Minutes June 2023




Present: Councillors: Cllr Mrs A. White (Chairman), Cllr A. Henderson, Cllr P. McNeill (PM),

Cllr D. Newsam, Cllr C. Payne, * Cllr A. Simpson, *Cllr C. Johnson, *Cllr J. Healy and *Cllr J. McGuire

Also in attendance: Cllr Mrs J.  Brockway (Lincolnshire County Council) Cllr J. Barrett (West Lindsey District Council), Cllr F. Brown (West Lindsey District Council), Lucy Waller (Clerk), Craig Snow and Katie Atkin of Anglian Water, *4 candidates for co-option, who then joined the meeting as Councillors,3 members of the public. 

Councillors not present:




7.15pm: At the discretion of the Chairman the presentation scheduled for agenda item 3 was brought forward before the public session.

Members and the public noted the presentation by Craig Snow and Katie Atkin of Anglian Water in relation to the new strategic water pipeline, following which a question and answer session took place.

In response to questions it was noted that: 

  • Lincolnshire County Council had approved the recent full road closures on the A46 to allow works as this was deemed to cause reduced impact when compared to between 12 and 16 weeks of disruption to residents had alternative construction methods been used. 
  • While water from the pipeline would not directly benefit Lincolnshire, the construction of the pipeline would increase the resilience of water provision in the County. 
  • Measures were put in place to protect water voles when works took place.
  • There would be works to route the pipeline under The Beck (away from the centre of the village) and Katie agreed to keep the Parish Council updated on this work. 
  • Any trees removed to allow for work are not protected and were to be replaced on a like for like species basis. 



Public Forum commenced at 7.48pm

The Chairman welcomed all in attendance.

Members noted the previously circulated report provided from Councillors Barrett. Councillor Brown gave a verbal update in relation to various reports made and intervention in a parking issue and Councillor Barrett highlighted the WLDC defibrillator grant scheme and the upcoming bus shelter grants.  

Councillor Brockway highlighted a recent road traffic accident at the junction of Washdyke Lane and recommended that the Parish Council request a speed study.  (It was highlighted that the Parish Council had lobbied LCC regarding the speed on the A46 past this junction and a reduction to the speed limit was under consideration.)  Members noted that Cllr Brockway was happy to copied into correspondence to LCC officers where responses were delayed for more than two weeks, to enable her to chase up the response. 

A member of the public raised points in relation to agenda item 10a) regarding the removal of mature trees and the need for a maintenance plan in the future. 



The meeting commenced at 7.57pm

1.  To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk, prior to the meeting.

No apologies were received from members; an apology was noted from Mr A Crook a candidate for co-option.


2.  To receive disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations 

Councillors White and Newsam highlighted that they were included in the payments list for ratification and would therefore abstain from voting on agenda item 7a).  Councillor Newsam also highlighted that as a Member of the Carnival Committee and the requester he had a non –pecuniary interest in item 11g). 


3.  To note a presentation from Craig Snow and Katie Atkin of Anglian Water in relation to the new strategic water pipeline, and to allow public and councillor questions in relation to the presentation.  

This item was moved to prior to the Public Forum.  


4.  To resolve to approve the notes of the Parish Council’s Annual Meeting held on 16/05/2023 as the minutes of the meeting. 

It was RESOLVED to approve the notes of the Parish Council’s Annual Meeting held on 16/05/2023 as the minutes of the meeting.


5.  Co-option

  • To allow the candidates for co-option to address the council and answer any questions from councillors.  

           Apologies had been noted from one candidate, candidates present had opportunity to address the council.  


  • To resolve to co-opt up to seven persons to the vacancies remaining following the ordinary parish council election in May 2023. 

It was RESOLVED to co-opt the below candidates as Councillors:

Andrew Simpson 

Christine Johnson

John Healy 

Jess McGuire

Anthony Crook


Councillors Simpson, Johnson, Healy and McGuire duly signed the declaration of acceptance of office forms, which were witnessed by the Proper Officer of the Council, and joined the meeting. 




6.  To note the Clerk’s report. 

Members noted the progress of recent actions and it was RESOLVED to delegate to Councillor J. Barrett of WLDC further work in relation to the Institute blue plaque.

ACTION POINT: Clerk to Provide Cllr Barrett with a copy of the signed agreement for the plaque. 


7.  Financial Matters  

a) To resolve to ratify Payments made – 01/05/23 – 31/05/23 It was RESOLVED to ratify the payments as set out in Appendix A of these minutes. 

b) To note the full and summary income & expenditure reports as at 31/05/23 

Members noted the reports and it was highlighted that refuse and waste costs had all been assigned to the Old School and not applied proportionately to all relevant sites.

ACTION POINT: Clerk to arrange for a correction to apply waste and refuse costs proportionately to all relevant sites.

c) To note the Council’s bank account & Earmark Reserves balances at 31/05/23

Members noted the reports.

d) To receive and note the Annual Internal Audit Report.

Members received and noted the report.

e) To resolve responses to the Annual Governance Statement.

After individual consideration of the responses required it was RESOLVED to respond yes to statements 1 to 8 and N/A to statement 9.

The Annual Governance Statement was duly signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.


f) To consider, approve and sign the Accounting Statements 2022/23.

Members considered the Accounting statements and RESOLVED they be signed by the Chairman, having been signed by the RFO prior to being presented to council. 

g) To note that the period for the exercise of public rights will be 03/07/23 – 11/08/23

Members noted the timing of the period for the exercise of public rights.


8.  Planning Matters 

To resolve/ratify responses to West Lindsey District Council in relation to the following planning applications: -


Planning application for 1no. shipping container for storage.  Nettleham Library 1 East Street Nettleham Lincoln LN2 2SL.  APPLICATION TYPE: Full Planning Application. APPLICATION CATEGORY: Minor - all others

The following response was RESOLVED: The Parish council do not feel that the container is in keeping with the Conservation Area in which this site falls, and highlight Policy        E - 4 of the current Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan, which states: 

“Historic buildings and the Conservation Area … Within the conservation area development proposals will be expected to preserve or enhance the character of the area”



Planning application for extensions and alterations to existingbungalow.  29 Parkside Nettleham Lincoln LN2 2RZ.  APPLICATION TYPE: Householder Application.  APPLICATION CATEGORY: Householder Development.   

The following response was RESOLVED: No objection/comments 



Planning application for proposed single storey side and rear extensions, and new front porch. 16 Ridgeway Nettleham Lincoln LN2 2TL.  APPLICATION TYPE:Householder Application APPLICATION CATEGORY:Householder Development

The following response was RESOLVED: No objection/comments


9.  Property Committee & Recommendations

To note the contents of the Property Committee meeting notes – 6 June 2023 and consider the below: 

Members noted the draft minutes. 

a) Whether to RESOLVE to purchase an additional Speed indicator device using surplus funds in General reserves. (Any expenditure under LGARA 1997, s31).

It was RESOLVED to purchase an additional Speed Indicator device costing approx.£2807.99 plus an allowance of up to £400 for the installation of the required pole by LCC Highways. 

                                    ACTION POINT: Facilities Manager to arrange purchase and installation.


b) Whether to RESOLVE to apply for the WLDC community grants and for what purpose. 

It was RESOLVED to apply for the £3000 revenue grant to purchase community event equipment including a P.A system and gazeebos and to allow up to £500 of council funds in addition to the grant funds.  It was agreed to further investigate potential needs for the £6000 capital grant which may include updated signage and maps. 

ACTION POINT: Councillor Newsam to investigate additional capital grant funding needs and in conjunction with the Clerk apply for the revenue grant. 


c) Carnival stall promotion. (Any expenditure under LGA 1972 s’145)

It was RESOLVED to approve the recommended expenditure of approx. £525 plus VAT


10. Updates from working groups:

a) Swathe – to note the recommendations from the working group and to RESOLVE any further action.

Members noted the recommendations and the verbal report from Councillor P. McNeil and it was agreed that the working group would seek 3 quotes for the planned work to trees and undergrowth, which were to be brought back to council for consideration.  

ACTION POINT: Swathe working group to seek 3 quotes for the planned work to trees and undergrowth and bring these back to council. 


b) Neighbourhood Plan Review

Members noted that the public consultation had come to an end and responses were currently being reviewed, once this had been completed there would be a further meeting of the working group to incorporate the results of the consultation into the draft plan. 



11. Correspondence received requiring a response, or to be noted.

a) Resident letter – Re traffic issues

Members noted the correspondence and the council were in agreement with all of the issues raised. However, it was highlighted that the council has raised these issues with the relevant authorities and will continue to pursue them but cannot force any action outside of their own remit. 

b) Scothern Neighbourhood Plan - Review - Regulation 16 Submission Consultation

Members noted the correspondence

c) Communication from Superintendent Coates

Members noted the correspondence

d) Resident email – Re Crows Vicars Wood 

Members noted the correspondence and following discussion it was RESOLVED to ask the Vicar’s Woods working group (once formed) to monitor the situation and report back to Council if they felt necessary.  

e) Enquiry- Dog Training Classes 

Members noted the correspondence and deferred any decision until further information had been received.  

f) Request for code to Mulsanne padlock

Members noted the correspondence and RESOLVED that the code should not be made available to neighbouring residents. 

g) Request from Carnival Committee to borrow tables. 

Members noted the correspondence and RESOLVED to allow the Carnival Committee to borrow tables. 

ACTION POINT: Clerk to inform the correspondents for items a, d, e and f of the Council’s decisions. 


12. Future Agenda Items.

Full Council:

To reconsider the Property Committee membership and Terms of Reference following the co-option of additional members. 

Report on the Swathe working group meeting. 

Property Committee 

 Membership of working groups. 

Report on the Swathe working group meeting. 



13. Date of Next Meeting of the Parish Council –has been arranged for Tuesday 18 July 2023, commencing at 7.30pm (Public session from 7.15pm), in the Small Hall, Old School, Mill Hill, Nettleham


14. To resolve whether to exclude the public and press for the following item/s, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed.


It was RESOLVED to exclude the public and press for the following items due to the sensitive nature of business to be discussed.


Members of the public left the meeting. 


15. To review the status of a complainant currently judged to be unreasonably persistent or vexatious, in line with the council’s vexatious or persistent complainant’s policy. (Exclusion of the public and press is recommended due to the discussion of personal data)

Members noted the officer report and following discussion it was RESOLVED to invite the complainant to discuss the matter in person with the Chairman and Vice-Chair and to defer any further decision until the outcome of the discussion could be considered.  

ACTION POINT: Cllrs White and Henderson to arrange to meet with the complainant and to report back to council. 


16. Staffing Review (Exclusion of the public and press is recommended due to the discussion of personal data and employee rights)

Members noted the officer report and it was RESOLVED to begin recruitment for an RFO and additional handyman, and to make a variation to a staff contract.   It was additionally RESOLVED, in the current absence of a Personnel Committee, to appoint Councillors White, Henderson, Simpson and Payne to a short term recruitment working group to support the Clerk on recruitment administration and conduct selection and interviews up to the point of final selection at which they would make a recommendation to Council.  


            The meeting closed at 9:34



APPENDIX A Payments made – 01/05/23 – 31/05/23


Payee Name


Transaction Detail

A 'n' E Tree Services


Tree works Green Lane

Active8 Managed Tech.


Phone charges

Active8 Managed Tech.


Monthly IT Support



Design fees

Andrew Donohue


Monthly window cleaning



Quarterly water bills

BHIB Insurance


Annual Insurance



Office phone / broadband

CleanSweep Ltd


April cleaning

Cllr D Newsam


MP expenses

Cllr White


Chair expenses

Continental Landscapes Ltd


April grass cut

Co-operative Bank


Monthly BACS Fees

Dataplan Payroll ltd


May salaries &on costs

Dataplan Payroll ltd


April payroll fees

EDF Energy


April gas / electric



Monthly mobile charges

Facilities Manager


Mileage Apr/May

Fleetdrive Management Ltd


Monthly van hire

HCG Heating Construction


Boiler / CO2 alarms

Lincoln Print & Copy Centre


Cemetery copies

Lincoln Print & Copy Centre


Neighbourhood Plan copies

Mike Small


Loft - MP



Bench bases



 IT Support security

Personnel Advice & Solutions


Monthly HR Support

PKF Littlejohn LLP


Audit fees to 31.3.22

RBS Solutions Ltd


Annual Support

RBS Solutions Ltd


Year end support



Domain renewal



Pressure washer

Tucann Ltd


Nettleham Matters advert

West Lindsey District Council


Annual Premises Licence