Minutes - 24 September 2019 - NPC

Meeting held on Tuesday 24 September 2019 at 7.30 PM in the Old School, Nettleham
PRESENT: Cllrs J Downs (JD) (Chair); P McNeill (PM), P Jenkinson (PJ), J Evans (JE), D Newsam (DN), J Clayton (JC), J Siddall (JS)
Also in attendance: D/Cllr A White; Mrs M Vail (Facilities Manager) (FM) and two members of the public.
All were welcomed, particularly Mr Martyn Smith who would be talking about the Rebee project.
The members of the public were given opportunity to address the meeting and one resident raised the following point: that the mole catcher was still in operation on Bishops Meadow, querying that, although this had originally been a Health and Safety issue, should this practice now be reconsidered? Action: JD/FM
Mr Martyn Smith then talked briefly to seek support for a proposed community project in Nettleham entitled ReBee to help make Nettleham a centre to help the bee crisis; a project which Mid Lincs Wildlife Trust were positive about becoming involved with. He was thanked, and was advised that NPC would welcome such a project once it was formally established and shown to be viable. It was then noted that much land in the village is owned by Lincolnshire County Council; and that there is little land owned by NPC that could be used for such a project.  The village hall bank is to be planted with wild flowers.  
Meeting started at 7.36pm.
Noted that Nettleham had come second in the Best Kept Village competition which was a very commendable result.  The efforts of everybody who had contributed towards achieving this result were acknowledged. 
77/20 Receive apologies and accept reasons for absence: None received. 
77/21 Declarations of Interest: No declarations of interest were made.
77/22 Approve Draft Notes of the Meeting held on 17 July 2019:
Noted that the Fieldpaths Working Group had met on 17 September 2019.  There were no items of note to report from this meeting, and some ongoing outstanding issues are in hand with the FM.  The Group may have an additional new member in the future. It was proposed, seconded and resolved, with all in favour, to approve the draft notes as a true record.
77/23 Facilities Manager’s Report:
 Following submission and discussion of the Facilities Managers report it was confirmed:
  • Signage on new permissive path – posts had been recently installed, with the signs due to be attached. Gap in hedge had been created.
  • Vicarage Lane Memorial Bench – installed.
  • Treat Old School Floors – booked in for over the 2019 festive period.
  • Remedial stoning at Burial Ground/Swathe – completed, although issues as a wacker plate had not been available to the contactor at time of work being carried out.  (Note: contractor has subsequently advised that he will return with a wacker plate)
  • Close burial ground/Swathe gap up with gate and fencing – completed.
  • Remove existing fencing between NPC and developer land at Mulanne Park and demark boundary with posts – completed. Noted that the posts are on the actual boundary line; and that the developer’s fence is positioned inside of the boundary.
  • Upgrade path lighting around to tennis courts – imminent.
  • Grasscutting – FM chasing a reimbursement of £294.76 for poor cuts during current year’s season: will be meeting the contactor on 26th September 2019 to discuss.
  • Contractor had suggested one additional grass cut beyond the contracted number of cuts; also a weed spray of gutters across the village. FM advised that this was likely to exceed the allocated budget. FM confirmed that a quote would be required for these works which would then have to be approved at the next meeting.  It was agreed not to proceed as growth would most likely have ceased by the beginning of November.
77/24 Working Groups 
77/24.1 To receive minutes and reports from working groups:
77/24.1.1 Beck:
The Limestone Beck project is moving forward and will comprise of just a couple of days’ work.  A ‘to scale’ map is still awaited from the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust. 
The weirs are due to be removed at the end of October as per the license (a legal requirement which NPC must observe); to be reinstated in April 2020.  Action: JS to work on publicity.
Noted that, due to an inaccuracy, a slight amendment to the Beck Working Group Minutes of 4th September 2019 would be made ahead of its next meeting.
77/24.1.2 Swathe:
The Swathe Working Group minutes of the 4th September 2019 were received.
77/24.1.3 Mulsanne Park Users Group:
DN has been in talks with the football club regarding the pavilion refurbishment, and plans to obtain input from the catering team.  The short term priority is to carry out the kitchen refurbishment which will make the building a more user friendly and viable hiring option.  New tables and chairs are recommended; perhaps taking some from the Old School and replacing those with new ones.  Longer term, there are different ideas for the external store; and NPC could consider creating a 5 – 10 year plan.  
77/24.2 To set up a working group to review Sports Club rents 
The current rent agreement was put in place 5 years ago, with incremental annual rises; and expires as of April 2020.  Cllrs Henderson and Higham will be involved in this, under lead councillor DN.  Moving forward, a meeting is required to consider the package under which the clubs occupy the premises.  
The project to refurbish the village hall needs to be restarted. Some suppliers previously approached had not been suitable to move forward with.  Action:  FM and JS.
77/25 To receive update on mapping of burial ground
Three quotes had been received.  There is a preferred company; and a meeting is being arranged for further discussions with them.  Noted that although a ‘record survey’ had already been undertaken in-house, it would be useful for the final chosen company to also undertake one.
77/26 Tree Matters 
77/26.1To consider suggested procedure for tree monitoring inspection and for dealing with tree complaints
NPC needs to address the following matters:
1. What trees does NPC actually have?
2. How to deal with tree problems arising?
3. How to deal with routine maintenance in the main village areas which NPC manages?
JD, JE, the clerk and FM had met to consider matters on 12 September 2019. Cllrs Downs and Radcliffe had subsequently met on 24 September 2019; and Cllr Radcliffe is now talking to relevant parties who may be able to help.  Noted that 1) a report exists which details information about specific trees at Bill Baileys; and 2) at the Swathe there are half a dozen specimen trees which require noting.
Regarding items 2 and 3 above; a new system is required as NPC currently has no method to undertake the autumn checks and report back; nor to comment on a current WLDC tree application.  One resident in attendance advised that he was in possession of an easy to use scoring system and would be happy to lend his help in using this.  It was proposed, seconded and resolved, with all in favour, to approve seeking someone from the village to take on the role of Honorary Tree Advisor.  Action: JS.  Noted that insurance cover would need to be investigated once a volunteer had been appointed. 
77/27 Financial Monitoring Reports  
77/27.1 Review of expenditure:
FM confirmed that 1) allotment rent invoices were issued in October; and 2) invoices had been issued to the sports clubs for their annual rents; and that the tennis club’s payment was outstanding.
Noted that:
  • The Burial Ground Misc budget head was overspent (note: due to invoices being paid for work connected with survey work on the existing burial ground).
  • The increased figures for refuse collection were explained as follows: NPC has audited its bins, and WLDC have billed it as NPC has more bins than they were aware of. It was noted that WLDC had been asked to carry out an audit.
  • LCC were yet to reimburse NPC for its contribution to verge grass cutting (note: NPC confirmed the agreement with LCC for a transitional relief payment for 3 cuts, for 2019/20 to the sum of £2536.38 in March 2019)
  • Budget heads 13031 and 13111 (Village Hall) appeared to be at odds (noted: this is historical and should be one line entry not two)
77/27.2 To approve recent/proposed expenditure:
1) It was proposed, seconded and resolved, with all in favour, to approve:
the first two items listed below as being expenditure already incurred due to these having been matters of an urgent or time sensitive nature; 
2) the remaining items listed below; being proposed expenditure:
Beck at Kingsway - £205.00 + VAT - cut down bank vegetation/clear weeds (NPC side)
Vicars Wood - £100 - remove tree branch  
  • Old School - £350 + VAT - new optical smoke detector for handyman’s workshop
  • Play Areas - Up to £600 - Annual external play inspections, due in November
  • Old School - £1460.11 + VAT - replacement arched door (note: frame subsequently confirmed by PJ as sound)
  • MP Garage - £245.00 - remove and dispose of 3 x asbestos cement corrugated sheets
  • Green Lane at Deepdale Lane end - £206.00 + VAT - replacement fencing 
  • MP - £294.00 + VAT - tap descaling and replace tap and hoses 
  • MP - £ 218.00 Ex VAT – annual legionella risk management package – annual checks 
  • Beck by Old School - £175.00 + VAT - cut back hedge and bank vegetation on opposite side of beck behind Old School
  • FP143 Cherry Tree Lane to start of field - £90 + VAT - cut back overgrown hedge and leave arisings on site
  • Green - Up to £1500.00 - Xmas tree expenditure – purchase, erect and decorate tree.
  • Old School & Mulsanne Pavilion - £320.00 plus vat - Annual deep clean of three kitchens. 
  • Village - Up to £630.00 + VAT - Autumn Planting across village
The Gardening Club had offered to sponsor planters outside the Co Op. Those present were happy to accept a financial contribution but preferred the planting of them to remain with the existing contractor.
Action: FM
In addition, it was noted that the door between meeting room and large hall was not noise efficient (note subsequently confirmed by PJ that this can be soundproofed).  
Regarding the hedge at Mulsanne Park: the previous Council had agreed a mixed habitat hedge for a 70mtr length, with 4 plants per mtr at a cost of £1 per plant plus planting; and that NPC can either do this for a max. of £500 and plant in 2019; or apply for an LCC grant of 75% of the total and NPC funds the rest.  LCC’s closing date is 1st April 2020 so planting will need to take place in autumn 2020 if this option is chosen. 
It was confirmed that planting will not take place across the path from the adjacent development until matters have been resolved concerning that path; and that NPC are awaiting a response on this from the developer.
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED, with all in favour, to approve expenditure of a maximum of £500 to allow planting of the hedge in 2019.  Action: JD to obtain quote.
Noted that LCC will supply and plant trees free of charge in verges; although those present considered that Nettleham had a good tree population already.
77/28 Dog Control Orders
77/28.1  To receive reports on signage at Bishops Meadow/Bishops Palace, Swathe (PJ); and Mulsanne Park and Bill Baileys Playing Field and consider actions required (DN):
PJ circulated a paper detailing dog sign designs. Noted that Bill Baileys Playing Field and Mulsanne Park both have dog byelaws; but that the remaining areas are open to how NPC wishes to proceed.  
The Swathe currently has no request to keep dogs on leads; and it was agreed that this should be left as is.  A ‘pick up your mess’ sign for the Swathe is required – this will be a temporary situation until the Swathe is developed as a burial ground.  Action: PM to advise on location for Swathe sign.
‘Dogs on leads’ signage is required as follows: 
  • by chapel
  • either side of gate at Bishops Palace and Bishops Meadow
  • by burial ground kissing gate
It was proposed, seconded and resolved, with all in favour, to approve expenditure up to £350.00 to purchase required signage. 
Noted that current sign at Mulsanne Park will not be seen if driving so a sign is required on the timber fence to the field. A sign is also required for the unofficial gap into park in MUGA area if this gap is to remain open (note: subsequent check of annual inspection report informs that no instruction was agreed to close this gap off – agenda item for next meeting)
Noted that Bill Baileys has sufficient signage. Some signage requires greenery cutting back from around signs.  Action: DN
Action: JS to add in piece on dog signage to the Guidance for Dog walkers document ahead of its publication.
77/29 To consider Mulsanne Pavilion CCTV and car park lighting:
  • That previous concerns with the stand had led to a camera and signage having been installed.
  • There had been a recent situation with a car having been locked into the car park. 
  • It was proposed, seconded and resolved, with all in favour, to approve exploring the option of fully lighting the car park; noting that knowledgeable input was required, also a residents’ consultation carried out.  Action: DN
77/30 To consider actions required as a result of an approach from a developer regarding new allotments:
A meeting is required with the developer to discuss the new allotments, to be attended by JD, PM and JS.  
77/31 To consider an electric charging point for vehicles in the village:
Noted that there is not currently an electric charging point in Nettleham. Action: FM to approach Co Op.
77/32 To consider approach from Art group for exclusive use of the large hall for their Summer Exhibition in 2020:
Noted that the Art Group leave their display up between exhibition sessions; but are currently not being charged for the whole time they have the hall.  No other hiring group has free set up time; so parity is required across all hirers.  Action:  JD/FM to discuss setting a daily rate for all hirers.
77/33 To consider offer from the Scouts to plant snowdrops and aconites along the Beck:
It was proposed, seconded and resolved, with all in favour, to approve the abovementioned planting along the White Hart stretch of beck (note: subsequent to the meeting; the correct location was established as actually being between the church and Vicarage Lane ; with JD to seek approval from Property Committee Members for this location.  Approval given). 
77/34 Councillors Report on Areas of Responsibility 
Noted that matting is in a poor state under the large swings at Bill Baileys was noted: Action: FM 
77/35 Correspondence received:
77/35.1 To consider approach from resident to purchase some land from the Parish Council:
Item deferred as NPC is in process of locating deeds for the area in question. 
77/36 Future Agenda Items: None requested.                            
77/37 Date of Next Meeting. Next meeting Tuesday 29TH October - 7.30pm, Old School Small Hall
Meeting ended at 10.09pm
Mrs M Vail, Facilities Manager, Nettleham Parish Council                   2nd October 2019