Minutes - 17 July 2018 - NPC

PRESENT: Cllrs J Hill (JH) (Chair), J Evans (JE) (ex-officio), J Siddall (JS) (ex-officio), M Spencer (MS), J Downs (JD), T Williams (TW), R Porter (RP) and J Clayton (JC).  Also in attendance: F Stanford (FS) (Facilities Manager).
61/18 Apologies for absence – none.
62/18  Declarations of interest – none.
63/18 Approve Draft Minutes of the Property Committee Meeting on 5 June 2018 – duly approved (other than TW is a Vice President of the Cricket Club and not a member) and subsequently signed as a correct record.
64/18 Matters arising from those minutes  - none
65/18 Facilites Managers Report
Following submission and discussion around the Facilities Manager Report it was confirmed that: 
65.18.1  Old School Car Park Repairs – repair work to be undertaken on 13 & 14 August 2018 – awaiting quote for an annual maintenance regime.
65/18.2  Beck Path (Rear of Old School) – work carried out and completed over w/c 9 July 2018 although additional blinding may be required once settled/weathered. 
65/18.3  Mulsanne Park Fence and Dyke – initial quotes for removing south boundary fence and clearing dyke received (awaiting second quotes) – TW to check deeds (when received – FS to remind  Parish Clerk). The matters to be reviewed at future Property Committee meeting.
65/18.4 Staffing Update – update noted – FS to seek the views of staff regarding potential uniforms.
66//18 Working Group Verbal Reports
66/18.1 Play Equipment  - RP gave brief update following last week’s Working Group meeting – preferred supplier and scheme not agreed pending consideration of further supplier – further grant aid progressing (following initial WLDC offer) –– liaison with WLDC (potential planning implications) and local residents to now be undertaken. Report and recommendations to be submitted for consideration later this year with a view (subject to approval) of the work potentially being undertaken next spring. Pursuing installation of safety/special needs swing seat at Bill Baileys.
66/18.2 Beck – TW gave feedback on the ‘Beck Presentation’ by Lincolnshire Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency last month (12.06.18) and their subsequent report (copies were tabled) and confirmed that the report’s proposals will be discussed at the next Beck Working Group (06.09.18) and recommendations taken to the 11.09.18 Parish Council meeting for consideration.
67/18 Beck maintenance
JH initially reported issues around water quality (algae), water flow, erosion of beck wall (primarily in front of church), Church Street access and hedge problems and it was agreed/confirmed that:
  • Day to day Beck Maintenance is now covered by the ‘Beck Maintenance Policy’ and any (e.g. build-up of algae/debris, blocked culverts) should be reported to the office. 
  • Future ‘Beck Strategy’ (e.g. long term maintenance and improvement schemes, water flow/quality) will be discussed at future Beck Working Group meetings with any advice/recommendations/proposals submitted for consideration to the Property Committee.
68/1 8 Nettleham Matters Articles
JH thanked JC for Amenity Areas article (for August edition) and draft circulated for information – next article (October edition) will be Burial Ground and the Swathe and possibly incorporating Bishops Meadow/Palace by JH.  
69/18 Fieldpaths
69/18.1 Maintenance Regimes - confirmed that currently up to five fieldpath/bridleway cuts are undertaken each year in season although not all paths and full lengths – FP166 (off Deepdale Lane to Scothern) is only cut from Deepdale Lane up to the end of the first field (the rest of the path is now substantially overgrown) and FP 150 (off Scothern Road to Scothern) is currently not cut at all (and although not as bad as FP166 is still overgrown). RP has reported these to LCC (Countryside Team) and is hopeful FP166 will be cleared by 14.08.18 – FP150 may take longer (if at all) – is was therefore agreed that:
  • The full length of FP166 (up to Scothern boundary) cut in line with fieldpaths cut specification and frequency once initially cleared by LCC.
  • FP150 cleared and cut (up to Scothern boundary) in line with fieldpaths cut specification and frequency (this is only a short length within Nettleham).
  • FS to contact Scothern Parish Council regarding cutting the lengths of these fieldpaths within their boundary
  • 69/18.2 New Permissive Path – RP reported that the proposed link fieldpath from Greetwell Lane to BWs’147/520 junction (The Dales) access has been granted by the landowner and FS is currently obtaining costs to cut/clear the route, provide signage and provision of a stile/gate and the following was confirmed:
  • Proposed link path approved (subject to confirmation of cost).
  • The proposed path will be a ‘permissive fieldpath’ and not a public right of way, will be fully maintained by Nettleham Parish Council and the agreement (with the landowner) can be terminated at any time (by either party) giving 12 months notice. 
  • Formal agreement with landowner to be prepared – TW has vetted the pro-forma agreement and has made a couple of comments direct to RP since.
  • RP to liaise with the landowner regarding exact route, entrance off Greetwell Lane and any possible contribution (particularly initial cutting/clearing the path) and signage/acknowledgment of their permission.
RP also reported that a letter has been sent to Anglian Water seeking their permission to create a formal ‘permissive path’ along the track from Sudbrooke Lane to the sewage works ahead of creating the paths around the new housing development which would then link Sudbrooke Lane to Highfields.
RP also suggested reopening the proposed ‘permissive path’ proposal along Kingsway with the field landowner when negotiating the potential enhancements to the beck (item 66/18.2 above).
RP finally reported that we have had a positive response from the landowner regarding the proposed permissive path off Scothern Road (to FP166) and will be discussing the detail later in the year.
70/18 Mulsanne Park
70/18.1 Anti-Social Behaviour – after a general discussion – it was agreed that a security firm be employed to lock the vehicular gate every evening at 10pm and to undertake a park patrol for up to 1 hour at the same time – the security firm to formally report their findings weekly and to include any advice or recommendations – this to be implemented as soon as possible (to cover August) and up to an initial cost of £1,000 – budget allocation to be confirmed.
70/18.2 Management Issues – confirmed that meetings had been arranged with each chairman of all sports clubs to discuss park/pavilion management and operational concerns. 
70/18.3 Mulsanne Park Facebook – The recent issue regarding the appearance and responsibility/control of this page will form part of the above discussions with the sports clubs. It has not been approved by the PC.
71/18 Tree matters
71/18.1 Beck Silver Birches Feedback Item 51/18 Beck Path Silver Birch Trees – Following site inspections by members was it was agreed that felling of the two silver birches could not be justified. It would be contrary to Nettleham Parish Council Tree Policy. Any other arboricultural work would be counterproductive and could not be recommended. Consequently it was agreed that no further action would be taken – FS to write to the complainant explaining this decision.
71/18.2 Beckside Silver Birches & Horse Chestnut – JH confirmed that a WLDC conservation area consent application will be made for crown lifting and branch thinning work to these trees. An application would also be made for branch lifting the Horse Chestnut out of the Beck.
71/18.3 General Update – JH confirmed that overhanging tree and shrubbery growth around the perimeter of Bill Baileys and Mulsanne Park (along Poachers Meadow) will be attended to later in the summer/early autumn.
72/1 8Financial management/monitoring
72/18.1 Review of Expenditure – expenditure (and income) to date (30.06.18) noted. No exception reporting was needed.
72/18.2 Grasscutting – cut schedule to date noted along with current cut suspension due to weather – Watermill Lane wild bank due to be strimmed shortly and future frequency needs to be reviewed
70/18.3 Recent Expenditure Approval/Ratification – following expenditure was approved/ratified:
  • Replacement pavilion gutters and downpipes
  • Old School Large Hall Kitchen ventilation repairs/service
  • Burial Ground replacement Lincolnshire fence (along former spoil heaps boundary)
  • Provision (and collection) of sanitary bins to all female and disabled toilets
  • Annual Health & Safety review (to also include the Village Hall) and advice retainer
73/18    Facilities Staff Van Lease
JH introduced the proposal to consider leasing a ‘works van’ as outlined in the tabled report and after a general discussion it was agreed:
  • Acceptance that a works van was required (or possibly a trailer)
  • Preference to ‘buy’ a second hand van than to  lease
  • JD to investigate implications and process for buy over lease 
  • FS to submit further report for consideration at next Property Committee (04.09.18)
74/18 Councillors Report on Areas of Responsibiltiy
JD previously reported:
Bill Baileys Playing Field
The track hedge could do with cutting.
An access has been cut through in the SE corner, see photo.
The tree in the middle of the raised area needs a stake.
One of the new trees on the house bank looks dead.
Consider cutting the boundary hedge on N and W side.
Generally litter free.
Parish Office.
Weeds in the gravel.
Peter Warners seat opposite would benefit from a hose down.
The Village Green
The bins are very green, a wash perhaps?
Mulsanne Park
Good to see the Disabled Bays have been relined.
Good to see that the gutters have been replaced.
CC A frames advertising were on display.
There is a tree growing in the cage at pavilion rear. Blue bins full.
There is a tree growing underneath the adjacent cedar tree.
Given the lack of grass growth might this be an opportunity to push back the perimeter growth?
When is the WP damage likely to be repaired?
A few weeds around the MUGA.
The Dugouts and stand are much improved. Perhaps a note of thanks?
The car park edges are much improved, weedkiller as well perhaps?
Some of the wire ties on the swings have been turned downwards and so no longer work as a deterrent.
JC reported small hole currently filled with sand on the Village Green – Village Handyman will reinstate
MS reported that overhanging hedge (Rose Cottage) still fouling beck path – has been reported to LCC – FS will write to owner
RP reported broken ‘fort’ post and exposed concrete slide base at Bill Baileys and that the some of the MUGA markings are wearing thin – FS will investigate
RP also mentioned that we had received a compliment on the condition of the field paths and bridleways throughout the village and that he had updated the street plan on ‘OpenStreetMap.org to show all the fieldpaths and bridleways in the village.
75/18 Future agenda items
  • Pavilion Kitchen – refurbishment/replacement
  • Allotments – potential waiting list for new site
  • Future Property Committee Meeting – confirm/agree days/dates
76/18 Date of next meeting
Tuesday 4 September 2018 – 7.30pm Old School Small Hall – it was also agreed that future meeting dates would consider a planned variation of weekday.
The meeting closed at 10.00pm.