Minutes October 2023



Present: Councillors: Cllr Mrs A. White (Chairman), Cllr A. Henderson, Cllr P. McNeill, Cllr D. Newsam, Cllr J. McGuire, Cllr T. Crook, and Cllr A. Simpson

Also in attendance: Cllr F. Brown (West Lindsey District Council), Lucy Waller (Clerk), one member of the public. 

Councillors not present: Cllr J. Healy, Cllr C. Johnson (Apologies) Cllr. C Payne (Apologies)


The public session commenced at 7:15pm 

Councillor F. Brown gave a verbal outline of his previously submitted District Councillor’s Report 

There being no more business for the public session the meeting commenced at 7:17pm 


1.    To RESOLVE to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk, prior to the meeting.

Apologies were received from Councillors Payne and Johnson; it was RESOLVED to approve the reasons for absence. 


2.    To RECEIVE disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations. 



3.    To RESOLVE to approve the notes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 26/09/2023.

It was RESOLVED to approve the notes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 26/09/2023 as the minutes of the meeting. 


4.    To NOTE the Clerk’s report. 

Members noted the report along with additional verbal notifications of the pending receipt of CIL monies from West Lindsey District Council and a request for use of the Village Green.  The use of The Green was approved. 


5.   Financial Matters  

a).  To RESOLVE to ratify payments made – 01.09.23 – 30.09.23.

It was RESOLVED to ratify the payments as set out in APPENDIX A of theses minutes.

b).  To NOTE the Full and Summary Income & Expenditure Reports as at 30.9.23

Members noted the reports.

c).  To NOTE the Council’s Bank Account & Earmark Reserves balances at 30.09.23.

Members noted the report.



6.   Planning Matters  

a) To RESOLVE responses to West Lindsey District Council in relation to the following planning applications:






Planning application for single storey extension to front to replace the existing glazed lean-to.  Also, new external door and glazed screen to the west elevation in place of existing window.       

Householder Application

57 Sudbrooke Lane Nettleham Lincoln LN2 2RW

No Comments 










b)  To NOTE the responses submitted to West Lindsey District Council under delegated duties since the last council meeting.

Members noted the report. 


7.   Property Committee & Recommendations

To NOTE the contents of the Property Committee meeting notes 3 Oct 2023 and to CONSIDER the recommendations contained within those notes:

Members noted the contents of the Property Committee meeting notes 3 Oct 2023

  • An additional grass cut is scheduled for November due to the current rate of growth.

It was RESOLVED to schedule an additional grass cut for November. 

  • Altering the monetary levels for obtaining quotes

It was RESOLVED to alter the Financial Regulations to reflect the following levels of expenditure and the number of quotes required: 

£0-£2000k - I quote required

£2001 - £10000 2 quotes required

£10001 - £25000 3 quotes required

Action Points:  RFO to alter Financial Regulations. FM to arrange additional grass cut. 


8.   To NOTE the key points from a recent meeting with representatives of Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department.  

Councillor A. Simpson introduced the report and highlighted the need for the Parish Council to continue to build on the meeting and progress the suggested actions.  


9.   To CONSIDER membership of the Emergency Plan Group including appointing a Lead Councillor. 

It was noted that  members were:

Councillors White and Newsam and Councillors Barrett and Brown of West Lindsey District Council. 

It was agreed to arrange a meeting of the group with the appropriate Lincolnshire County Council officer.

Action Point:  Councillor White to contact LCC Officer.  


10.  PROPOSED by Councillor A. Simpson that a Conservation Working Group be formed.

Members noted the proposal report, and it was RESOLVED to form a Conservation Working Group, with Terms of Reference to be agreed at the next meeting of the Parish Council.

Cllr Simpson was APPOINTED as Lead Councillor and Councillor White was APPOINTED as a member.  


11.  To NOTE the Environment Act 2021 requirements regarding Biodiversity and to CONSIDER delegation to the Climate Change Working Group of the initial drafting of a Biodiversity Policy.  

Members noted the requirements, and it was RESOLVED to delegate to the Climate Change Working Group the initial drafting of a Biodiversity Policy.  It was additionally RESOLVED that draft strategies / policies be submitted to the Properties Committee and its Working Groups (via Lead Councillors) for feedback prior to submission to Full Council. 

Action Point: Climate Change Working Group to produce and submit (as above) an initial draft strategy and policy. 


12. Correspondence received requiring a RESPONSE, or to be NOTED:

a).  Review of polling districts and polling places

It was RESOLVED to suggest the use of Mulsanne Pavilion and a separate polling station in Riseholme. 

b).  Support for Climate and Ecology Bill.  Members noted the correspondence.

c).  Parish Council Engagement Session Lincolnshire Police - Lincoln and West Lindsey - 14th December 2023.

Members asked that questions be submitted regarding police responses to the below issues.

  • speeding and traffic
  • anti-social behaviour
  • drug use
  • minor crimes 
  • Emergency planning 

Councillors were requested to submit any other questions to the Clerk no later than the 19 October 2023.  

d).  Launch of 2024 Star Energy (formerly IGas) Community Fund

Members noted the fund and RESOLVED to make an application to fund a replacement Play Fort for the Bill Bailey’s playpark. 

e).  Resident’s correspondence regarding the Swathe Burial Extension.

The correspondence was noted and bought to the attention of the relevant Working Group.  

Action Points: 

  • Clerk to submit polling station comments. 
  • Clerk to formulate and submit questions. 
  • pre application submission email to be sent detailing proposed project.  


13.  Future Agenda Items 



14.  Date of Next Meeting of the Parish Council – arranged for Tuesday 21 November 2023, commencing at 7.30pm (Public session from 7.15pm), in the Mulsanne Pavilion, Field Close, Nettleham. (Submissions of agenda items / reports by no later than close of business 13/11/2023)

Members noted the date and location of the next meeting along with the deadline for the submission of reports and agenda items. 


The meeting closed at 8: 27 pm.