Property Committee - 6 September 2022

Minutes of the Nettleham Parish Council Property Committee meeting
held on Tuesday 6 September 2022 at 7.30pm in the Old School, Small Hall
Present: Cllrs D Newsam (DN)(Chair),P Jenkinson (PJ)(Vice Chair), Mrs J Clayton (JC), P McNeill (PM), Cllr J Radcliffe (JR), 
Also in attendance: Jane Ashby(FM), Claire Ward (AC), Cllr J Evans (JE). And two members of the public.
Apologies received from Clerk
The meeting commenced at 7.30pm
The Chairman of the Property Committee thanked all for attending.
Public forum
Two residents attended the meeting to discuss the proposals for improving Green Lane from a biodiversity and ecology aspect as well as its amenity value to the village.
096/22.  To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk,   
prior to the meeting.  None
097/22 Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations. None
098/22 The notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 5 July 2022 to be approved as the minutes 
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: That the notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 5 July 2022 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.  Unanimous 
099/22 Financial Matters (FM)
a) To approve/ratify recent and proposed expenditure:
Proposed Expenditure:
Mike Small Bricklayer   £540.00  New bench base in Vicars Wood
Sign Shop    £600.00 Display board for NPC Chairman
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: To approve/ratify recent and proposed expenditure. Unanimous
100/22 Facilities Manager Report
The Facilities Manager report had been circulated, the contents noted. In addition:
  • Vicars wood – further quote required for new path ACTION FM
  • Mulsanne – some vandalism in the dugs outs has been reported ACTION FM
101/22 Working Groups (15 mins max)
To receive reports as follows:
a) Beck (PJ):
  • The water level is still low
  • The stream at Danby Hill requires clearing
  • The beck coped well with the recent torrential rain although some logs were washed down
  • There will be a meeting of the Beck WG on 26 September at 2pm
b) Mulsanne Park (DN):
  • The refurbishment work was halted in August 
  • The toilets will be refurbished between the cricket and football season
  • Representatives from the FA have been to look around
  • The MP working group met in August
  • The dug outs are being targeted by vandals
c) Field paths (JC):
  • Nothing to report
  • A meeting of the working group is planned for later this month
d) Vicars Wood (JC):
  • There has been a work party recently and another is planned
  • Volunteers have come forward following the article in Nettleham Matters
  • The wood will require some maintenance before winter
e) Bishop’s Palace/Meadow (PM)
  • A resident has reported an air rifle being use to shoot pigeons flying over Bishops Palace meadow. The incident has been reported to the police.
f) Allotments (PM)
  • Contact has been made with Emma Truelove and there is some progress with the development of the new allotment site
  • A number of allotment tenants have reported the theft of produce. All tenants have been emailed and advised to be vigilant and report any further incidents to the police.
g) Swathe (PM)
  • There will be a meeting and site visit with the designer on Friday 9 September 2022
102/22 Tree matters - update (JR)
  • A number of dead trees have been reported to the Parish Council ACTION FM
103/22 To receive feedback from Mulsanne WG re. user’s agreement for Sporting Clubs – (DN)
A meeting has taken place with the sports clubs who regularly use Mulsanne Pavilion and park regarding an informal agreement known as a ‘letter of comfort’. This document confirms that the clubs have use of the premises for the next 10 years as long as they abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement. This document enables the clubs to apply for further funding. 
A letter of comfort has been drafted and was discussed by the committee
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: to recommend to Parish Council that the user’s agreement for Sporting Clubs using Mulsanne Park is approved. Unanimous 
104/22 To discuss Bill Baileys play area – (AW)
Councillors discussed the provision of benches and trees for shade in Bill Baileys play area.
In addition the green gate onto Scothern road is not working properly ACTION FM
The issues raised will be discussed at the next Play Areas user’s group meeting ACTION DN
105/22 To receive the Annual Health and Safety Audit report August 2022 – (FM)
Councillors considered the Annual Health and Safety Audit report which had been circulated. The inspector was very positive about Nettleham PC following his visit. 
There were a number of follow up actions: ACTION FM
  • Asbestos has been removed at MP – update register
  • Daily check sheet for power tools to be implemented
  • Legionella awareness and Manual handling refresher training recommended
  • MP fire action plan update 
106/22 To consider the Licensing of Live and amplified music at the Old School – (FM)
The committee discussed the Licensing of Live and amplified music at the Old School following clarification from WLDC. Councillors confirmed that a local agreement is in place banning the performance of amplified music in the large hall due to its proximity to the Old School House. 
107/22 To receive – update on Green Lane Project – (JC)
The lead councillor for Green Lane, was asked by the Parish Council to look at how Green Lane could be improved from a biodiversity and ecology aspect as well as its amenity value to the village. A subsequent report proposed felling the sycamore and ash trees together with failing and damaged trees on the All Saints Lane side and under planting with native species to form new hedging. On the other side the trees would be thinned out to produce fewer but better trees and also prune back overhanging branches to create a more open aspect.  For clarification, Nettleham Woodland Trust as an organisation had no involvement with the proposal.  
Letters have been sent to all residents whose gardens back on to Green Lane, and an article has been published in Nettleham Matters (September 2022) and on face book. The WLDC Tree officer has been consulted but no response has been received yet. 
Councillors discussed the proposals, the quotes received from contractors so far and the response from residents. It was felt that it would be helpful to have a timescale for the proposed work and to discuss the matter further at the next Parish Council meeting.
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: to discuss the Green Lane project further at the next Parish Council meeting on 20 September 2022. For – 4, against - 1
108/22 Correspondence
a) To consider donation from Nettleham Festive Market Committee of 8 Communication Radio’s, and the donation of a tree/Christmas tree to be planted to commemorate the Festive Market.
Councillors discussed the generous offer to donate 8 communication radios and felt that they would be useful for Parish Council events. Further discussion will take place regarding the donation of a tree to commemorate the Festive Market. ACTION FM
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: To accept the donation of 8 communication radios from the Nettleham Festive Market Committee and to liaise with the Festive Market committee regarding the donation of a commemorative tree.  Unanimous 
109/22 To consider dealing with the increasing levels of litter in the village – (JR)
The committee discussed the increasing levels of litter in the village in particular on the village green. Much of the litter appears to be take away wrappers from the vendors in the village centre.
It was suggested that the north end of Church Street might be a good location for a new bin to cater for the fish and chip shop customers. 
It was agreed to contact WLDC to request an additional bin. ACTION FM
110/22 To consider the provision of baby change facilities in the village – (DN)
Councillors discussed the lack of baby change facilities available in the village, and where baby change units could be installed. The Old School currently hosts a number of baby related activities and is often booked for christenings and birthday parties. It was felt that there would be space to accommodate a unit in the both the disabled toilet cubicles in the large hall and to request further information.    ACTION FM
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: To get quotes for installing baby change facilities at the Old School.  Unanimous 
111/22 To consider allocation of village areas to Councillors for responsibility to report issues – (DN)
The committee discussed the proposal to divide up the village into 5 areas to be monitored by councillors. The map showing proposed areas will now be scanned and circulated prior to further discussion at the next Property committee meeting. ACTION DN 
112/22 Councillors’ Reports/Future agenda items
  • Green lane project – JC
  • Baby change facilities - DN
113/22 Date of next meeting:
The next meeting of the Parish Council’s Property Committee will be held on 4 October 2022 at the Small Hall, Old School, Mill Hill at 7.30pm
Meeting ended at 21.30pm.  Assistant Clerk