Minutes - 5 June 2018 - NPC

PRESENT: Cllrs J Hill (JH) (Chair), J Evans (JE) (ex-officio), J Siddall (JS) (ex-officio), M Spencer (MS), T Williams (TW), R Porter (RP) and J Clayton (JC).  Also in attendance: F Stanford (FS) (Facilities Manager) and two members of the public
47/18 Apologies for absence – Cllr J Downs (JD)
48/18   Declarations of interest
TW – item 53/18.1 as a vice president of the cricket club
49/18 Approve draft minutes of the property Committee meetings on 17 April 2018 – duly approved and signed as a correct record.
50/18 Matters arising from those minutes
Item 35.18.3 Bill Baileys Ground Water – JH reported that after further consideration – the potential issue of ground and localised surface water retention on the upper level (proposed site of new extended play area) could be expensive to resolve, both by initial ground investigation fees and subsequent land drainage works with no guarantee it would resolve the potential problem and could move the issue elsewhere within Bill Baileys.  It was proposed that the issue be referred to the preferred play equipment supplier in the first instance and their recommendations/options sought and reported back to a subsequent Property Committee.  It was also ratified (mentioned at the last Property Committee) that following a suggestion by a resident, one of the existing swing seats be replaced with a disabled friendly user seat and Mulsanne Park and Larch Avenue play areas also be considered similarly.
51/18 Tree matters (Item brought forward)
The two members of the public reported that two silver birch trees on the beck path rear of their property (on Mill Hill) were overhanging their rear garden and causing a nuisance.  Following further information and discussion it was agreed that members would inspect the trees and report back at the next Property Committee (17.07.18).  JH pointed out (in line with the adopted Nettleham Parish Council Tree Policy) that unless the trees were diseased or unsafe it is unlikely that felling or significant pruning could be justified - it was also pointed out that the trees were in a Conservation Area which added a further level of consent.
The two members of the public left the meeting at this point.
JH confirmed that the three silver birch trees opposite Rose Cottage on Beckside would be trimmed/crown lifted as agreed during the village inspection reported.
JH finally confirmed that he had received a comprehensive response from WLDC regarding TPOs’ (tree preservation orders) and is currently trying to arrange a presentation by WLDC to local Parish Councils regarding the classification and issues around TPOs’   FS also mentioned that he had received two plans from WLDC showing TPO trees within the village but had a few queries – will forward the plans to JH for comment before responding to WLDC.
52/18 Facilities Mangers report
Following submission and discussion around the Facilities Manager Report it was confirmed that: 
52.18.1  Old School Car Park Repairs – further quotes were being obtained and hopefully the work will be undertaken in August 2018.
52/18.2  Beck Path (Rear of Old School) – the start date had been suspended pending resolution of a formal ‘footpath closure’ notice.  This has now been resolved (at no cost to the Parish Council) and the work is now scheduled to start on Monday 9 July 2018 and should take 5 working days weather permitting. 
52/18.3 Village Inspection – last month’s Village Inspection (14/15.05.18) schedule including verge reinstatement issue noted. 
52/18.4 Village Green Telephone Kiosk – still not formally transferred - quotes being obtained for reglazing and fitting door lock – installation of wi fi adapter being investigated although noted adjacent Hub has wi fi but it requires subscription.  JE has obtained old type telephone for installation and agreed will be reimbursed the cost (£155).
53/18     Working group verbal reports
53/18.1 Mulsanne Park Pavilion/Users  - Following an extensive discussion regarding the sports clubs usage of Mulsanne Park and the pavilion in particular it was agreed that individual meetings with the clubs (to include FS, JD and JH) be arranged to discuss issues and concerns raised – FS to arrange the meetings. The majority of the issues concern the cricket club and following those meetings adequate time be allocated at the next Property Committee (17.07.18) to discuss the outcomes and the way forward.
53/18.2 Allotments – RP reported that a site tidy (including removal of redundant equipment) and cutting back the road hedge and access ways/paths has been undertaken and repairs to the fencing is currently ongoing.  RP is also hoping to arrange a further ‘tenants meeting’ later in the summer.  It was agreed that FS should formally thank WLDC for their assistance in the site tidy. The positive contribution of our Handyman was also noted.
54/18 Nettleham Matters Articles
JH thanked RP for the excellent article in the June edition of Nettleham Matters.  FS has updated the schedule of articles (next article ‘Amenity Areas’ – August edition) and he is currently discussing with the police potential drone pictures and he will produce plan of the village showing all amenity areas.
55/18    Mulsanne Park - Boundary Fencing and Dyke
Fencing – following a general discussion around the email report by JD (read out by JH) and the initial review of boundary covenants by FS it was agreed that:
  • the chain link fencing to the west boundary be repaired as necessary 
  • a price be obtained for removal of the south boundary chain link fence (to be considered at a future Property Committee meeting)  
  • the east boundary fence/hedge to be reviewed pending confirmation of the adjacent developers proposal/s
  • TW to review the legal responsibilities (particularly the south boundary) upon receipt of the sites conveyance documents (currently requested and awaiting receipt).
Dyke – it was agreed that a price for clearing/sweeping the dyke be obtained by FS (for consideration at a future Property Committee meeting)  
56/18 Burial Ground Cremation Plaque Maintenance
It was reiterated that following the recent Village Inspection (14/15.05.18) - maintenance (particularly grass cutting) around the cremation plaques was becoming problematic – it was therefore agreed that the Parish Clerk would continue to write to the families of the deceased where there was a clear infringement of the rules and regulations. This primarily consists of too many inappropriate memorabilia and the addition of further edgings and surrounds to the plaques. After such due notice the Village Handyman will remove inappropriate items and edgings. The grass cutting around the plaques will be taken back in house.
57/18 Financial management /Monitoring
The format of the tabled monthly report was approved and accepted that the first column of figures were 2017/18 accruals and would eventually disappear from future monthly reports.  No comments were made on reported expenditure to date although it was only just over one month into the current financial year.  The additional office heater and MUGA cleaning expenditure was ratified. The purchase of a hover mower for use by the Village Handyman was approved.
58/18 Councillors report on areas of responibility
RP reported that:
Fieldpath 142 (Greetwell Road - Danby Hill) had not been cut - FS was already aware and will be discussing this with the contractor at tomorrow’s review meeting
Overhanging planting along fieldpath 166 (Deepdale Lane – Scothern) has been reported to LCC who will be taking action
Specification issues around the foot/fieldpath included in the new Deepdale Lane housing development is ongoing
Meeting is being arranged with a land owner to discuss the potential permissive fieldpaths.
The suggestion regarding a cycle track to Scothern now appears ‘dead in the water’
Awaiting formal (WLDC) confirmation of £8k grant aid towards Bill Baileys proposed play area extension which then should assist and encourage further grant aid applications.
Bird deterrent spikes (plastic cable ties) are proving effective on the swing frames at Mulsanne Park and will be rolled out to all swing frames (Bill Baileys and Larch Avenue).
59/18 Future agenda items – 
  • New staff update/feedback/uniforms 
  • Alternative Property Committee Meeting days
60/18 Date of next meeting
Tuesday 17 July 2018 – 7.30pm Old School Small Hall –
The meeting closed at 9.40pm.