Minutes - 20 April 2021

Present: Councillors - J Evans (Chairman), P Jenkinson (Vice-Chairman), Mrs J Clayton, M Homer, P McNeill, D Newsam, J Barrett, J Radcliffe, C Higham,      R Porter, Mrs A White  A Henderson.
Also in attendance remotely: Mrs D Locker (Clerk), Cllr G McNeill (WLDC) & 3 members of public.
Councillors not present:  None.
Commencing at 7.30pm
The Chairman welcomed those in attendance remotely, advised that the meeting would commence with the opening of the public session and confirmed that this was an opportunity for anyone to raise any matter on the agenda, or otherwise.  
Public Forum
Councillor Mrs White (WLDC) advised:
  • Her written report had been circulated prior to the meeting;
  • A question was put forward about the District Council’s response to applications for wind turbines.  There followed discussion about a planning application for one submitted around 15 years ago, in Nettleham, which was not approved as at the time it would have interfered with the RAF’s radar (at Scampton).  It was raised that this might not be such an issue as its use and status is to be changed.
Councillor G McNeill (WLDC) advised:
  • District Covid-19 related information is as follows: 
- 20 new cases across the District, a significant decrease of 43% on the previous week;
- The infection rate stood at 35.5 per 100,000 at end of last week. England rate is 27.4 per 100,000;
- Lincolnshire, infections rate continues to fall, with the current infection rate at 43.2 per 100,000,
- the over 60s infection rate down from 111.8 per 100,000 to 13.1 per 100,000 last week;
- zero new cases in WLDC area for over 80s population since 5th April;
- three COVID related deaths last week, taking the total to 184. 
- As of 8/4/21, 56,053 people had received at least one dose of vaccine in West Lindsey – an increase of 2.5% on the previous week and equates to 58.6% of the district’s total population.
  • Covid Related Business Grants - independent fraud checks have delayed the payment of restart grants but expect payments to begin in the next two weeks.
  • The Central Lincs Joint Strategic Planning Unit light touch review is likely to feature a significant suite of policy to address climate change.
  • WLDC will hold concurrent Corporate Policy & Resources and Prosperous Communities Committees on Thursday to consider the Carbon Management Plan and draft Sustainability, Climate and Environment Strategy.
  • The WLDC Chief Executive’s Ward Walk has been arranged for Tuesday, 24th August 2021.
  • The Kingsway/High Street bus stop is being moved by Lincolnshire County Council
Police Report – was circulated, prior to the meeting.
The Meeting opened at 7.45pm
047/21.  To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk,   
               prior to the meeting.  None – as all Parish Councillors in attendance
048/21.  Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011
              and to consider any requests for dispensations.
  • Cllr Porter declared an interest in respect of item 8(b)(i) on the agenda;
  • Cllr Mrs Clayton declared an interest in respect of item 9(a) on the agenda;
  • Cllr Evans declared an interest in respect of item 6(1)(2) on the agenda.
049/21.  Notes of the Council’s meeting held on 16 March 2021 to be approved as minutes
It was proposed, seconded and  
RESOLVED that the notes of the meeting be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.  Unanimous - (by those that had been in attendance at that meeting).
050/21.  Clerk’s Report (for information only)
The Clerk updated Council as follows:
  • The position of Facilities Manager will become vacant with effect from 4 May 2021 following receipt of resignation by the existing postholder;
  • The Government funded Business Support Grant payments received by the Council during 2020/21 totalled £21,003.21; a further application will be submitted for a business recovery grant, to WLDC;
  • Surplus Council owned items such as: stools, chairs and tables, following receipt of items gifted to the Council from HMRC following closure of Lawress Hall, will be advertised and donated locally;
  • Correspondence has recently been sent to cemetery plot holders who are in breach of current burial ground rules.  Following feedback received from plot holders, the Clerk’s recommendation is that the Council’s Burial Ground Panel undertake a review of the current burial rules policy.
051/21.  Financial Matters 
a) To Ratify Payments made – 01/03/21 – 31/03/21 
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That Council ratify payments made in March 2021.  Unanimous
b) To consider the year-end financial summary report as at 31/03/21 
The contents of the year-end report were discussed and the underspend of £20,563 for 2020/21 noted. 
c) To consider the Council’s bank account balances at 31/03/21
The bank account statement balances were checked against statements and signed off by the Chairman.
d) To consider recommendations for the Annual rent reviews for sports clubs for 2021/22
Following discussion about the Property Committee’s recommendations for setting of the sport club rents for 2021/22, it was proposed, seconded and  RESOLVED: That the annual rents for 2021/22 for use of Mulsanne Park/pavilion by the sports clubs be agreed as follows: Tennis club rent £1,800; Football club rent £4,175; Cricket Club rent £3,000.   The Football club to also be charged an additional £500 for use of the football pitches, out of their usual season, from April 2021 up to the end of June 2021. Unanimous
e)  To approve the set-up of a tree maintenance reserve
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: To approve the set-up of a tree maintenance reserve and agreement for any unspent tree related budget commitment, with effect from 2021/22, to be vired at the end of each financial year to a tree maintenance Earmarked Reserve up to an amount, as prescribed by the Property Committee.  Unanimous
052/21.  Planning Matters
a) To receive/ratify recommendations or observations on the following planning applications:- 
1) 4 Ash Tree Ave – Ms Peach – 142366.  Planning application for single storey front and side extension 
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – already submitted – The Parish Council have concern that the extension to the front of the property will extend the building some 3m in front of the building line to the adjacent house (no 2) and almost reaches the footpath. This could impact the character of the area contrary to D6 of the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan and LP26c.
In response to the amended drawings & re-consultation request dated 23.03.21 - Nettleham Parish Council still object on the grounds that the proposed extension is still beyond the building line, and by a considerable degree so should be refused to due to the impact on the neighbouring property.
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That Council ratify the comments received from the Planning Liaison Panel as submitted to West Lindsey District Council.   Unanimous
2) 37 Washdyke Lane – Mr & Mrs Kent – 142718.  Planning application to erect detached garage
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel - The application is for a double garage the height of which is not shown on the plans. The application shows the garage to be well in front of the building line, in what appears to be the middle of the front garden. We have concern that if the application is approved it is believed this garage will affect the sight line having a detrimental visual effect on the junction with Cliff Avenue and street scene.  As a result of the above we respectfully ask that serious consideration be given to refusal of this application.
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That Council approve the comments received from the Planning Liaison Panel and submit to West Lindsey District Council.  For: 11;   Abstention: 1 (Cllr Evans)
3) Advertising – A15 Bunkers Hill/A158 Wragby Rd – Mr S Green – 142686.  Application for advertisement consent for 4no. non-illuminated signs. 
Comments from the Parish Council:The Parish Council object to the installation of advertising signage on the basis of their potential to cause distraction to motorists and in particular this could cause a danger to pedestrians and cyclists.
4) Advertising – A46 Lincoln Rd/A158/B1182 Roundabout –  Mr S Green – 142687.  Application for advertisement consent for 4no. non-illuminated signs
Comments from the Parish Council: The Parish Council object to the installation of advertising signage on the basis of their potential to cause distraction to motorists and in particular this could cause a danger to pedestrians and cyclists.
5) 2 Greetwell Lane – Mr & Mrs Bayliss – 142646.  Planning application for two storey side extension, single storey front extension and replacement detached garage.
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – The Parish Council have concern about this extension on a semi-detached house and front elevation which would appear to be out of keeping with the adjacent house when viewed from this sensitive corner at the edge of the Conservation Area.  The proposed development also includes building a substantial garage, which will be clearly visible from Greetwell lane junction.  Unfortunately, no dimensions are shown for this double garage which replaces a single garage and projects forward of the building line.
6)  32 Sudbrooke Lane – Mr C Bowles – 142565 - Planning application to erect garage.
Comments from the Parish Council -   The Parish Council objects and has concern regarding the garage being on the boundary with the Neighbouring property and that this will impact the access to light by the adjacent building.  
7) 39 Sudbrooke Lane – Mr Carlton – 142546 - Planning application for extension and 2no. bay windows to front elevation, and 1300mm railing to the front boundary.
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – The Parish Council are concerned that the metal railings to the front of the property are out of character with the street scene which comprises open plan and hedging. 
8) Land off 72 Scothern Rd – Miss E Truelove – 142542.  Planning application to erect 3no. dwellings.  Dwellings over and above the approved 68.
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel - Planning permission has already been granted for 68 houses on this site, an additional 3 will take this to 42% uplift on the number for the site stated in the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan and the CLLP ie 50 max.  We believe this increase should be rejected as it will have a negative impact on the housing density and general spacious ambiance of the development.
9) 23 Greetwell Lane – Mr & Mrs Hindle – 142540 - Planning application for two storey front extension and single storey rear extension, following removal of existing rear extension.Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – The Parish Council have no comments on this application
10) 17 Poachers Meadow – Ms Harwood – 142661.  Application for a lawful development certificate for single storey rear extension.
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – No comments
11) 12 Arnage Court – Mr J Griffiths – 142669.  Planning application for proposed single storey extension
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel - We have concerns on this application with regard to the gap left between the new building and     the boundary fence, no dimensions are shown however the gap shown looks very small and in adequate to allow fence maintenance and also access to the rear garden for utility purposes as required in Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy D6
12)  The Granary House, Kingsway - Mr M Davies – 142632.  Listed building consent to add an additional Velux window to the rear roof elevation
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – No comments
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That Council approve the comments, in relation to planning applications agenda items 6(a)(3) through to 6(a)(10) and submit to West Lindsey District Council.  Unanimous
b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals & withdrawals, Decisions received
 i)   Decisions 
  • The Plough, 1 The Green – LCC consultation – 142674.  Local Authority Consultation for a Pavement Cafe and Stalls Licence – Approved. 19.03.21.
  • Land off, 72 Scothern Rd – Miss E Truelove – 142609.  Application for non-material amendment to planning permission 141843 – granted
  • The Black Horse, Chapel Lane – LCC – 142606.  Local Authority Consultation for a Pavement Cafe and Stalls Licence – refused 
  • 21 Cherry Tree Lane – Mr O’Reilly – 142394.  Planning application for single storey rear extension, raising roof toenable a loft conversion, installation of dormer windows and creation of garage from existing carport. Granted 8/4/21
  • 19 Highfields – S Lawson – 142388.  Planning application for garage conversion & 1st floor extension above. Granted  
  • 4 Ashtree Avenue – Ms Peach – 142366.  Planning application for single storey front and side extension – granted 8/4/21
  • 48 Scothern Rd – Mr & Mrs Marshall – 142329.  Planning application for single storey front extension and two storey side extension. Approved.  19/3/21
  • 22 Beckside – Mr M Spencer – 142327.  Planning application to convert existing workshop into annexe to main dwelling with minor alterations to windows and door. Approved.  11/3/21
  • West View, Welton Rd – Miss N Giles - 142244.  Planning application to erect garden room in rear garden to form Pilates/exercise studio.  Approved.  12/3/21
  • Land off The Hawthorns – Miss E Truelove – 141225.  Application for approval of reserved matters to erect 63no. dwellings with garages, access roads, footpaths & open space considering appearance, landscaping, layout and scale - following outline planning permission 138494 granted 05 July 2019. Granted 11/3/21
       ii)  Appeals – none
c) Tree Application – none
d) Update on outstanding planning – none
053/21.  Council Matters
a) To discuss resumption of holding physical meetings
The Clerk advised that legislation allowing Council’s to meet remotely expires on 6 May 2021 and the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government had written to Councils to confirm that there should be a resumption of face to face Council and Committee meetings, on or after 7 May 2021.  It was also noted that the Government’s guidance is being challenged and is set for consideration by the Administration Court on 21 April 2021.  It was proposed, seconded & RESOLVED: The Council put plans in place to hold face to face meetings, with effect from 7 May 2021.  Unanimous.
b) To discuss changing the advertised date for the Annual Parish meeting
Following discussion about the Government guidance about resumption of face to face meetings from 7 May 2021, it was proposed, seconded & RESOLVED: The Council move the existing advertised date for the Annual Meeting of the Parish, to Thursday 27 May starting at 7pm until 7.30pm, at the Large Hall, Old School.  Unanimous
c) To discuss review of the Council’s Facebook Protocol – in line with recommendations from the Personnel & Standards Panel 
During review of the Council’s Facebook protocol, the Personnel & Standards Panel recommendation was that Council respond promptly to comments or postings on the parish Facebook sites.  Also, the authorised Councillor administrating the site to raise matters of concern posted on Facebook, with the Clerk and Chairman, who will provide an appropriate response.  It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That the Council approve the amendments to the Council’s Facebook Protocol.  Unanimous
d) To discuss options for improving the Parish Council’s profile
During discussion it was raised that further work was needed to ensure Council provide additional information about the role and work undertaken by the Parish Council and that opportunities to engage, more fully, with residents required development.  Councillors were tasked to submit their ideas to the Chairman which will be collated, discussed by a review group and then be brought to a future meeting of the Parish Council.
e) Volunteer policy – implementation update 
This item was deferred for consideration at a future meeting.
f) Speed Indicator data – update
Council heard that associated speed data is being collated and will be reported, regularly, at future meetings.  Additional LCC posts have also been identified and agreed by LCC, for the siting of the Parish Council’s speed indicator device, free of charge, at Greetwell Lane and Sudbrooke Lane.
g) To discuss parking issues related to the use of Bill Bailey’s Playing Field
In response to reports received, regularly, about incidences of vehicular congestion and inconsiderate parking along Scothern Rd in the vicinity of Bill Bailey’s playing field, there followed discussion about the potential to put car parking spaces on the playing field.  It was recommended that Council monitor other potential options to resolve the parking issues and review in a further 6 months.
h) To agree submission of grant application for energy efficiency improvements at Mulsanne Pavilion
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:   To approve development and submission of an expression of interest for a grant from Smart Energy Lincolnshire.   Unanimous 
054/21.  Property Committee Matters
a) To consider the Property Committee meeting notes from 30.03.21
The contents were noted.
b) To consider the recommendations from Property Committee
(i) To approve the Beck Management plan
Following discussion about the contents, it was suggested that the draft plan not be approved but be taken back to the Beck Working Group for further consideration of the Parish Council’s areas of responsibility associated with the village beck.  Once reviewed, the plan is to be brought back to a future meeting.
055/21.  To receive an update from the Swathe Working Group
a) To discuss submitting a planning application to WLDC for approval to use the Swathe as a burial site
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:   To submit a planning application, to West Lindsey District Council, to seek outline planning permission to use land known as the Swathe, as a burial site.  For: 11; Abstention: 1 – (Cllr Mrs Clayton)
056/21.  To receive an update from the Neighbourhood Plan Review Group 
Council were advised:
  • That following receipt of the Character Assessment and associated consultancy suggestions, the various subgroups have continued to meet over the last month. 
  • Feedback from a local developer, the conclusions put forward from each of the sub groups, discussion about the next stage of the procedure and development of the consultation plan to use to ascertain Nettleham residents’ feedback about their priorities and observations, will be considered at the next meeting of the full Working Group meeting planned for 29/4/21.
  • The Working Group have already identified a number of issues which largely arise out of changes to the Planning procedure that Council may want to take forward and implement measures to preserve community value, into the future. These will be brought to the Parish Council in due course.
  • A further grant application will be submitted to fund further costs that will be incurred during 2021/22 for the Neighbourhood plan review.
057/21. To discuss the formation of a new Council Committee for Climate Change
Council heard that Councillor Porter had been liaising with a cross section of external partners in development of a Council Climate Change project plan.  The document will be brought to a future meeting for discussion and consideration will be given for formation of a Climate Change Working Group.
058/21.  Correspondence Received (including general correspondence received for information)
a) Request to use the Village Green for Festive Market – 28/11/21
It was proposed, seconded & RESOLVED: To approve the use of the Village Green on 28/11/21 for the Festive Market.   Unanimous 
059/21. Councillors Reports/Future Agenda Items 
060/21. Date of next Meeting of the Parish Council – arranged for Thursday 27 May 2021, commencing at 7.30pm.  
Following discussion about the expiry of the legislation, from 6 May 2021, that had previously enabled Council’s to hold meetings and make decisions using remote meetings.   It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:   That the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday 27 May 2021 commencing at 7.30pm at the Large Hall Old School, Mill Hill.   Unanimous
061/21. To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed
At 9.59pm it was proposed, seconded & RESOLVED:  To move into closed session.  Unanimous
062/21.  At 10pm it was proposed, seconded & RESOLVED:  to suspend Standing Orders and extend the meeting time to consider the closed session items.  Unanimous
063/21.  Closed Session items
a) To consider changes to the staffing structure
It was proposed, seconded and  RESOLVED:  To approve the recommendation from Personnel & Standard Panel to appoint the Facilities Assistant to the vacant post of Facilities Manager (for 20 hours per week) for a temporary period and to be reviewed after six months. The post of Facilities Assistant to be left vacant pending the the outcome of the review.    Unanimous   
b) Feedback following annual staff appraisals
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:   To approve the recommendations from the Personnel & Standards Panel.  Unanimous
The meeting closed at 22.33pm
APPENDIX 1 - List of Payments made 01.03.21 - 31.03.21


£ AMOUNT      (incl. VAT)




IT consultancy



IT related - cloud storage/calls (2 x mths)



Telescopic ramps for loading van



Water charges - various sites



Neighbourhood Plan consultancy



Line rental & broadband - Parish office



Bank charges



Payroll contractor



Utility costs - various sites



4 x Mobile phone line rental



Tree works



Neighbourhood Plan consultancy



Staff mileage reimbursement



Annual safety inspections – play areas



Window cleaning service



Broadband - Old school



Personnel contractor



Salary related costs



Annual rent for Swathe access strip



Steel flat bars & anchors – for benches



Tree safety survey and report



Replacement window - Pavilion



Strimmer cord



Lease - works vehicle



Supply/installation dog bin – Bill Bailey’s Pl. field



Zoom video conferencing charges


-   £13,379.53