Minutes - 22 January 2019 - NPC

PRESENT: Cllrs J Hill (JH) (Chair), J Evans (JE) (ex-officio), J Siddall (JS) (ex-officio), J Downs (JD), R Porter (RP), J Clayton (JC) and T Williams (TW)  
Also in attendance: Cllrs M Leaning (ML) and D Newsam (DN) and F Stanford (FS) (Facilities Manager) and one member of the public
01/19 Apologies for absence – Cllr M Spencer (MS)
02/18  Declarations of interest
JC declared a non-pecuniary interest in Agenda item 4 (36 & 37) as a member of the Village Hall Committee
03/19   Approve draft minutes of the Property Committee budget meeting on 4 December 2018 – duly approved and subsequently signed as a correct record.
04/19 Facilities Manager's report
Following submission and discussion around the Facilities Managers ‘Ongoing/Outstanding Issues’ schedule it was confirmed that: 
04/19.1 Mulsanne Park South Boundary Fence and Dyke – agreed to continue to monitor only
04/19.2 Bill Baileys Playing Field – agreed to ‘reinforce and replenish the planting along the north boundary bank by the new house, cost c£1k
04/19.3 Old School Large Hall Audio Visual Facilities – JS is currently investigating improvement options including provision of facilities in the Small Hall.
04/19.4 Bishops Palace Field & Bishops Meadow ‘Wild Areas’ – resolved to grass cut four times in 2019 season excluding the central Spinney.
05/19 Nettleham matters articles - Schedule of remaining articles agreed:
  • March 2019 – Village Hall (JS in conjunction with Village Hall Committee) – Deadline 20.02.19 
  • May 2019 – Trees (JH) & Allotments (RP) - Deadline 20.04.19
  • June/July 2019 - Buildings & Car Parks (MS & FS) - Deadline 20.06.19
06/19 Bill Baileys Playing Field - Dogs area
Following discussion around a residents suggestion to create a fenced dog area within Bill Baileys it was considered not practical and agreed not to pursue. It was also confirmed that the current dog control by-law was a Parish Council initiative and now superseded by Dog Control Orders. Agreed that Dog Control Orders would be discussed at a future Property Committee meeting.
07/19 Bill Baileys Playing Field - Proposed play area extension
The proposal was reviewed in light of comments made at the last Parish Council Meeting and RP’s subsequent review and report. Agreed to recommend the PC to proceed as initially proposed but with minor amendments to layout to address some of the noise and visibility concerns. Also agreed to recommend that the PC resume grant aid applications with the PC making a provisional capital contribution of up to £20,000. The potential Parish contribution from the Bill Baileys Capital Projects Budget has yet to be determined when final costs and actual grant aid support known.
08/19 Mulsanne Park Pavillion refurbishment
08/19.1  Notes of the recent meeting with the sports clubs together with the response (Cricket Club) to the recent ‘Hiring Policy Report’ were tabled and JD updated the Committee regarding:
  •  Proposed Pavilion Hire Charges – ongoing dialogue with the sports clubs
  •  Security issues – particularly anti-social behaviour in the football stand
  •  External lighting – improvements
  •  Sports Clubs positive response to the suggested pavilion improvements
FS to investigate CCTV cover and reinstatement of security patrols, improved external lighting options and provide schedule of refurbishment work, estimated cost and programme for consideration at a future Property Committee meeting.
08/19.2 Provision of 3G Pitch – following discussion around a residents proposal to create a 3G (artificial) pitch it was noted that artificial pitches have now moved on to 4G and indicative costs in the region of £250k (for full size pitch and excluding any lighting, fencing etc.) was mentioned – it was agreed that a meeting be set up with the resident (and JD, FS and possibly football club) to investigate the suggestion particularly in terms of specification (4G), size, location, cost and maintenance implications together with ancillary requirements (fencing, lighting etc.) and produce a ‘Scoping Report’ for consideration at a future Property Committee meeting.
TW and the member of the public left the meeting at this stage
09/19 The Swathe Development 
JE updated the committee on the recent initial Swathe Scoping Group meeting and confirmed it will focus on: 
  • Current burial ground capacity and remaining timescales (indications are 5 years)
  • Review of current charges (particularly non Nettleham resident burials)
  • Improvements to current mapping, burial documentation and plot markings
  • Seeking professional advice regarding assessment and development of the Swathe
JE also confirmed that the group will be formally set up to undertake this work after the May elections
10/19 Tree matters
JH confirmed that winter programme of tree work (agreed previously) was ongoing and about 50% complete.
11/19 Financil monitoring report
11/19.1 Review of Expenditure – a comprehensive analysis of both expenditure and income to date (16.01.19) was noted and accepted.  Overall expenditure was within budget and at this stage an operating surplus looked likely. Individual allocations, as expected, showed some variance from targets. It was requested that the Old School expenditure include loan repayments.
    11/19.2 following expenditure was approved:
  • Mulsanne Park Pavilion water boiler repairs £950.00
  • Mulsanne Park replacement/updated signage £612.03
  • Old School roof/rainwater/wall repairs £278.82
  • Burial Ground and Swathe replacement/updated signage £448.00
  • Burial Ground update survey plans £400.00
  • Replacement grit spreader £88.00
12/19 Councillors report on areas of responsibility
JD previously reported (again) that dumped soil and debris was an issue at Bill Baileys and meeting with CCTV contractor at Mulsanne Park.
RP gave update on positive meeting with Landowner regarding proposed permissive path off Greetwell Road – will report further in due course.
13/19 Future aganda items - Dog Control Orders (as per item 06/19 above)
14/19  Date of next meeting  - Tuesday 5 March 2019 – 7.30pm Old School Small Hall 
The meeting closed at 10.00pm