Property Committee September 2023




ON TUESDAY 12 September 2023, AT 7.15 PM

Present: Cllr D. Newsam (Chair), Cllr P. McNeill (PM), Cllr A.Crook (AC), Cllr C.Payne (CP). 

Also in attendance: Cllr A. White, Jane Ashby (FM), Claire Ward (AC), plus three members of the public

Councillors not present: Apologies from Cllr C. Johnson (CJ)

Commencing at 7.15pm

Public Forum

The Chairman welcomed all in attendance.

i.  A resident raised concerns about the Burial ground extension – specifically the extent of tree works planned to take place immediately including extensive reduction of the tree belt on western side. Whilst some clearance is necessary the council is urged to clear vegetation in stages to preserve the habitat for as long as possible. In particular the bramble patch, which was planted for the benefit of wildlife and villagers. Preserving the existing natural habitat for as long as possible is better for wildlife and would spread out expenditure.

ii.  A resident attended the meeting to discuss the future management of the beck, which is a lovely feature but also a potential flood risk for residents and businesses in the vicinity. The suggestion was made that the Beck working group should incorporate flood mitigation and address the following points:

  • Increased liaison with Witham Internal Drainage Board
  • Ensuring riparian duties are met
  • Commissioning a professional hydraulic assessment to inform decision making
  • Seek and develop additional soak aways
  • Advice to homeowners and businesses on flood mitigation and potential sources of funding
  • Work closely with emergency planning group to prepare for, and deal with flood events
  • Adopt the name ‘Beck and flood resilience’ working group



The meeting commenced at 7.30pm

1.   To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence

      Apologies were noted from Cllr C.Johnson

It was proposed, seconded and

RESOLVED: to accept the apologies for absence. 


2.   Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations             None


3.   The notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 4 July 2023 to be approved as the minutes 

It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: to approve as a correct record the notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 4 July 2023 and to authorise the Chairman to sign as the official minutes. The Chairman duly signed the minutes.


4.   Financial Matters – (FM)

a)  To approve/ratify recent and proposed expenditure


EKM Play services     £1812.60         Re-align 3 gates at Bill Baileys 

HCG                           £1440              Mulsanne Pavilion convert showers to mains feed.                                 



Aegis                           £127.20          Replacement Intruder external sounder                                                  

Second Element         £288.00           Proposal to Remove Tanks conversion to mains water 

James Heath              £510.19           Installation of Fan in bar and replacement box for footpath lights   

Tyson Mowers            £119.99           2 in 1 extending hedge trimmer                                                              

TR Weston                  £24.00             Bench Security bolts                                                                               

EKM play services      £204.00           Repairs to Sputnik in Bill Baileys                                                            

Tyson Mowers            £21.00             Strimmer line and Oil                                                                             

Amazon                       £86.40             Assorted cable ties and Safety Gloves x 24                                  

Lindum Fire services  £144.50           Annual fire equipment service MP/OS/PO                            

MKM                           £24.40             New internal door lock at Mulsanne Pavilion                                           

A&E Tree services      £660.00           Cut back and Trim hedge from property in Bill Baileys                            

RPN plumbing            £134.40           Fitting of 12 taps at the OS Toilet’s plus ATAP washers                         

Lincoln Security          £102.00           Annual Intruder Alarm Service Parish Office                                            


It was proposed, seconded and

RESOLVED: to approve/ratify recent and proposed expenditure


b).  To consider the income and expenditure report as at 31/08/23 – noted

  • Councillors request that future expenditure reports show expenditure without VAT ACTION FM
  • Check expenditure code 1113 Parish office rent listed as £50 (correct fee is £1)    ACTION FM


5.   Facilities Manager Report (for information only) - noted


6.   To receive report on the Swathe Burial Extension

A meeting took place on 4 September to discuss estimates for tree work to be undertaken in the Swathe, resulting in a recommendation to be brought to Parish Council on 26 September. It is likely that the installation of the path will be done in stages. 

Tree work will ideally take place during the October half term to minimise the impact on the junior school. Formal agreement regarding access has not yet been received.   ACTION FM/PM

A Swathe management plan is currently being developed  ACTION PM


7.   To discuss Working Groups

Councillors discussed the format of the Property Committee working groups.


i. Swathe, quarry, Bishops Palace and meadow – PM

ii. Field paths – CJ/CP

iii. Green lane, trees & Vicars wood – CJ/CP

iv. Beck - PM /Cllr A. Simpson (co-opted)

v.  Play areas – AC 

vi. Buildings and car parks – AC 

vii. MPUG – DN/Cllr A. Henderson (co-opted)

viii. Allotments – PM


It was proposed, seconded and

RESOLVED: to recommend to full council an updated list of 8 Property Committee working groups.   ACTION DN


8.   To discuss Speed Awareness in the village

A meeting has taken place with Graham Butler, LCC Road safety officer to discuss speed reduction initiatives for the village. The most effective intervention is usually the electronic speed indicator device (SID) alongside the formation of a neighbourhood speed awareness group, if sufficient volunteers come forward. Graham suggested that Nettleham could combine with adjoining villages to make this happen.

Additional posts for permanent solar powered SIDs are to be installed on Deepdale Lane and Lodge Lane. The SID will be installed on Lodge Lane once the new speed limit is confirmed. 


i.  It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED

  • to recommend to full council to explore the setting up of a neighbourhood speed awareness group (ACTION DN)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


ii.  It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED

  • to recommend to full council the purchase of 2 further Radar Speed Signs (EVOLIS Vision - Solar Version USB/Bluetooth) at a cost of £2250.00 each plus VAT (approx.)    (ACTION DN/FM)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


9.   To discuss Co-op planters

Councillors discussed the maintenance of the planters alongside the Coop in particular whether these should be added to the contract with Rudies Roots or maintained by facilities staff.

The Parish Council previously discussed claiming ownership of the land beside the Co-op in March 2023. It was resolved to maintain the planters, but not to pursue legal responsibility for the area.

See Parish Council meeting 21 March 2023 item 050/23 (e) 


10.  To discuss NPC Draft Tree Policy Document

Councillors discussed the draft tree policy and made some suggestions for amendments including that the policy should be flexible enough to accommodate advice given by experts regarding the management of trees in the village.       ACTION CLERK



11.  To discuss this year’s Christmas tree for the Village Green

It is anticipated that the Christmas tree for the green this year will cost in the region of £1500. Councillors discussed whether it would be appropriate to invest in a reusable tree, which are becoming increasingly popular. The initial outlay would be significant but would be recouped over the next 2-3 years. 


It was proposed, seconded and

RESOLVED: to recommend to full council a review of alternative Christmas tree options       


12.  Councillors’ Reports/Future Agenda items

Play Equipment, Bus Shelters – to be discussed at full council.


13.  Date of next meeting: 

The next meeting of the Parish Council’s Property Committee will be held on 3 October 2023.




Meeting closed at 9 pm