Minutes - 30 October 2018 - NPC (Budget)

Present: Cllrs J Hill (chairman), J Evans (ex officio), J Clayton, J Downs and R Porter.  and one member of the public - also in attendance: F Stanford, Facilities Manager.
91/18 Apologies for absence – Cllrs J Siddall, T Williams and M Spencer
92/18 Declarations of interest – Cllr Clayton as a user/hirer of the Old School hall
93/18 Approve draft minutes of the Property Committee Meetings on 4th September 2018 – duly approved and signed as a correct record and JH gave the following update:
  • Old School car park - maintenance regime still to be established
  • Grasscutting Contract review meeting with contractor scheduled for 06.11.18
  • Green Lane – up to 3,000 bluebell bulbs to be planted by the scouts next Sunday (04.11.18)
  • Pavilion kitchen refurbishment - dialogue ongoing with Sports Clubs
  • Van to be delivered tomorrow (31.10.18)
94/19   Review of Financial Performance to date
Financial performance to date is now a standard item on the Property Committee agenda and reviewed at every meeting – with no exceptions to report will be reviewed again at the next Property Committee meeting (04.12.18).
95/18   2019/20 Proposed revenue budget
The Committee reviewed the papers outlining the revenue budget proposals for 2019/20 on the Property Committee areas of activity and the following amendments proposed:
  • Increase in Old School and Pavilion Room Hire Rates (approx.10%) and Burial Fees (Approx.7,5%) agreed – allotments plot rent to remain at £25/plot
  • Salaries and wages allocations across budget heads had been reviewed and re- scheduled
  • Need to consider justification for increasing hire rates and fees – particularly room hire rates (10%) and how it is communicated to the hirers
  • Need to reconsider non Nettleham resident burials policy
  • Old School income adjusted to reflect 10% hire rates increase – indicating cost neutral expenditure and income
  • Old School Security - increase from £50 to £1,500
  • Travel Expenses  £500 in explanatory note needs reducing to £100
  • No Speed Reduction Project allocation for next year – take out the £900
  • Reduce the Community Events budget from to £500 to £200
  • Rename Church Lights/Clock to Church External Lights Contribution
  • Create new Budget Heading for Village Hall to include roof loan cost and future ‘expenses’
  • Reduce Village Facilities Weedspraying from £2,300 to £1,300
  • LCC verge grasscutting contribution is now £1,610
  • Bishops Palace wages allocation of £1,454 not added to the total expenditure allocation - reinstate
  • Fieldpaths grasscutting – reduce from £1,400 to £1,100
96/18   2019/20 Proposed Capital Budget
The Committee reviewed the papers outlining the capital allocation proposals and noted anomalies in the proposed allocations for 2019/20 and the following was agreed  
  • Reduce Swathe (Burial Extension) allocation from £5,000 to £3,000
  • Reduce Permissive Paths allocation from £900 to £500
  • Increase capital allocations by a nominal 10%  
  • JE and FS to meet on 31.10.18 to review and adjust the figures accordingly
 Post Meeting Note
JE and FS met as agreed and the following allocations confirmed:
  • Swathe Budget reduced from £5,000 to £,000
  • Permissive Paths Budget reduced from £900 to £500
  • Equipment Budget of £1,000 removed (will be absorbed in revenue budget headings)
  • Old School Boundary Wall: £2,805
  • Old School Capital Projects: £1,375
  • Mulsanne Park Capital Projects: £6,930
  • Bill Baileys Capital Projects: £5,775
  • Mulsanne Park Play Equipment: £3,980
  • Tennis Court Long Term Maintenance to remain at £1,250
The 5 Year Capital Plan will be reviewed at a Property Committee Meeting
Suspend Standing Orders
At 9.50 it was unanimously agreed to suspend standing orders to enable the following two agenda items be considered 
97/18 Additional items 
97/18.1  Waste Bins – Cost of new waste bins noted and agreed to give Facilities Manager full authority to replace or provide additional bins within the village as required
97/18.2  Bill Baileys Proposed Play Area Extension – RP presentation noted and following consideration of the ‘Issues to be considered’ confirmed that:
  • The two Memorial Tree donators (trees will be in the proposed play area) informed of the proposals (positive response to date)
  • Future tree growth can be managed and will have minimal impact
  • Planning permission yet to be confirmed – general consensus ‘probably not’
  • Blind spots (re anti-social behaviour) not felt an issue 
  • Equipment although predominantly climbing, addressed the outcome of the village questionnaire. It was agreed that it was a good balance
  • Cost reasonable – general thought was that it would have been more expensive
  • Surface water drainage not a real issue – the potential for water retention in the NE sector after prolonged heavy rain can be managed
  • Neighbours will be consulted – either directly and through the planning process (if required)
  • Confirmed that proposals for Mulsanne Park (see next item) will address other possible equipment requirements
  • Insurance implications to be reviewed
  • Agreed that the proposals overall respond positively to the village survey. 
JH thanked RP for an excellent presentation
It was subsequently agreed that up to £20,000 be allocated from Nettleham Parish Council ‘Bill Baileys Capital Projects’ reserve towards this scheme – the balance of the cost coming from grant aid which will now be pursued.
98/18 Future Agenda items
RP requested initial Mulsanne Park Play Area Upgrade/Extension proposals be considered.
99/18  Date of next meeting
Tuesday 4 December 2018 – 7.30 pm Old School Small Hall.
The meeting closed at 10.25 pm