matters 
a) To Ratify Payments made – 01/07/21 – 31/08/21 
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That Council ratify payments made during July & August, 2021.  Unanimous
b)  To consider the income & expenditure report as at 31/08/21
The contents were noted.
c) To consider the Council’s bank account balances at 31/08/21
The bank account statement balances were checked against statements and signed off by the Chairman.
124/21.  Planning Matters
a) To receive/ratify recommendations or observations on the following planning applications:-
1. Land South of High St – Nettleham PC – 143050
Planning application for the extension of the burial ground including extension of all weather footpath from the existing burial ground.  No comments already submitted to WLDC
2. 19 Ridgeway, - Mr S Owen – 143326
Planning application for removal of rear store to garage, erect extension to rear of garage and replace window in French doors to rear elevation.  No comments already submitted to WLDC
3. 4 Poachers Meadow – Mr & Mrs R Owen – 143509
Planning application for proposed extension and alteration to dwelling
Planning Liaison Panel comments: - No comments
4. 33 Chapel Lane – Denise Taylor – 143368
Planning application for 2no. replacement windows on the front elevation.  
Planning Liaison Panel comments: - The use of UPVC windows on homes in a conservation area such as this is inappropriate and is contrary to policy E-4 of Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan and LP25 of the CLLP, the Parish Council therefore objects to this application.
5. 20 Brookfield Ave – Mr M Jones – 143573
Planning application for first floor side extension and alterations to garage & porch roof
Planning Liaison Panel comments: -  No comments
6. 15 The Green – Ms S Luton – 143613
Planning application for proposed rear single storey oak framed extension to link existing dwelling to existing garage
Planning Liaison Panel comments: - No comments
7. Church View All Saints Lane – Mr Skinner – 143598
Planning application to replace existing white timber window with white PVC double glazed windows
Planning Liaison Panel comments: - No comments
8. Nettleham Hall and Lodge Site Hall Lane – Mr & Mrs T Hood - 142751
Planning application for change of use of Nettleham Hall and Diggers Cottage to 2no. dwellings with extensions, alterations, associated landscaping and vehicle access.  Also, alterations and repairs to gates. Following discussion, it was recommended that ‘no comments’ to be submitted to WLDC
9. Nettleham Hall & Lodge Site, Hall Lane – Mr & Mrs Hood – 143621 
Listed building consent for repair and conservation of the gates & piers and partial demolition, conservation, alterations and extensions of Nettleham Hall & Diggers Cottage.
Following discussion, it was recommended that Council support this application.
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To ratify/submit the Council’s comments in respect of the planning applications considered, to WLDC.  Unanimous  
b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals & withdrawals, Decisions received
i)   Decisions 
  • Land South of High St – Nettleham PC – 143050.  Planning application for the extension of the burial ground including extension of all-weather footpath from the existing burial ground.  Approved 26/08/21
  • 30 Sudbrook Lane – Mrs M Major – 143595.  Request for confirmation of compliance with condition 2 of planning permission 143098 granted 11 August 2021.  Condition discharged 26.08.21
  • Watermill House, Watermill Lane – Mr & Mrs Saunders – 143406.  App. for lawful development certificate for alterations to garage to garden room. Granted 31.08.21
  • 19 Ridgeway – Mr S Owen - 143326.  Planning application for removal of rear store to garage, erect extension to rear of garage, and replace window with French doors to rear elevation. Granted 01.09.21
  • 32 Sudbrooke Lane – Mr C Bowles – 143242.  Application for non-material amendment to planning permission 139074 granted 16 April 2019 - amendment to car port materials.  Granted 05.07.21
  • Hall Farm, Hall Lane – Mrs T Hood - 143236.  Planning application for proposed new vehicular access – granted 08.09.21
  • Land at 18 The Crescent – Mr & Mrs Scott – 143233.  Planning application to demolish wooden garage and erect 1no. single storey dwelling including new access and boundary treatment.  Refused 26.08.21
  • 9 Ridgeway – Mr D McLeish – 143217.  Planning application for two storey side and rear extensions, with single storey rear extension.  Granted 06.08.21
c) Tree Application – none
  • Walnut tree outside no 7 The Green – Nettleham PC – 143535.  Remove lower lateral 7m from main union, reduce the upper lateral by 3m.  Approved 10/8/21
  • 9 East Street – Mrs L Westman – 143490. Fell of Cherry Tree front garden.  Approved 02.09.21
  • 48 Deepdale Lane – Mr T Smith – 143543.  5-day notice to fell one dead Beech tree T8 – Approved 16.08.21
d) Update on outstanding planning 
It was reported that it is evident that a number of properties, located in the conservation area, have had UPVC windows fitted and details have been submitted to the WLDC Planning Enforcement team.
125/21.  Property Committee Matters
a) To consider the Property Committee meeting notes from 7 September 2021
Contents were noted.
b) To approve recommendation to reduce existing allotment holders annual rent for 2021/22
Council heard that the developer of the new housing development off Scothern Road had advised that construction at the site is delayed.  Consequently, the allotment site is unlikely to be available for use by allotment holders until 2022, rather than September 2021, as originally anticipated.  
At the meeting of the Property Committee held on 7/9/21 it was recommended that existing allotment rents be reduced to £1 for the period 2021/22 in recognition of the inconvenience caused to allotment holders.  It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To reduce the annual allotment rent to £1 for 2021-22 for existing allotment holders.  For: 10, Against: 2
ACTION:  Asst. Clerk to write to existing allotment holders to advise of the delay and the reduction in rent for 2021-22.  
126/21.  Council Matters
a) To approve the Council’s risk assessment, following review
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve the risk assessment amendments.  Unanimous
b) To approve the Council’s asset register, following review
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve the updated Asset Register.  Unanimous
c) To consider the contents of the Health & Safety Consultancy audit report, following inspection
The contents of the report and the positive feedback received from the Health & Safety Consultants following the audit, were noted.  The Chairman congratulated the Clerk and the Facilities team for their good effort and proactive approach to dealing with Health & Safety matters, during the last year, as highlighted in the Health & Safety audit Consultancy post audit report.
d) To approve the Council’s Health & Safety Policy following audit by NPC Health & Safety Consultants
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To adopt the revised Health & Safety policy, following review.  Unanimous
e) To ratify Council’s response to LCC Bus Services Improvement Plan Survey 
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To ratify submission of the Council’s response to the LCC Bus Services Improvement Plan Survey.   Unanimous
f) To discuss unresolved LCC Highways issues 
It was raised that whilst the Nettleham village directional sign, on the A46 had been now been straightened by LCC, a number of other highway related requests remain outstanding:
  • Review of measures to improve traffic flow/congestion at the junction of Deepdale Lane/A46;
  • Damaged signage on the Nettleham Rd roundabout;
  • Recommendation for speed reduction (to 40mph) - Lodge Lane, from the Rugby Club to 30mph sign. ACTION:  To liaise with LCC to seek feedback on the issues raised -(RP)
g) To receive an update – relating to resident’s request for memorial for Vulcan crash victims
The Clerk provided an update advising that Council’s records show that the RAF purchased 8 x graves in 1975, with only 4 being used for burial of the RAF that lost their lives in the Vulcan crash during 1975.  Council heard that the new Nettleham history walk app. includes reference to the RAF personnel killed during the crash and subsequently buried in the Nettleham cemetery, in 1975.  Further consideration may be given for provision of a memorial for the crash victims, if received. 
h) To agree arrangements to meet with volunteers
Following discussion about implementation of the revised volunteer policy, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To arrange a meeting to discuss arrangements for volunteering with the Council, to be held on 20/10/21 at 7.30pm (at the Large Hall, Old School, Mill Hill).  Unanimous
ACTION:   To invite existing and potential volunteers and Working Group Lead Councillors to the meeting and arrange associated publicity. (Clerk/JE/Lead Councillors).
127/21.  Neighbourhood Plan Review Group 
a) To receive an update from the Neighbourhood Plan Review Group
Council heard that the Neighbourhood Plan review public meeting held on the 27/7/21 at the Old School included presentations, question and answer sessions, and was well attended.  231 consultation/survey forms had been completed and returned, by residents.  Feedback had been collated and analysed by the Working Group which provides good evidence based findings for moving forward.  Council gave thanks for the valuable time and effort put in by members of the Working Group to date, and in particular to C. Johnson who played a key role in the analysis of the consultation feedback.  A summary of the key findings will be published in Nettleham Matters. The Working Group will continue to meet in development of the NP review to formulate green corridors and design codes to try to mitigate the effects of the proposed 175 housing unit allocation for the parish as set out in the draft Central Lincs Local Plan (CLLP), alongside consideration of potential changes in Planning legislation.  
b) To ratify Council’s submission for the Central Lincs Local Plan review
It was raised that development of the Council’s response to the Draft CLLP had been time consuming.    The Chairman, Cllr John Evans was thanked by Council for providing his expertise and his personal time in the development of the Council’s response which included a case for reducing the additional 175 housing allocation set out in the draft CLLP, for the parish.
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That Council ratify the Council’s response, as submitted.  Unanimous
128/21.  To adopt recommendations from the Burial Ground Panel following review of the current Burial Ground Policy
The Chairman asked that Cllr P McNeill and Cllr Mrs White be thanked for the time and effort they have put in during their review of the burial ground policy.  Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That
  • The Council will arrange inspection of the burial ground and will write to all plot holders where it is identified that any graves and cremated remains plots are in breach of the current burial ground rules;
  • Plot holders be asked to bring all graves and cremated remains plot in line with the burial ground rules by 01/01/2022 and that they remove any items in situ that fall outside of the burial ground rules.  This may include but not limited to: removal of personal/memorial related goods, plants, planters, chippings and edgings; 
  • From 01/01/2022, the Council will arrange for the removal and storage, for a period of up to 6 months of any items (e.g. by 30/6/22), that fall outside of the burial ground rules, after which they will be disposed of.  This includes but not limited to: removal of plants, pots, planters, personal/ memorial related goods.  Chippings and edgings will also be removed and areas will be reinstated e.g. to grass;
  • The burial ground rules be retained although slight amendments to wording be undertaken to ensure they meet current standards and consistency e.g. wording is changed to ensure it is gender neutral and metric prioritisation;
  • The Council will take steps to ensure that their staff are supported, in delivery of the Council’s burial ground rules.  Unanimous
129/21.  To receive an update from the Swathe Working Group 
It was noted that Council has been successful in its application for Planning permission for the extension of the Nettleham cemetery into the Swathe and a meeting of the Swathe working group will be convened in the near future. 
130/21.  To receive an update from the Sustainable Travel Working Group 
Whilst the working group has not met recently, it has been noted that the cycle track running from the Brown Cow to the Nettleham roundabout has been resurfaced and reopened.  LCC has also undertaken some resurfacing work on Lodge Lane which has improved the surface, particularly for cyclists.
131/21.  To receive an update from the Climate Change Strategy Working Group
a) To consider progress against the Council’s 50 Climate Change Strategy actions
Six volunteers have now been appointed to this Working Group.  The group met recently and the initial outline strategy has been developed and circulated to Councillors. Associated actions timescales will be developed, in due course.  LCC will be holding a series of virtual Climate change session in the near future.  On 13/10/21, LCC are hosting a Climate Change Summit at the Lincolnshire Showground. 
132/21.  Correspondence Received (including general correspondence received for information)
a) Request to donate a memorial tree in Nettleham – for planting preferably at Bishops Palace site
This item was referred to the next meeting of the Property Committee for further discussion.
b) Positive feedback received about the introduction of the village GoJauntly app
Council thanked Cllr Porter for his time and effort put in for development and launch of the GoJauntly app.
c) To consider resident’s offer to provide 2 x memorial picnic tables to site at Bill Bailey’s playing field
This item was referred to the next meeting of the Property Committee for further discussion. 
d) To consider resident’s request to arrange slot for use of Old School car park - sale of fruit & veg 
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To refuse the request to use the Old School car park for sale of fruit & veg.  Unanimous
At 9.30pm Councillor Newsam left the meeting.
e) Request to site 2 x scarecrows at Mulsanne Park – for Scarecrow festival 2nd & 3rd October 2021
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve the request to site 2 x scarecrows at Mulsanne Park for the Scarecrow festival being held in the village on 2nd & 3rd of October 2021.  For 10; Abstention 1.
At 9.33pm Councillor Newsam returned to the meeting.
133/21.  Councillors Reports/Future Agenda Items
134/21.  Date of Next Meeting of the Parish Council – has been arranged for Tuesday 19 October 2021, commencing at 7.30pm in the Small Hall, Old School, Mill Hill, Nettleham.
At 9.35pm Councillor Mrs Clayton left the meeting.
135/21.  To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed.
At 9.35pm it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To move into closed session.  Unanimous.
136/21.   Closed Session items
a) To consider applications received & agree Council’s candidate for the Ray Sellars Community Award
Council noted that considerably more nominations had been submitted, compared with those received in previous years.  Following consideration of each of the nominations received for each of the 6 candidates put forward, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That Jacqui Thompson be awarded the Ray Sellars award for 2021-22 in recognition of her kindness and support that she provided to local resident’s, during the Covid-19 restrictions.  Unanimous
At 9.37pm Councillor Mrs Clayton returned to the meeting.
b) To discuss dealing with responses to resident(s)
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That the Council will follow the processes as set out in the Council’s adopted policies.  Unanimous
The meeting closed at 10pm
Mrs D Locker.  Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

APPENDIX 1 -     List of Payments made 01/07/21 – 31/08/21


£ AMOUNT      (incl. VAT)




IT management



IT cloud services - Jun-Jul



Face masks, bench sanding belts



Sanding discs - benches






Bench seat lathe



Quarterly line rental - MP for alarm



Broadband - PO & OS



Cleaning contractor



Grass cutting contractor



Bank charges



Mthly payroll contractor



Utilities - gas & electricity



3 x Mobile phone mthly charge



Stationery & products for MP/OS



Clamps - Speed Indicator device



3 x land searches



Quarterly lease - photocopier



Quarterly Print & photocopying



Neigh Plan consultancy



A5 leaflets - NP consultation



Annual service - fire extinguishers



Mileage - reimbursement



Purchases NP - reimbursement



Window cleaning



Bench - via donation



Personnel contractor



Annual charge - sanitary units



Health & Safety annual consultancy



H & S related Staff training



1/2 year Public Works loan repayments



Summer planting & watering



Works van lease



Salary related incl. HMRC