Minutes - 19 October 2021

Present: Councillors: Cllr J Evans (Chairman), Cllr P Jenkinson (Vice-Chairman), Cllr Mrs J Clayton, Cllr M Homer, Cllr P McNeill, Cllr D Newsam, Cllr J Barrett, Cllr R Porter, Cllr A Henderson, Cllr J Radcliffe, Cllr C Higham.  Cllr Mrs A White joined the meeting at 8.29pm
Also in attendance:    Mrs D Locker (Clerk/RFO) and 7 members of the public.
Councillors not present:  Cllr Mrs A White – who joined the meeting later, at 8.29pm
Commencing at 7.30pm
Public Forum
The Chairman welcomed those in attendance and opened the public forum with the Council’s Ray Sellars Community Award 2021 which was presented to Jacqui Thompson, by Debbie Gibbon (Ray Sellars’ step-daughter). The Chairman confirmed that the Parish Council were delighted to have received a higher number of nominations than usual; although overwhelming support was received for this year’s recipient – Jacqui Thompson.  From the feedback received, it was evident that Jacqui had been nominated because of the amount of time she had put in to support and assist others locally - with the meal delivery service, for her contribution as one of the Nettleham Volunteers who helped with shopping, collecting prescriptions and other general support to the elderly or those shielding.  Jacqui in turn asked that her Son Alex also be recognised for the time he too had put in preparing the meals and scones which had been delivered to local residents.
ACTION:  Clerk to write an article for submission for inclusion in Nettleham Matters 
Following the presentation, the Chairman asked if anyone would like to raise any matter on the agenda which can be discussed, or otherwise added to a future agenda. 
Resident 1 – Advised they had read the Council’s Health & Safety policy, they felt that it should be amended to read that responsibility should fall on the full Council rather than a member of staff.  They suggested that the Parish Council appoint a Lead Councillor for Health & Safety and that appointee to give an update at a future meeting of the Parish Council.
Councillor Mrs White’s District Councillor’s report (WLDC) had been circulated prior to the meeting. 
Police Report – had also been circulated, prior to the meeting.  The Clerk advised that the Police had also been invited to attend a future meeting of the Parish Council and future dates had also been provided.
The Meeting opened at 7.42pm.
137/21.  To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk, prior to the meeting.  
Apologies had been received from Cllr Mrs A White.  It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To accept apologies and reason for absence from Cllr Mrs White.   Unanimous
138/21.  Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations.
Declaration of interests received from Cllr Mrs J Clayton in respect of agenda item 7(d) and from Cllr R Porter for item 6(a) and from Cllr J Barrett for item 6(b)(i).
139/21.  Notes of the Parish Council’s meeting held on 14 September 2021 to be approved and to authorise the Chairman to sign as the official minutes
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 14 September 2021 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.  Unanimous 
140/21.  Clerk’s Report (for information only)
The Clerk updated Council as follows:
  • The LALC training opportunities had been circulated to Councillors; 
  • WLDC had confirmed that they are not in a position to hold or invest funds on behalf of the Council;
  • Update letters to allotment holders and waiting list applicants have been held over, pending approval of the new Allotment Policy being considered on the agenda;
  • No further Covid-19 related guidance had been received from Government although Council staff use the recognised preventative measures.  Hirers have also been advised to maintain such measures;
  • The Volunteer meeting has been arranged and will be held 20.10.21 at 7.30pm, Large Hall, Old School.
141/21.  Financial Matters 
a) To Ratify Payments made – 01/09/21 – 30/09/21 
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That Council ratify payments made during September 2021.  Unanimous
b)  To consider the income & expenditure report as at 30/09/21
The contents were noted.
c) To consider the Council’s bank account balances at 30/09/21
The bank account statement balances were checked against statements and signed off by the Chairman.
d) To consider grant request from Festive Market Committee for £225 – Festive Market 28/11/21
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: To approve payment of a grant to the Festive Market Committee to the sum of £225 towards costs associated for the Festive Market being held on 28/11/21.  Unanimous
142/21.  Planning Matters
a) To receive/ratify recommendations or observations on the following planning applications:-
1. 96 Wragby Rd East, North Greetwell – R & J Watson – 143725. Planning application for removal of existing dwelling and erect replacement.
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – No comment
2. 17 High Street – Mrs D Hunter – 143692.  Planning application for change of use from a flexible use commercial area to residential, merging the flat above with the ground floor to make 1no. dwelling. 
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – This property is in the Conservation area so any modifications proposed should be in keeping with its location.  As this is located on a busy main road through the village adequate provision should be made to ensure that off street parking provision is made on site, in line with Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy D-3.
3. Stiles Meadow 2 Sutton Close – Mr & Mrs Newlove - 143781.  Planning application for first floor extension with internal remodelling to first floor. 
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel – No Comment
4. Land off 72 Scothern Rd – Miss Truelove – 143657.  Planning application to erect 4no. dwellings, including 1no. affordable bungalow
Comments from Planning Liaison Panel –
This is the second infill request for this development, the first being for an additional 3 homes and this then brings the total to an increase of over 10% in the original development of 68 homes on the site.  If this is allowed to continue we have concerns that the overall increase in numbers will have a negative impact on the character of this otherwise well designed and attractive development, as all the pockets of open green space will eventually be built on.  
If this development is approved we would request that a condition is applied to build the cycle track that is described in approved planning application 131975. This cycle track would join Nettleham to Sudbrooke in conjunction with the cycle track already mandated as part of approved planning application 133536. The two tracks should be built to the same width and technical standards. Creating this cycle track would be a proportional condition to the size of this housing development in Nettleham.
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve and submit the Council’s comments to WLDC in respect of the planning applications considered.  
Applications 1,2, & 4 – Unanimous.  For application 3 – For 10, Abstention 1
b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals & withdrawals, Decisions received
i)   Appeals
  • APP/N 2535/21/3269692 – Land off Deepdale Lane – 140938 Planning app. for construction of 33no. entry level homes and associated infrastructure Phase 2 – Mr M Mann – 140938
  • APP/N2535/W/21/3271598 – Land off Deepdale Lane – 142065 Planning application for construction of 30no. entry level homes and associated infrastructure – Mr M Mann - resubmission of 140938
Statement of Case by Nettleham Parish Council for refusal 
Background summary
The initial Planning Application 140938 was for 33 entry level homes on this site which was refused by the LPA in part due to in adequate provision of parking spaces on the proposed development and impact on character.  The proposal would have resulted in a shortfall of 17 parking spaces compared with the requirements of Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy D3.  This shortfall was addressed in essence, as an additional 15 spaces were found by the applicant by reducing the housing number to 30 in the subsequent application, PA142065, bringing the short fall down to 2 spaces.  
Parish Council Position
Nettleham Parish Council strongly objects to both these applications 142065 and 140938, and respectfully requests that the application for 30 homes and 33 homes (respectively) on a 0.9Ha site off Deepdale Lane Nettleham is refused on the following grounds:
1. This is not an allocated site in the adopted Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan (Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan) or the Central Lincs Local Plan (CLLP), and relies on the NPPF 72 (July 2021) clause regarding exception sites.  
Clearly there is a great deal of local public opposition and minimal public support for this proposed development which is contrary to the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan, which had a 91% approval in the local referendum.
2.     The developer claims that this is an entry-level exception site so under NPPF 72 (July 2021) development on an unallocated site is permissible for entry level housing. However, the proposal is contrary to para b) of the NPPF 72 as it does not comply with the design policies or standards as per D-6 of Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan.  
Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan D-6 clearly states that:  New development should recognize and reinforce the local character in terms of height, scale, density, spacing, layout orientation, features, and materials.  
LP26 of the CLLP also states: 
“All development proposals must take into consideration the character and local distinctiveness of the area (and enhance or reinforce it, as appropriate) and create a sense of place. As such, and where applicable, proposals will be required to demonstrate, to a degree proportionate to the proposal, that they: 
c)  Respect the existing topography, landscape character and identity, and relate well to the ?site and surroundings, particularly in relation to siting, height, scale, massing, form and plot widths; “
The application is also contrary to NPPF 130 which requires amongst other things that developments to be sympathetic to local character and the surrounding built environment. 
The Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan identifies the typical gross max density for Nettleham as 20 homes per Ha. for new housing developments as being a characteristic of Nettleham over the past 50 years.  This has been recognised and reflected in the adjacent development (PA135567) recently delivered by Larkfleet/Allison Homes with a total of 86 dwellings on a 4.6Ha site, which equates to an average density of approximately 18.7 homes per Ha (including the LACE care facility).  Some 36 of these new homes were classified as affordable.  
The density of 20 homes/Ha has been recognised in all developments since the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan was first produced, e.g 
1. PA 132063 for 40 homes on 2.05 Ha site off Lodge Lane, giving 19.05/Ha
2. PA138494 for 63 homes on a 3Ha site off The Hawthorns, giving a gross density of 21/Ha.
3. PA 137106 for 68 Homes on a 4.4Ha site off Scothern Road giving a gross density of 15.45/Ha.
4. PA 135567 for 86 Homes on a 4.6Ha site off Deepdale Lane giving 18.7/Ha
The PA 142065 proposal with 33 homes/Ha would result in a housing density increase of 76% over the adjacent new development.  PA 140938 with 33 homes on a 0.9Ha site would be almost double the housing density of the adjacent new development and both would lead to an inappropriate and uncharacteristic urban density in an edge of a rural village setting.  
This proposal is also contrary to Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy H-4 which states that: In all circumstances affordable housing units should be seamlessly integrated into the wider layout of the housing sites concerned.
This development will cause significant harm to the character of the area as it will have a ghetto effect with so many tiny homes crammed into a small site.  Front gardens have been replaced by hard standing for car parking and minimal private outdoor amenity space.  This is in stark contrast to the recently completed adjacent Larkfleet development.  NPPF 134 states Development that is not well designed should be refused, especially where it fails to reflect local design policies and government guidance on design52, taking into account any local design guidance and supplementary planning documents such as design guides and codes.
3.     PA 140938 also fails to comply with the parking space requirements of Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy D-3 with a short fall of some 17 spaces, which will lead to on street parking and general roadside parking clutter.
In conclusion we contend that the appeal for both applications should be dismissed. Neither are compliant with the requirement of NPPF 72b, in that they do not comply with local design policy as defined in Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan D-6 regarding housing layout and density and would be harmful to the character of the area.  In addition, PA 140938 fails to meet the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan policy D-3 on parking provision.
It was raised that Cllr Mrs A White has also submitted a separate submission in her capacity of West Lindsey District Councillor for the parish.
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve and submit the Council’s comments to the Planning Inspector in respect of the Planning appeal for the application off Deepdale Lane.  For 10, Abstention 1
ii)   Decisions 
  • 33 Chapel Lane – Ms D Taylor – 143368.  Planning application for 2no. replacement windows on the front elevation – refused 14/09/21 
  • Church View, All Saints Lane – Mr Skinner – 143598.  Planning app. to replace existing white timber windows with white PVC Dbl gl. – granted 7/10/21
  • 20 Brookfield – Mr M Jones – 143573.  Planning app. first floor side extension & alterations to garage & porch roof – granted 7/10/21
  • 4 Poachers Meadow – Mr & Mrs R Owen – 143509.  Planning application for proposed extension & alteration to dwelling – granted 23/09/21
c) Tree Application - None
d) Update on outstanding planning 
  • The Central Lincs Local plan is currently under review and a draft issue was published during the Summer.  The Council’s consultation response had been submitted, during August 2021.  
  • The consultation results had also recently been announced with approximately 250 responses having been submitted: 40+ from Parish Councils, approximately 200 from residents along with others submitted by landowners and statutory consultees.
  • The main areas of concern relate to S2 – S5 relating to the overall strategy for the plan and how housing growth will be distributed;
  • The document also confirmed that the RAF Scampton site will be closed by the Ministry of Defence by the end of 2022 and use of the site for allocation for development may reduce pressure on some parishes.
143/21.  Property Committee Matters
a) To consider the Property Committee meeting notes from 5 October 2021
The contents were noted.
b) To provide approval to seek costings for design/layout options for the Swathe cemetery extension
The Working Group (WG) met on 5/10/21 and as planning permission had been secured, the WG recommended that the Council move to the burial ground design stage.  Initially this may include identification of professionals experienced in burial ground design and request for outline design costings.
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To request the Burial Ground Working Group to continue to move to the next stage and to seek cost estimates for Burial Ground design options.  Unanimous
c) To approve expenditure of up to £700, from General Reserves, to purchase a leaf & litter collector
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve expenditure of up to £700, from General Reserves, to purchase a leaf/litter collector. 
For: 10; Abstention 1
At 20.21 Cllr Mrs J Clayton left the meeting room
d) To approve a £250 donation to Age Concern, from General Reserves, for surplus kitchen equipment & appliances for use at the Old School & Pavilion 
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve a donation of £250 to Age Concern, from General Reserves, for surplus kitchen equipment & appliances.  Unanimous (by Councillors in the meeting room)
At 8.23pm Cllr Mrs J Clayton re-joined the meeting 
e) To approve purchase or acquire a suitable tree to plant in the Bishops Meadow to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Council heard that several locations had been put forward, at Property Committee for the planting of a commemorative tree, at Bishops Meadow. 
At 8.29pm, Cllr Mrs A White joined the meeting room.
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  In principle to purchase a tree, up to a maximum of £200 to plant, to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, with the final site location at Bishops Meadow to be approved at a later date.  For: 11; Abstention: 1
144/21.  Council Matters
a) To consider the Notice & certification of conclusion of external audits for 2020-21
The contents were considered and noted.
b) To ratify submission of request to LCC to use Highways staff on volunteering days for work in parish
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: To ratify submission of the request to LCC to use Highways staff for volunteering work in the parish.  Unanimous
145/21.  To receive an update from the Neighbourhood Plan Review Group 
a) To consider the minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan review meetings held 26/08/21 & 03/09/21
The contents of the minutes were noted.  It was raised, that there had been a lot of work undertaken during the summer relating to the NP review.  Moving forward, the Working Group will focus on 3 main areas: i) Green corridors; ii) Design codes; iii) Amenities needed in Nettleham.  The next WG meeting will look at the housing mix for any proposed development.
146/21.  Recommendations from the Personnel & Standards Panel
a) To approve the Donated bench seat policy
b) To approve the Allotments policy
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve and adopt the Donated Bench Seat Policy & the Allotments Policy.  Unanimous
147/21.  To receive an update from the Swathe Working Group 
No further update.
148/21.  To receive an update from the Climate Change Strategy Working Group 
a) To consider the minutes of the Climate Change Strategy W.G. meetings held – 8/9/21 & 7/10/21
The contents of the meeting minutes were noted.  Cllr Porter & Cllr Barrett had attended the LCC Climate Change conference at which LCC had launched their own Green Change master plan for Lincolnshire.  The WG had discussed the option to rebrand some of the group’s activities with a suggestion for renaming of the Working Group to ‘Nett Zero’. The Chairman acknowledged the amount of work put in by Cllr Porter.
b) To approve submission of an application to Lincolnshire County Council Treescapes Fund, for a supply of trees for planting, within the parish 
Council were advised that LCC are encouraging parishes to apply to the Treescapes Fund for ‘free’ trees to plant.  As Lead Councillor for the Climate Change Group, Cllr Porter, on behalf of the Parish Council, had recently been in contact with LCC and the Police/Fire services to discuss a joint project for planting approximately 2,500 trees, within the Nettleham Police & Fire Headquarter grounds.  Other planting options raised included: for an avenue of trees down Greetwell Lane and application for an oak to plant at Bishop’s Meadow and a Rowan at Vicar’s Wood. The Chairman congratulated Cllr Porter in achieving consent from the parties for the planting of approximately 2,500 on land at the Headquarters.
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That Council approve submission of the application to Lincolnshire County Council’s Treescapes Fund for a supply of 2,572 trees for planting, within the parish.  Unanimous
149/21.  To receive an update from the Sustainable Travel Working Group (RP)
The Working Group awaits a copy of the County Council’s proposed plan for changes at the Nettleham roundabout; also about provision of an over bridge near the roundabout and for temporary signage to warn drivers approaching the roundabout, about pedestrians and cyclists. Council has now received feedback from LCC, following the Parish Council’s request via an application to the LCC Active Travel Fund, for installation of temporary measures designed to shift carriageway usage away from motorists to cyclists and walkers at: Chapel Lane/Cross Street, at the Village Green and alongside the Coop at Vicarage Lane.  Before proceeding, LCC will consult about these proposals; they will also include measures identified for Sudbrooke Lane in their consultation process.
150/21.  Correspondence Received (including general correspondence received for information)
a) Agenda for the Minster Fields Community Group to be held 26/10/21 & invite for Councillors to attend
The contents were noted and Cllr Newsam & Cllr Jenkinson to attend the meeting. 
b) Request from the Church to hold Carols on the Village Green – on 24 Dec 21
The request was noted and automatically approved as in Village Green policy shown as approved activity.
c) To consider request to erect a granite monument on the Village Green – for a former resident Charles Maw who left Nettleham in 1898 for Canada & died in the USA in 1970
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To refuse the request to erect a granite monument of the Village Green for former resident that left the village in 1898.  Council to explore other possibilities for commemorating individuals.  Unanimous
151/21.  Councillors Reports/Future Agenda Items
  • Jubilee activities (PM)
  • Heritage blue plaques (JB)
  • To consider appointment of a Lead Councillor for Council Health & Safety Matters (RP)
152/21.  Date of Next Meeting of the Parish Council – has been arranged for Tuesday 23 November 2021, commencing at 7.30pm in the Small Hall, Old School, Mill Hill, Nettleham.
153/21.  To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed.
At 9.15pm pm it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To move into closed session.  Unanimous.
154/21.   Closed Session items
a) To review the scale and scope of the Chairman’s activities
The Chairman requested that Councillors take time to consider the roles they would like to put themselves forward for at the next Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, in May 2022.
b) To consider recommendation from Personnel & Standards Panel – staffing review
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To offer the permanent role of Facilities Manager to Jane Ashby from 1/11/21.  Unanimous
At 9.53pm Cllr P McNeill left the meeting room
At 10pm it was proposed, seconded & RESOLVED:  To suspend Standing Orders to enable the meeting to continue past 10pm.  Unanimous
c) To consider the content and approval for a Parish Council communication to post on Facebook
It was raised that occasionally comments about the Council are posted on their Facebook page; also that some time ago Council agreed to provide formal responses, as appropriate.  It was clarified that such responses will be considered and developed, on an individual basis.
The meeting closed at 10.08pm
Mrs D Locker.  Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer
APPENDIX 1 - List of payments made 01/09/21 - 30/09/21


£ AMOUNT      (incl. VAT)




IT contractor



Calls & handsets Sept 21



Calls & handsets Aug 21



Sign for Bishops Meadow



Quarterly Water charges



Fencing rails



Broadband & line rental



Cleaning charges OS/MP



Grass cutting charges



Bank fees



Payroll contractor



Utilities - gas & electric



Mobile phones x 3






Land ownership search



Cemetery related works



Contractor Neigh plan review



Annual alarm inspection



Bench bases x 3



mileage reimbursement -  Aug 21



Personnel contractor



External Audit fees



Roof repairs - Pavilion



Poppy Wreath






Screws assorted & grab bag



Advertising - Nett Matters



Strimmer spool



Works vehicle lease


£ 16,000.30