Minutes - 23 January 2018 - NPC

PRESENT: Cllrs J Hill (JH) (Chair), J Evans (JE) (ex-officio), J Siddall (JS) (ex-officio), M Spencer (MS), R Porter (RP) and J Clayton (JC).  Also in attendance: One Member of the Public and F Stanford (FS) (Facilities Manager) 
01/18 Apologies for absence – Cllrs T Williams (TW) and J Downs (JD)
02/18 Declarations of interest - none
03/18 Approve draft minutes of the proprty Committee Meeting on 5 December 2017– duly approved and signed as a correct record.
04/18   Matters arising from those minutes
Item 81/17 Mulsanne Park Advertising – still no response (other than acknowledgement) to guidelines from the Cricket Club – will be discussed at the MPWG Annual Meeting on 26.02.18.
Item 83/17.1 Village Hall Car Park – JH reported that the landscaping to the two amenity areas was now complete other than small waterlogged area to the rear amenity area which will be attended to when dry
Item 86/17 Play Areas (Bill Baileys Extension) – RP confirmed that the working group will shortly meet to hopefully finalise options for consideration at the March or April Property Committee – indicated that the cost was looking to be in the region of £70k
Item 87/17 Village Hall – was noted that minutes from recent Village Hall Committee Meetings were outstanding – JS to chase
05/18 Faciliites Managers Report
Following submission and discussion around the Facilities Manager Report it was confirmed that: 
05/18.1   Old School Car Park – Quote of £1,536.84 to undertake 18m2 of repairs to the car park approved (cost of £85.38/m2 for any subsequent/additional repairs noted) – it is proposed that it will be funded from Old School Capital Projects - work will take up to 3 days to complete and will be carried out to minimise disruption to bookings as the car park will be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of the work.  In addition it was also agreed that annual maintenance comprising power washing the entire car park, removal of all detritus material/moss/weeds etc., rebeding any loose pavers, resanding entire car park and rewhacking as appropriate be undertaken. An initial budget provision of £1,200 is required. This should diminish each year as the preventive maintenance regime establishes itself. The work will be carried out in August each year when bookings are at their minimum (excluding Christmas).
05/18.2  Beck Path (Rear of Old School) – Revised quote of £3,701.14 noted – which now includes the entire stone path (between Church Street and Vicarage Lane) and French drains in lieu of the six concrete channels - FS to confirm type of stone (limestone) and report recommending approval and placement of the contract be taken at the next Parish Council Meeting (19.02.18).
05/18.3   Bishops Meadow Benches – confirmed benches are to be fitted within the next couple of weeks – approximate cost of bases and installation noted.
05/18.4  Village Green Telephone Kiosk  – current position regarding BT transfer and glazing noted – JH reported that JD will produce a usage recommendation for consideration at the March Property Committee (06.03.18)
05/18.5  Mulsanne Park Car Park  – Initial quote to resurface part of carpark (183m2) and seal open joints (410m) noted – this was the recommendation following a meeting with a specialist contractor – resurfacing the entire car park was not considered necessary at this time and the work should give the car park another 5 to 10 years life before further resurfacing would be required – FS will now attempt to obtain further quote/s based on this area/specification with a view to the work being carried out (subject to approval) in 2018/19 (funded from Mulsanne Park Capital Projects budget).
06/18 Village Gateways
Following a general discussion regarding the potential use of ‘gateways’ to the approach roads into the village it was accepted that perhaps only Scothern Road, Greetwell Road and Lodge Lane would lend themselves to ‘gateways’ and even then their effectiveness was questioned – it was agreed that due the division of opinion it would be reviewed at a later date once we have the results of the village speeding surveys and indicative costs of the gates.  Post Meeting Note: quote for six gates (i.e. two/road) 1.2 x 1.8m high was £4k plus installation – on that basis cost could be in the region of £1.7k per approach road. Currently there is no provision for this in the 2018/19 budget.
07/18 Nettleham Matters Articles
JH again reiterated the desirability of informing residents of the parish of the extent and management of the Parish estate. RP had produced an infographic which was tabled at the meeting and it was agreed that JH, with the assistance of RP and FS would produce an introductory article incorporating the infographic.  A potential format for future articles together with a draft programme, say one every two months, including assignment to responsible Lead Councillors for their area of interest, would be put to the next Property Committee meeting (06.03.18).
08/18 Allotments
Following changes to the Scothern Road Development Planning Application (incorporating potential new allotment site), standing orders were suspended and work to the current allotment site was reviewed and agreed that the decision not to replace the fencing remain as the timescale for the potential new site had not significantly changed.
09/18 Village Signs
JH confirmed that a review of all the Parish Signs throughout the village has now been carried out and those signs requiring replacement in order to meet consistency, corporate, safety and/or current standards identified and indicated on the tabled paper.  The cost to replace the signs (generally utilising existing posts) would be in the region of £3,300.  It was agreed that FS would schedule out all the signs indicating individual costs and the budget/s they could be charged to. In addition some minor changes (e.g. Cemetery to Burial Ground) and location of some of the signs need to be confirmed prior to formal approval at the next Property Committee meeting (06.03.18)
10/18 Tree Matters
10/18.1 General Update - JH confirmed that the Village Hall planting was complete other than a small ‘water logged’ area to the rear amenity area – this would be completed when the soil has dried out.  JH also reported that the three ‘Co-op planters’ are to be moved into position and it was planned replanted them later this week. No further response has been received from LCC regarding replacing the inappropriate trees outside the Hub and there had been no removal of identified dead trees throughout the village.
10/18.2  Vicars Wood – JH reported that a schedule of work has been identified by JC in consultation with the volunteer/s of Vicars Wood and agreed work will be carried out in the spring.  JH also suggested that the pathways through the wood be considered in detail during the annual village inspection this year to agree current and future maintenance requirements.
10/18.3 Bill Baileys Playing Field – JH reported that the missing boundary hedge adjoining the new house development has now been planted by the house owner although they are only wips and may take up to 5 years to fully establish/develop – some builders debris still remains in/on the bank and the owner has been asked again to remove it.  JH will now produce a planting scheme to replace the trees and shrubs that were removed by the developer.
10.18.4  Lincs Environmental Awards 2018 – no applications for 2018 were considered
11/18  Councillors report on areas of responsibilty
JD had previously reported as follows:
Bill Baileys Playing Field
The fence at the pedestrian entrance from Orchard Way is broken and needs a new upright.
The tree in the middle of the old TC`s needs a proper stake to replace the bamboo cane.
I support any action to ensure that the bank by the new house is correctly planted and any building debris removed.
Parish Office
Ivy growing through the fence from BB.
Mulsanne Park
Can we add a sign (as agreed as part of the Advertising Policy?) giving club contact information to the list of signs?
The dyke is quite full and sooner or later we are going to have to clean it out.
Can Fred contact the Stirlin site manager (who seems a reasonable chap) to get the dyke cleaned out where it abuts their land? It is on their side of the decimated hedge and so I assume that it`s theirs. I don`t know where it runs when it gets to the right turn in the bridle path but if it was cleaned out we might have a chance of finding out.
The gutter to the left and right of the back door at the pavilion appears to be leaking and running down the wall.
 JH has my view on the allotment fence.
 JH has my update on a meeting with Allen Signs about the phone box.
I cannot support the “Village Gates” proposal. In my view they look twee, would make verge maintenance more difficult and generally be seen as a waste of money.
JC Reported that ventilation in the Old School Large Hall Kitchen was just re-circulating and not properly extracting – FS will investigate.
12/18 Future Agenda items
JH requested the following two items:
12/18.1  Grant Aid – to consider policy, process and resource for seeking and obtaining grant funding
12/18.2  Budget Management – to consider more frequent and detailed financial reporting
13/18 date of next meeting
Tuesday 6 March 2018 – 7.30pm Old School Small Hall 
The meeting closed at 9.40 pm.