Minutes - 6 March 2018 - NPC

PRESENT: Cllrs J Hill (JH) (Chair), J Evans (JE) (ex-officio), J Siddall (JS) (ex-officio), M Spencer (MS), J Downs (JD), R Porter (RP) and J Clayton (JC).  Also in attendance: One Member of the Public and F Stanford (FS) (Facilities Manager) 
14/18  Apologies for absence – Cllrs T Williams (TW)  
15/18   Declarations of Interest – JC – item 24/18 as Old School hirer
16/18  Approve draft minutes of the Property Committee Meeting on 23 January 2018 – duly approved and signed as a correct record.
17/1 Matters arising fom those minutes
Item 87/17 Village Hall – JS confirmed that three timber bollards (supplied free of charge by NPC – surplus from the Village Green bollards installed last year) will be installed into the two amenity area to protect the planting – VH to pay for their installation.
18/18 Facilities Managers report
Following submission and discussion around the Facilities Manager Report it was confirmed that: 
18/18.1   Old School Car Park – noted works ordered and repairs to be carried out over 7, 8 & 9 April 2018 – car park will be closed during this period although pedestrian access will be maintained – article confirming works in March edition of Nettleham Matters and hall bookings over this period have/will be informed.
18/18.2  Beck Path (Rear of Old School) – two quotes received – lowest quote of £3,410 approved (incorporating drainage channel and not French drain) and funded from General Reserves.   FS will order work, agree programme (anticipate April 2018) and advise members of path closure duration and include article in April’s edition of Nettleham Matters informing residents of the works and temporary closure.
18/18.3   Bishops Meadow Benches – confirmed benches still not installed (due to weather – should be installed within the next two weeks), also noted bench bases will be cast concrete as following discussions with contractor felt that paving slabs would not provide the secure fixings the benches required.
18/18.4   Mulsanne Park Tennis Court Painting – confirmed the courts are to be cleaned/repainted/relined w/c 23 April 2018 (subject to weather conditions).
19/18   Grass Cutting Contract
Copies of contractor monitoring/review reports (4 no.) and cut/cost schedule noted. Issues around monitoring, performance, frequency of cuts/timescales and reporting also noted – agreed public engagement/information particularly in respect of complaints/concerns needs to be more transparent – FS confirmed that although 2017 contract was within budget there were issues and felt that, due to resources, they were dealt with more reactive than proactive – with improved resources in 2018 more control/reporting should be evident. It was also reiterated that 2017 was year one of a three year contract (tendered rates plus RPI % for 2018).
20/18   Tree Matters (item brought forward)
20/18.1 General Update - JH reported that the three ‘Co-op planters’ have now been moved into position but the three trees (supplied free of charge by LCC) were unsuitable (too large) - these trees will now be planted in Bill Baileys bank (adjacent to the new property) and three smaller trees will be sourced and planted along with the other (currently stored) ‘Erica’ plants when the current winter planting has expired.  JH also confirmed that although LCC had planted new trees in Brookfield Avenue they had not removed the dead trees they replaced and that there are a number of dead trees (identified with pink spots) around the village that have not been removed and LCC will not permit their removal by others.
20/18.2  Vicars Wood – JH confirmed that Vicars Wood Management Plan had been updated and will be distributed for information to WLDC – also will consider incorporating it in a future edition of Nettleham Matters.
20/18.3 Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) – A local resident addressed the meeting on the TPO process. An extensive discussion then took place on TPO listings and methods of assessment. It was agreed that in due course the Property Committee would draw up a current comprehensive list of existing TPO’s and also produce a composite map showing their individual locations. It would also consider whether there were any trees in the village that might merit consideration for a TPO. It was noted that following enquiry WLDC are now reviewing the methodology of their current system of assessment. Any assessment process must comply with statute and currently TPO’s can only be made in quite limited circumstances.  A survey of potential trees that may meet the criteria will be considered once the TPO classification methodology has been confirmed/agreed.
The member of public left the meeting at this point
21/18    Working  Group verbal reports
21/18.1 Village Hall – JS gave brief update on the recent Refurbishment Working Group meeting and confirmed that car park is complete (other than new vehicle gate stops and new protection bollards as per item 17/18 above) and that the group is now focusing on replacing the main entrance doors and hall clerestory windows. JD reported that one of the double gates appeared to have dropped and cannot now lock – FS will investigate.
21/18.2 Bill Baileys Play Area – RP gave brief update on the recent Play Area Working Group meeting and reported the following action points:
  • FS to now obtain quotes for specific items/number of equipment (proposals on display were suppliers interpretation of our requirements) so prices can be accurately compared – total anticipated cost in the region of £60 - £70k
  • RP to create ‘Project Plan’ for future consideration to include proposals, programme, costings, access, impact – liaison with residents/neighbours etc.
  • RP currently  investigating grant aid options
Following further discussion it was agreed that RP pursue the potential grant (up to £8K) available from WLDC Community Fund and that the preferred play area surfacing below equipment was ‘Grassmat’ a plastic mesh allowing grass to grow through.
21/18.3 Mulsanne Park Pavilion – JD gave a detailed verbal report on issues around the sports club rents, pavilion and sports pitch bookings and the extent and standard of pavilion maintenance and refurbishment.  Following an extensive discussion it was agreed that a Working Group be established to look at these issues and report their recommendations to both the Property Committee and Full Council – JD to chair this group and to include JE, JS and FS – Terms of Reference to be established for subsequent approval. FS reported that he is currently obtaining quotes for the internal redecoration of the pavilion and it was agreed that this was still to proceed.
22/18  Nettelham Matters Articles
JH’s proposed introductory article was approved along with infographic – will now talk to Nettleham Matters editor regarding format for inclusion in April’s edition and agree template for future Working Group articles.
23/18    Village Green telephone Kiosk
JD outlined the options and costs for providing display panels/boards in and outside the kiosk – the panels/boards within the kiosk will require the kiosk to be reglazed (at further cost) - FS to request visual examples of this type of display for further consideration.  In view of the other options expressed by Nettleham residents this matter will be referred to the next Parish Council Meeting (20.03.18) to agree way forward.
24/18  2018/19 Old School and Pavillion Hire Charges
Recent concern from one user regarding increase hire charges from 1 April 2018 noted - no further action to be taken
25/18   Village signs
Schedule of replacement village signs approved – funded from each affected areas routine maintenance budget.  FS confirmed still awaiting sports clubs information regarding new directional sign at Mulsanne Park.
26/18 Financial management /monitoring
Confirmed that from the new financial year this will be a standard Property Committee Meeting agenda item and include details of expenditure and income to date for monitoring and review purposes.  Lead Councillors were asked to particularly note information relative to their area of responsibility.
27/18  Councillors Report on areas of responsibility
MS reported Old School Large Hall roof coping/s (adjacent to main entrance flat roof) requires reflashing (rainwater currently staining wall).
28/18 Future agenda items
JS requested that the Deepdale Lane village sign content be reviewed
29/18 Date of next meeting
Tuesday 17 April 2018 – 7.30pm Old School Small Hall – also agreed that the Annual Village Inspection to be carried out on Monday and Tuesday 14 & 15 May 2018 commencing at 4pm.
The meeting closed at 10.00 pm.