Property Committee - 6 December 2022

Present: Cllrs D Newsam (DN)(Chair), Mrs J Clayton (JC), P McNeill (PM), J Radcliffe (JR), 
Also in attendance: Jane Ashby(FM), Claire Ward (AC), Cllr A.White (AW) and 1 member of the public. 
The meeting commenced at 7.30pm
The Chairman of the Property Committee thanked all for attending.
Public Forum:
A resident attended the meeting to suggest that prior to any expenditure on the Old Quarry (item 6), a management plan is developed to include both initial planting and on going maintenance.
144/22.  To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk,   
prior to the meeting.  Cllr. P Jenkinson (Vice Chair)
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: To accept apologies and reasons for absence received from Cllr. P Jenkinson. Unanimous
145/22 Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations. None
146/22 The notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 8 November 2022 be approved as the minutes 
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: That the notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 8 November 2022, subject to two minor amendments, be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.  Unanimous 
147/22 Financial Matters (FM)
a) To approve/ratify recent and proposed expenditure:
Tyson Mowers     £400.46 Annual Servicing of Lawn mowers etc
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: to approve/ratify recent and proposed expenditure. Unanimous
b) To consider the income and expenditure report as at 30/11/22
Councillors queried two items in the report (Misc income – 1577, Audit fees – 1157), FM to check and feedback at next meeting ACTION FM
148/22 Facilities Manager Report
The Facilities Manager report had been circulated, the contents noted:
The Chair enquired about the availability of the public tennis courts at Mulsanne, there is currently a fault with the tennis net cable ACTION FM
In addition it was noted that the old green gate in Bill Baileys does not close ACTION FM
149/22 To consider – The expenditure on Wild flower seeds (Yellow Rattle), (Tenby Daffodil bulbs) and (Dogwood whips) for The Old Quarry - (FM)           
Councillors discussed the proposal to purchase items for planting in the Old Quarry, and accepted that it’s too late to plant seeds and bulbs now. There was also a discussion about the suitability of planting dog wood which can be invasive. It was agreed to defer the matter to the next meeting in January, when a management plan could be discussed including proposed planting and on-going maintenance.     ACTION PJ
150/22 To consider options for the vandalised bench removed from Bill Baileys – (FM)
Councillors considered the options for replacing the vandalised memorial bench in Bill Baileys. The bench in question was relatively new having been installed in 2019. Councillors agreed to purchase a new oak bench at a cost of £560 plus VAT and have the inscription re engraved (approx. £300). 
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: having considered the options to purchase a new oak bench with appropriate inscription for Bill Baileys play area.   Unanimous ACTION FM
151/22 To consider Line Marking of Mulsanne Car Park with parking bays- (DN)
A range of quotes and layouts have been received for renewing the line markings in Mulsanne Car park. Councillors discussed the options and selected the specification from a local firm, at a cost of £1764.00 (inc VAT). The work should commence in January 2023.
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: To accept the quote of £1764.00 for line marking in Mulsanne Car park from Lincoln Lining Ltd. Unanimous ACTION FM
152/22 To consider purchase of a floor Scrubber Dryer for Mulsanne Pavilion – (FM)
Councillors considered a range of scrubber dryers for use at Mulsanne Pavilion where muddy floors following fixtures are a common occurrence. This equipment is portable so could be used elsewhere, and both scrubs and dries floors giving fast access to cleaned areas.
It was proposed, seconded and 
AGREED: To purchase a Nilfisk SC100 Upright Scrubber Dryer, up to a maximum of £1000. Unanimous ACTION FM
153/22 Working Groups (15 mins max)
To receive reports as follows:
a) Beck (JR)
  • East Mercia Rivers Trust (Paige Donnelly), have proposed some dates for a meeting to review the beck management plan

b) Mulsanne Park (DN)

  • Users group meeting to take place next week
  • Refurbishment nearly complete
  • Users group meeting to take place next week
  • Solar panels have been fitted
  • An article for Nettleham matters would be appropriate
  • Many dog walkers are ignoring the signs about keeping dogs on leads.
c) Field paths (JC)
  • Christmas walk followed by mince pies – 10am on 28 December 2022. Meet on the Village Green
d) Vicars Wood (JC)
  • Nothing to report
e) Bishop’s Palace/Meadow (PM)
  • A meeting has taken place about the up keep of the orchard and meadow area
  • Moles are currently an issue and  Mr Pesty has been consulted
f) Allotments (PM)
  • The location of the new allotment site off the Scothern road appears to have changed, clarification has been requested from Trueloves.
  • Permission for additional houses on the site has been granted by WLDC.
154/22 Tree matters - update (JR)
  • Nothing to report
155/22 Swathe Burial Ground Extension – update
a) To receive an update following meeting with Swathe extension design Architect (PM)
  • A meeting took place with the designer on 18 November 2022
  • A further meeting to review the design is scheduled for 16 December 2022.
156/22 Correspondence
a) Received from a resident complementing the Parish Council on newly planted troughs.
  • The Clerk has responded to an email from a resident about the high standard of the newly planted troughs along the Beck near the church. 
157/22 Councillors’ Reports/Future agenda items
  • Feedback from the Swathe meeting (PM)
158/22 Date of next meeting:
The next meeting of the Parish Council’s Property Committee will be held on 10 January 2023 at Mulsanne Pavilion, Field Close at 7.30pm
Meeting ended at 20.30pm.  Assistant Clerk