Minutes - 4 December 2018 - NPC

PRESENT: Cllrs J Hill (JH) (Chair), J Evans (JE) (ex-officio), J Siddall (JS) (ex-officio), J Downs (JD), R Porter (RP), J Clayton (JC) and T Williams (TW)  
Also in attendance: Cllrs A White (AW) and N Newham (DN) and F Stanford (FS) (Facilities Manager)
100/18 Apologies for absence – Cllr M Spencer (MS)
101/18  Declarations of interest– none.
102/18 Approve draft minutes of the property Committee Budget Meeting on 30 october 2018 – duly approved and subsequently signed as a correct record.
103/18   Facilities Managers Report
Following submission and discussion around the Facilities Manager Report it was confirmed that: 
103/18.1  Grasscutting Contract – details of recent review meeting and schedule of year’s cuts considered and agreed to renew the contract of a further year (i.e. year 3 in a 3 year contract).
103/18.2  Old Quarry Fence – confirmed fence replaced with pedestrian gaps each end – was agreed to install (locking) field gate to control vehicular (contractors’ – primarily grasscutting) access.  
104/18.3  Replacement Benches – confirmed Kingsway/High Street bench to be shortly replaced (donated bench currently in store awaiting base preparation) and new donated bench (awaiting delivery) to be installed in Bill Baileys Play Area (replacing previously removed rotted seat – although in different position – top of play area).
103/18.4 Mulsanne Park Security – confirmed current security ended yesterday (03.12.18) – awaiting security reports and FS will monitor and review and report with recommendations at a future Property Committee – DN will also inspect the grounds – particularly the football stand and report any problems/issues direct to FS
103/18.5  Vicars Wood Fencing – confirmed the Lincolnshire fencing line along the beck (some 30m) and rear of the church (some 20m) to be replaced – the line along the side footpath to be repaired as and when required with salvaged fencing 
104/18 Netteham Matters Articles
Schedule of articles currently on programme – next article (February edition – deadline 20.01.19) will be JD - Mulsanne Park and Bill Baileys Memorial Playing Field
105/18 Mulsanne Park Childrens Play Area
RP introduced a proposal for extending and improving the existing play area and special needs/accessible equipment will be included were appropriate. The proposals were approved in principal. A contribution from Lodge Lane Developer is currently being negotiated. Alternative sites, both within Mulsanne Park and elsewhere in the village, had been considered by the group. The village wide questionnaire response favoured developing the existing play areas (particularly Bill Baileys).  It was also confirmed that the Play Area Working Group would be shortly meeting to develop and cost the various proposals and overall strategy for consideration at a future Property Committee meeting.
106/18 |Mulsanne Park Pavillion
JD confirmed the issues for discussion with the sports clubs (pavilion hiring policy, advertising and pavilion refurbishment) and will report the outcome of these discussions at the next Property Committee meeting (22.01.19) JH also reported that a much improved dialogue had been established with both the Cricket and Football clubs.
107/18 Nettleham Beck
TW gave a brief update on the condition of the Beck following the temporary removal of the weirs and confirmed that it is intended to reinstate the weirs following a condition review in February next year. 
108/18 The Swathe Development
JH outlined the current position and the process required to develop the area into a burial ground – it was subsequently agreed to set up a Working Group to initially confirm the remaining life of the existing burial ground, and, if less than 5 years, produce a development plan and programme for future consideration – JE to confirm the remit and the group initially to include JE, JS, JH, RP, TW and FS.
JH stated that the size of the group should be manageable and it was left to JE to consider this in due course.
TW left the meeting at this stage
109/18 Tree matters
109/18.1  Tree Autumn/Winter Work – JH reported the autumn/winter work schedule currently being undertaken and confirmed that the replacement Wold View diseased trees were being supplied free of charge by LCC and that the vandalised tree in Orchard Way was being investigated.
109/18.2  Celebration Tree – the offer/donation by LCC of a tree to plant in the Swathe to celebrate JH’s contribution as Honorary Tree Advisor to the Council was agreed in principle subject to consideration within the development plan proposed for the Swathe (re item 108/18 above).
109/18.3  General Update – JH reiterated the ongoing issues with inappropriate trees adjacent to the Hub and further along East Street and the ongoing dialogue with both LCC and WLDC.
110/18 2019/20 Budget
Confirmed that the budget had been agreed with the inclusion of £2,000 contribution to a potential ‘Beck Improvement’ scheme by Lincolnshire Rivers Trust.
111.18  Financial  Monitoring Report
111/18.1 Review of Expenditure – a comprehensive analysis of both expenditure and income to date (20.11.18) was noted and accepted.  Overall expenditure was within budget and at this stage an operating surplus looked likely. Individual allocations, as expected, showed some variance from targets. FS would correct a miscoded allocation in Old School advertising budget.
111/18.2 following expenditure was approved:
  • Purchase of replacement (existing beyond repair) leaf blower/vacuum  £165.99
  • Old School Kitchens – Purchase of additional/replacement equipment  £200.00
  • Old School Halls – Replacement Fire Alarm panels  £524.88
  • Old Quarry (Washdyke Lane) – Provision of lockable field gate and new signage £684.00
112/18 Councillors Report on Areas of Responsibility
JD previously reported (responses in red):
Bill Baileys:
There is some rubbish on our side of the wall to the new house in the NE corner of the play area. It ought to be removed and a charge levied. 
Can we sweep out the bus shelter? 
Should we replant something in the gap created by the resident on the Eastern boundary? 
Parish Office:
The gutter at the base of the valley at the front of the office is full of debris. 
The kitchen blind was not closed. 
Both of the top windows on that side were not locked shut and could be opened. 
Has the van been nicked? It wasn`t there.  
Mulsanne Park:
Do the CC want the two sets of sight screens which are on the field? One set by the skate park and one set behind the garages. 
The trench for the power supply to Stirlin hasn`t been made good very well. 
Lots of rubbish behind the tennis pavilion. 
Broken glass and disposable cups in the FC stand.
Debris from one of the houses backing on to the tennis courts is encroaching onto our land. 
The footings are in for the houses backing onto MP and so we ought to get on with meeting Stirlin. 
JC reported damaged chain link fence at Mulsanne Park (between training and main football pitches) – FS to investigate,
113/18   Proposed 2019 property Committee Meeting dates
Proposed dates agreed other than:
  • 04.06.19 meeting changed to 05.06.19
  • 16.09.19 meeting changed to 24.09.19
114/18 Future Agenda Items   - None
115/18  Date of next meeting: Tuesday 22 January 2019 – 7.30pm Old School Small Hall 
The meeting closed at 9.40pm