Minutes September 2023




Present: Councillors: Cllr Mrs A. White (Chairman), Cllr A. Henderson, Cllr P. McNeill,

Cllr D. Newsam, Cllr C. Payne, Cllr C. Johnson, Cllr J. McGuire, Cllr T. Crook, and Cllr A. Simpson

Also in attendance: Cllr F. Brown and Cllr J. Barrett (West Lindsey District Council), Lucy Waller (Clerk), three members of the public. 

Councillors not present: Cllr J. Healy


The public session commenced at 7:15pm 

Two members of the public spoke regarding agenda item 9a) the first highlighted the following points:

  • No objection to the use of the site for a cemetery extension.
  • The potential environmental impact of undertaking tree and grounds work over the entire site when this could be phased and done as burial space was required.
  • Lack of knowledge regarding suitability of trees for a burial site and current tree species present. 
  • The current plan not being in accordance with the planning permission.
  • The need for full comprehensive reports and not taking rushed decisions. 

The second member of the public urged the council not to cut costs and to provide a quality space that may help to improve the bereavement experience for family members. 


There being no more business for the public session the meeting commenced at 7:22pm 


1.   To RESOLVE to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk, prior to the meeting.

None received from members of the Parish Council.  Members noted apologies from Cllr Mrs J. Brockway of Lincolnshire County Council. 


2.   To RECEIVE disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations. 

Councillor McNeill declared a personal interest in agenda item 19 and left the meeting for that item. 


3.   To RESOLVE to approve the notes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 18/07/2023 and the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 05/09/23 as the minutes of the meetings. 

It was RESOLVED to approve the notes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 18/07/2023 and the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 05/09/23 as the minutes of the meetings.


4.   To NOTE the Clerk’s report. 

Members noted the Clerk’s report and the verbal update that the contract for security had now been signed. 


5.  Financial Matters  

a). To RESOLVE to ratify payments made – 01.07.23 – 31.08.23.

It was RESOLVED to ratify the payments as set out in APPENDIX A of theses minutes. 

b). To NOTE the Full and Summary Income & Expenditure Reports as at 31.08.23

      Members noted the reports

c)  To NOTE the Council’s Bank Account & Earmark Reserves balances at 31.08.23.

Members noted the report.

d). To NOTE the Conclusion of Audit and External Auditor’s Report

Members noted the Conclusion of Audit and External Auditor’s Report.


6.   Planning Matters  

a).  To RESOLVE responses to West Lindsey District Council in relation to the following planning applications: -

The below responses were RESOLVED:

147176 (17 Greetwell Lane Nettleham Lincoln LN2 2PN) No comment /objections

147131 (Land south of Barfield Lane Reepham Lincoln) No comment /objections

147245 (Ash Tree Farm, Sudbrook Lane, Nettleham) Nettleham Parish Council objects to the Prior consent of change of use on the following grounds:

i.  This is residential development in the open countryside contrary to S5 of the CLLP and D6 of the revised Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan: 

D6: Any new residential development outside the existing footprint of the village, but north of the bypass, will be limited to countryside use as identified within Local Plan Policy S5.

 ii.  It will cause increase in traffic flow on a narrow single-track lane.

iii.  The site is not sustainable as it is far (over 1 km) from local facilities such as shops and school, so will necessitate the use of cars which will add to congestion already experienced in the village centre.

iv.  Nettleham village has no need for additional residential accommodation as we have 130 houses currently under construction as part of the CLLP 2017 allocation plus another 205 allocated in the 2023 CLLP. 

More accommodation will only add to the pressure on local services.

The house adjacent to the agricultural building was built under the agricultural exemption as a farmhouse.

We request that this application is called in to the West Lindsey Planning Committee.


b).  To NOTE the responses submitted to West Lindsey District Council under delegated duties since the last council meeting.

Members noted the responses submitted to West Lindsey District Council under delegated duties since the last council meeting as shown in APPENDIX B of these Minutes. 



7.   To CONSIDER making an application for the West Lindsey District Council Capital Grants Scheme (£6K Infrastructure) and the use of the funding. 

It was suggested the funds could be used for new notice boards including one at Minster Fields, new road signage and renewal of village maps. 



8.   Property Committee & Recommendations

To NOTE the contents of the Property Committee meeting notes – 12 Sept 2023 and to CONSIDER the recommendations contained within those notes: 

Appointment of Property Committee Working Groups. Formation of a Speed Awareness Group. The Purchase of 2 Solar Speed Indicator Signs and 2 poles. Review of Christmas Tree Provision

Members noted the meeting notes, and it was RESOLVED: 

  • To advertise for volunteers to form a Community Speed Watch Group 
  • To purchase of two Solar Powered Speed Indicator Devices (£2339.99 +VAT each to be budgeted for 2024-2025) and two additional poles (£200 each) and additional A4 speed signs both 30mph and 40mph (Total £250) 
  • To gauge public opinion over the coming year regarding purchase of a Christmas Tree Light Structure to replace the annual purchase of a real Christmas Tree. 


9.   Updates from working groups:

a).  Swathe – to receive an update and to CONSIDER the Working Group’s proposals. 

Following extensive discussion, a proposal to approve the Working Groups proposals to engage Company C to carry out required tree works and clearance of the entire Swathe site failed. 

It was then RESOLVED to delay any works until early in 2024 (potentially the February Half Term) to allow the working group to prepare comprehensive reports including the feasibility and costings of a phased plan of works including any potential access changes to support this, detailed quotes for a non -phased approach, greater environmental impact detail, and the implications of the variance of the current plan to the one submitted and approved in the original planning permission. This delay was also to allow the Council adequate time to gauge public opinion following the upcoming resident article in Nettleham Matters and the Swathe report (October Issue).

It was RESOLVED to approve the use of concrete for the path, and it was noted that quotes should be sought for both a full and phased approach to the path installation.


Action Point: Swathe Working Group to seek the above quotes and information in order to present a comprehensive report to Council for consideration. 


b).  Neighbourhood Plan Review Working Group – to RECEIVE an update. 

Members noted that the revised Neighbourhood plan had been submitted to West Lindsey District Council who would send it for Regulation 16 examination and recommendations. 


c).  Carnival Survey results – to NOTE. 

Members noted the report and thanked Councillor McNeill for his work. 


10.  Policies and Terms of reference, to RESOLVE whether to adopt the below draft documents:

a).  Tree Policy 

b).  Parking on Council Property Protocol 

c).  Dignity at Work Policy (see item 11)

d).  Planning protocol 

e).  Terms of Reference for the Climate Change Working Group 

f).   Terms of Reference for the H.R Committee 

g).  Vexatious or Habitual Requests and Complaints Policy

It was RESOLVED to adopt the above documents as presented with the following amendments to the tree policy. 

  • Inclusion of “When trees are obstructing a road or path” to reasons for pruning or felling mature trees. 
  • Replacement of the word property with the word structure at point three of the same paragraph. 

Action point: Clerk to update the Tree Policy and update the Council Policy & terms of reference list and prepare adjustments to any related policies& publicise the parking protocol. 


12.  To RESOLVE whether Nettleham Parish Council will sign the SLCC/NALC/OVW Civility & Respect Pledge.

It was RESOLVED that Nettleham Parish Council sign the SLCC/NALC/OVW Civility & Respect Pledge and commit to:

  • Treat all Councillors, employees, members of the public, representatives of partner organisations and volunteers with civility and respect in their role. 
  • Training councillors and staff.
  • Signing up to a Code of Conduct for councillors.
  • Having good governance arrangements in place including staff contracts and a Dignity at Work Policy.
  • Seeking professional help in the early stages should civility and respect issues arise.
  • Calling out bullying and harassment if and when it happens. 
  • Continuing to learn from best practice in the sector and aspiring to being a role model/champion council e.g., via the Local Council Award Scheme.
  • Supporting the continued lobbying for the change in legislation to support the Civility and Respect Pledge, including sanctions for elected members where appropriate.  


12.  To RESOLVE that once all Councillor gov.uk emails are set up that they be the only emails used for any communications related to 

It was RESOLVED that when functioning the gov.uk emails be the primary Councillor emails for communications related to Nettleham parish Council.

Action point: all Councillors to set up their gov.uk email. 


13.  To RESOLVE to approve the wording for the Blue Plaque information for the former institute.

It was RESOLVED to adopt the wording with a minor alteration from “1956” to “in the 1960’s”.


14.  To RESOLVE to appoint Mr Steve Fletcher as the Internal Auditor for the financial year 2023-2024 and to consider any specific areas for consideration. 

It was RESOLVED to appoint Mr Steve Fletcher as the Internal Auditor for the financial year 2023-2024.

Action point: Clerk to write letter of engagement. 



15.  Correspondence received requiring a RESPONSE, or to be NOTED:

a).   Update on Allotments off Scothern Road 

Members noted the update, and it was highlighted that the allotments were due to be handed over once 40% of the original figure of open market houses were occupied (28 houses)

b).   RAF Waddington – Ex ATLANTIC TRIDENT 23 – Oct/ Nov 23

Members noted the correspondence. 

c).   Request to support a national effort to protect Neighbourhood Development Plans

Members noted the correspondence.

d).   Lincolnshire Highways request: Survey & Drainage Records

Members noted the correspondence and agreed to publicise the request for members of the community to respond. 

e).   The Green – Resident communication.

Members noted the correspondence, and it was highlighted that any perceived abuse of a pavement licence should be reported directly to Lincolnshire County Council as the relevant authority and that any damage to property or illegal activity should be reported directly to the police as neither of these matters fell within the remit of the Parish Council. It was noted that the time frame for the Parish Council to take the only allowed legal action for the removal of occupiers of the green was longer than the occupiers had remained on site. 

f).   2x requests to meet with developers (NP Working Group & Councillors)

It was RESOLVED to offer informal meetings with the developers and interested Councillors and members of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group at which notes would be taken and published. 

Action point: Clerk to respond as appropriate. 


16.  Future Agenda Items.

Emergency Plan Group membership 

Traffic and Conservation report and Working Group formation.


17. Date of Next Meeting of the Parish Council –has been arranged for Tuesday 17 October 2023, commencing at 7.30pm (Public session from 7.15pm), in the Small Hall, Old School, Mill Hill, Nettleham.

Members noted the date of the next meeting.


18. To RESOLVE whether to exclude the public and press for the following item/s, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed.

The above RESOLUTION was passed. 


The public and Councillor McNeill left the meeting. 


19.  Recruitment: to receive the recommendation from the recruitment working group and to RESOLVE any offers of employment. 

It was RESOLVED to make an offer of employment for the RFO role subject to references on the below terms: 

NJC SSP 32: currently £19.90ph for 10 hours a week to be worked on a flexible basis with attendance at meetings and the office as required, a minimum of two occasions per month in the office. Up to an additional 2 hours a week overtime to be pre-authorised by council as and when needed.


Councillor Johnson declared a pecuniary interest and left the meeting. 

It was RESOLVED to make an offer of employment for the Handyman role subject to references on the below terms: 

NJC SSP 6: currently £11.42 per hour on a flexible 10 hours a week basis.


The meeting closed at 9:45pm


List of payments - 01/07/23 - 31/08/23


Payee Name


Transaction Detail


Managed Technologies


IT / phone charges

Aegis Fire & Security


MP Alarm



Gloves / cable ties



Laptop, screens etc



Laptop stands/sleeves



Keyboard / mouse/charger

Andrew Donohue


Window cleaning

AW Wave


Quarterly water charges




Clean Sweep Lincoln


Cleaning costs - June/July

Cllr McNeill



Cllr Newsam


MP garage keys

Continental Landscapes


June & July cuts

Dataplan Payroll Ltd


Staff salaries & oncosts July/Aug

Dataplan Payroll Ltd


Payroll fees June/July



Concrete base



2 x office desktop PC's

EDF Energy


MP Electricity



Monthly mobile phone charges



Play equipment repairs



Cleaning materials / stationery

Facilities Manager


July/Aug Mileage

Fleetdrive Management Ltd


Electric van hire

Heath Electrical


MP bar fan

Konica Minolta


Copier - printing

LAB Planning


NNP revisions

Lincoln Print Centre


Printing for Carnival

Lincoln Security



Lincolnshire County Council


Advertisements for vacancies x 2

Lincs Assoc. Local Councils


H&S training

Lindum Fire Services


Annual checks



MP internal door lock

Octopus Energy Ltd


Set up costs

Parish Clerk



Personnel Advice & Solutions


Monthly HR Support

PHS Group


Bin collections

PIB Risk Management


Annual membership



Licence fees 2023/24

Public Works Loans Board


Half yearly charge

RPN Plumbing


Tap replacement

Rudies Roots


Village planters / troughs

Second Element


MP site meeting

Smartest Energy


Energy charges

Tucann Ltd


Nettleham Matters adverts

Tyson Mowers


Hedge Trimmer /oil

West Lindsey DC


Election costs - 4.5.23






Responses to planning