Minutes 21 March 2023

ON TUESDAY 21 MARCH 2023, AT 7.30PM 
Present: Councillors: Cllr Mrs A White (AW) (Chairman), Cllr P Jenkinson (PJ), 
Cllr A Henderson (AH), Cllr J Barrett (JB), Cllr P McNeill (PM), 
Cllr C Higham (CH), Cllr D Newsam (DN). 
Also in attendance:    Cllr Mrs Jackie Brockway, Mrs C Ward (AC) (Assistant Clerk) 
Councillors not present: Apologies from Cllr Homer (MH), Cllr J Radcliffe (JR), Cllr Mrs J Clayton (JC), & Cllr R Porter (RP)
Commencing at 7.30pm
Public Forum
The Chairman welcomed all in attendance.
Cllr Mrs Jackie Brockway (LCC) commented on:
  • Opposition to the Scampton asylum centre plans and the associated threat to the £300m development grant.
  • The Highways budget.
  • The Public Protection and Scrutiny committee. 
Cllr Mrs A White (WLDC) advised that her written report had already been circulated to Council. In addition Cllr White reported that:
  • At Health Scrutiny Committee, the two main agenda items were an update on urgent and emergency care and another on recruitment. Steps to improve the flow of patients are progressing and research is taking place into why people leave, and also why people choose to stay in the NHS.
  • The meeting about the future of RAF Scampton on 20 March, was very well attended. The Director of Planning (LCC) outlined the development plan for the site specifically the opportunities West Lindsey District Council’s £300m investment plans could create for the area while protecting the heritage of the site
  • Guidelines have been issued regarding street parties during the coronation weekend, only 5 weeks notice of an event taking place will be required. 
The Meeting opened at 7.35pm
043/23.  To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk,   
prior to the meeting.  
It was proposed, seconded and
RESOLVED: To accept apologies and reasons for absence received from Cllrs: Homer, Porter, Radcliffe & Clayton. Unanimous
044/23.  Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011
and to consider any requests for dispensations. None
045/23.  Notes of the Parish Council’s meeting held on 21/02/2023 to be approved as 
It was proposed, seconded and  
RESOLVED: That the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 21/03/2023 be 
approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.  Unanimous 
046/23.  Clerk’s Report (for information only)
  • On behalf of the Councillors, the acting Clerk congratulated the Parish Council staff for taking on a range of additional tasks and keeping everything on track whilst there has not been a Clerk in post. In addition the Assistant Clerk has successfully completed the ILCA qualification. 
  • A response has been received from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regarding a complaint made by a resident in May 2022. No further action required. 
  • Issues raised in relation to the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) (Summer 2022) are being dealt with.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan grant end of year report has been submitted.
047/23.  Financial Matters 
a) To Ratify Payments made – 01/02/23 – 28/02/23
It was proposed, seconded and
RESOLVED: That Council ratify payments made during February 2023.  Unanimous.
b) To consider the Income & Expenditure report at 28/02/23
The contents were noted.
c) To consider the Council’s bank account & Earmarked Reserves balances at 28/02/23
The contents were noted.
048/23 Planning Matters 
a) To receive/ratify recommendations or observations on the following planning applications:
1) 31 Greetwell Lane – Ms F Harwood – 146277 
Planning application for single storey rear extension and other alterations
Council comments
No comment.
b)  Decisions
• 15 Orchard Way Mr and Mrs Davison 146144
Planning application to remove existing garage and erect single storey extension
Granted 10.03.23
• 63 Ridgeway Ms J Findlay 146155
Planning application for proposed single storey extension and alterations to dwelling
Granted 10.03.23
• Rudies Roots Nurseries Scothern Road Mr R Bertins 146223
Member Call – in 10.03.23
c) Appeal Decisions – none
d) Tree applications 
• Lincolnshire County Council 146335
Land off Riseholme Road – 5 day notice to fell two dead and two diseased trees
No observations/objections
049/23.  Property Committee Matters & Recommendations
 a)  To consider the contents of the Property Committee meeting notes – 7 March 2023
The contents were noted. 
b) Green Lane update 
A meeting was held on 14 February 2023 with 10 residents to form a working group with the aim of developing a management plan to improve the habitat and encourage wildlife back into Green Lane.
It was acknowledged that change is inevitable as some of the existing trees age and deteriorate but this would need to happen over a longer time frame, up to 10 years, in which time more hedgerow and wildlife friendly trees could be introduced to provide a more diverse habitat.
It was agreed the first stage is to obtain an independent baseline assessment of existing trees and ecology – quotes for this work are currently being obtained.
Further discussion can then take place to move things forward.  
It was agreed residents should be kept informed of developments through Nettleham Matters/Parish Council website/noticeboards/Facebook.  Drop-in sessions were also recommended to view potential plans as they progress and which offer residents the opportunity to voice their opinion.
In the meantime, it has been established that one ash tree requires felling as it is diseased and constitutes a hazard and some remedial tree work will be undertaken.
c) To consider request for Adult Exercise Equipment
Councillors discussed the provision of adult exercise equipment and agreed to revisit the proposal once the new Council members were in place. It was suggested that a survey could be undertaken to assess requirements as part of a review of play equipment throughout the village. 
050/23.  Council Matters
a) To discuss the provision of Bus shelters in the village (JB)
  • Councillors discussed the lack of bus shelters in the village. Potential sites include near the Co-op or outside the Solicitor’s office (although the pavement is narrow), and outside Beckside nursery.
  • It is likely that grants are available for the provision of bus shelters.
  • It is hoped to canvas the opinion of residents on this matter and find out more about funding.             ACTION JB
b) To consider a request to hire of Mulsanne Park Car Park from street food vendor (DN)
  • A request to site a street food truck at Mulsanne has been received. Currently there is a Thai Food vendor there once or twice a month and the arrangement appears to work well. Councillors requested further information including frequency of hire and provisional dates.          ACTION AC
c) To consider activities for Coronation weekend in Nettleham (AW)
  • A number of activities in the village are being planned involving the school and the Hub. The Parish Council will ensure that the union flag is in place on the village green.            ACTION FM
d) To discuss what issues the Parish Council should raise at the Lincoln Transport Board meeting(RP) 
  • To be discussed at next PC meeting 18 April.
e) To discuss the suggestion that the Parish Council claims ownership of land beside the Co-op (AW)
  • The Chair explained that if an organisation has been looking after a piece of land for 12 years the process of registering ownership can begin. However this process involves legal and architect’s fees.
  • Once ownership is established the organisation becomes responsible for making good any damage that occurs, for example that caused by tree roots and insurance. Councillors felt it was possible to improve the amenity value of this area without taking ownership. 
It was proposed, seconded and  
RESOLVED: To continue to maintain the planters on the land beside the Co-op but not to pursue legal responsibility for the area.  7 for and 1 against
f) To discuss the issue of response to Facebook questions to the Council (RP)
  •  To be discussed at next PC meeting 18 April
051/23.  To receive an update from the Neighbourhood Plan Review Working Group 
The latest draft of the Revised Neighbourhood Plan is essentially complete, subject to minor checks and amendments. This will then be placed on the Parish Council website ahead of the consultation period, beginning on 18th April. Changes to the previous draft will be highlighted for convenience.
A brief explanatory article will appear in the April edition of Nettleham Matters. A double-sided page in the magazine will be employed instead of the proposed leaflet at the request of the publisher - it will be possible to either copy or remove this in order to provide feedback on the recent changes.
All funds from the grants obtained have now been spent. (Thanks to Cllr Evans for all of his work in this respect).
052/23. To receive an update from the Swathe Working Group 
The meeting scheduled for 24 March has been postponed to 28 April to allow time for further information to be received from potential contractors.
053/23.  To receive an update from the Climate Change Strategy Working Group 
To be discussed at next PC meeting 18 April.
054/23.  To receive an update from the Sustainable Travel Working Group 
To be discussed at next PC meeting 18 April.
055/23.  Correspondence Received (including general correspondence) - none
056/23.  Consultations - none
038/23.  Councillors Reports/Future Agenda Items 
1) To discuss what issues the Parish Council should raise at the Lincoln Transport Board meeting(RP)
2) To discuss the issue of response to Facebook questions to the Council (RP)
3) To receive an update from the Climate Change Strategy Working Group – (RP)
4) To receive an update from the Sustainable Travel Working Group – (RP)
5) Proposal to cancel Property Committee meeting 9 May due to the election taking place on 4 May
057/23.  Date of Next Meeting of the Parish Council – has been arranged for Tuesday 18 April 2023, commencing at 7.30pm, following the Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm, in the Large Hall, Old School, Nettleham.
058/23. To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed.
At 8.30pm, it was proposed, seconded and
RESOLVED:  To move the meeting into closed session.  Unanimous
All members of the public left the meeting room
059/23.  Closed Session
a) To discuss staff and recruitment matters and approve the actions of the Personnel & Standards Panel (AW).
  • A new Clerk has been appointed and will start on 27 March 2023.
  • As an RFO has not yet been appointed the Clerk has agreed to act as the RFO for the time being.
b) Update on year end accounts (AW).
  • The RBS closedown will take place on Wednesday 3rd May at 9am.
  • Pre closure check list and end of year accounts preparation sheet have been submitted.
060/23.  At 8.45pm, it was proposed, seconded and
RESOLVED:  To suspend Standing Orders and continue the meeting in consideration of all 
       agenda items.  Unanimous
The meeting closed at 8.50pm
Claire Ward – Assistant Clerk