Minutes - 18 October 2022


Present: Councillors: Cllr Mrs A White (Chairman), Cllr J Evans (Vice-Chairman), Cllr P Jenkinson,  Cllr Mrs J Clayton, Cllr R Porter, Cllr D Newsam, Cllr A Henderson, Cllr J Barrett, Cllr P McNeill.
Also in attendance:    Mrs D Locker (Clerk/RFO), Cllr Mrs J Brockway (LCC), Cllr J Oliver (WLDC) & 8 members of the public.
Councillors not present: Cllrs: Homer, Radcliffe, Higham.  
Commencing at 7.30pm

Public Forum
The Chairman welcomed all in attendance, particularly on the happy occasion of presenting the Ray Sellars Community Award 2022.  The Chairman shared that Ray Sellars served as both a District and County Councillor and felt this award was a fitting tribute to mark Ray’s service to residents.  The Chairman confirmed the presentation was being made, on the Council’s behalf, by Ray’s step-daughter Debbie Gibbons to David Ranshaw who had been nominated in recognition of his 44 years’ service to the cricket club -  initially as a player and also for many of those years for his efforts in maintaining the cricket grounds.

Resident 1 – discussed that a number of residents whose rear gardens back onto Green Lane, had written to the Council with their views about proposed works and requested confirmation that these comments have also been noted.  There has been under planting of native species (ash & sycamore) and historically the Council over a number of years had arranged tree pruning to create a canopy effect.  Extensive bulb planting along the Lane had also been undertaken although few had survived due to ground ivy having grown up and into residents hedges. 
Resident 2 – suggested that there is a need for the Parish Council to deal with pruning the overhanging branches (into resident’s rear gardens), within the next 4 months.  They also requested feedback about progress on recruiting members to the Green Lane Working Group; they were advised that few have put themselves forward although an article has been submitted for the November edition of Nettleham Matters.  The resident also expressed concern that the general electorate of Nettleham if able to vote on the proposals may not necessarily consider the interests of residents living alongside Green Lane.
Cllr Mrs Clayton – confirmed that following the feedback received, instruction was taken from the Parish Council and an update has been sent for publication in Nettleham Matters.
Resident 3 – discussed that over the last 10 to 20 years, residents at All Saint’s Lane had arranged cut back of overhanging branches.
Cllr Newsam – confirmed that it is only recently that the Council became aware that they owned Green Lane.
Resident 1 – concluded that the Council arranged removal of a large Ash/Sycamore in the Lane.
Cllr Mrs J Brockway (LCC) – 

  • apologised for her non-attendance at the last Council meeting;
  • the complaint about removal of the flag for Ukraine from Washdyke Lane, by LCC, has now been resolved;
  • consultation feedback about solar farms in the West Lindsey district suggest there is concern for the proposals;
  • there is an estimated LCC budget shortfall of £30million for 2023/24. 

Cllr J Oliver (WLDC) – advised that she had attended the WLDC Prosperous Communities meeting 
and would forward the information to the Parish office for circulation to Parish Councillors. 
Cllr Mrs A White (WLDC):

  • Cllr White’s written report had been circulated, prior to the meeting;
  • A letter had been sent to Anglian Water to raise awareness of local concerns about the flooding that occurred during heavy rain (Sept 2022) and effects of overflowing sewage.  The Clerk to seek feedback from AWA about any finding, following their proposed CCTV survey of the drains, near the beck.  

The Meeting opened at 7.57pm

151/22.  To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk,   
              prior to the meeting.  
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To accept apologies and reasons for absence received from: Cllr M Homer, Cllr J Radcliffe & Cllr C Higham.  Unanimous

152/22.  Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations.  

None received.

153/22.  Notes of the Parish Council’s meeting held on 27 September 2022 to be approved as minutes
It was proposed, seconded and  RESOLVED: That the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 27 September 2022 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.  Unanimous - by those in attendance at that meeting. 

154/22.  Clerk’s Report (for information only)
The Clerk updated Council as follows:

  • Council have received a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) payment of £893.96 from WLDC relating to development at Romangate;
  • An act of vandalism had resulted in significant damaged to a memorial bench at Bill Bailey’s playing field.  The matter has been reported to the Police; quotations for the damage repair are being sought;
  • The Council’s financial management software provider company has been sold to the Harris Computer Corporation, although it is anticipated that the staff and service received will remain unaffected.

155/22.  Financial Matters 
a) To Ratify Payments made – 01/09/22 – 30/09/22 
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That Council ratify payments made during September 2022.  Unanimous
b) To consider the Income & Expenditure report at 30/09/22 
The contents were noted.
c) To consider the Council’s bank account balances at 30/09/22
The bank account statement balances were checked against statements & signed off by the Chairman 
d) To approve set up of direct debit for collection of annual PHS sanitary collection charges
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: To set up a direct debit for payment of the PHS collection charges.  Unanimous

156/22.  Planning Matters  
a) To receive/ratify recommendations or observations on the following planning applications:-  
a) To receive/ratify recommendations or observations on the following planning applications:
1)  Plots 8 & 9 Deepdale Enterprise Park – Mr D Lui – 145566.  Planning App. to erect 2 storey office building with offices in roof space and associated car park – variation of planning permission 140551 – change of external materials.   Comments – Planning Liaison Panel:  No comments:  
2)  Land to north of 40 Lodge Lane – Mr M Croger – 145433
This proposed development is, in principle, supported in the 2007 Nettleham Parish Plan, and the 2016 Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan.  With the aging population of Nettleham and the surrounding area bespoke accommodation for those of advancing years and reduced capabilities is very apparent.
The Parish Council does however have the following concerns regarding this proposal which we would like to be given due consideration.
The “local” statistics used in the justification of the staff transport assumptions are heavily influenced by the Lincoln urban area and do not necessarily hold for rural areas like Nettleham.  A very limited service currently exists of 1 bus per hour from near this location, 9am-5.30pm and no buses on Sunday. With some 50% of the population of Nettleham being around retirement age or older there is a very small probability that a significant number of staff at the home will live in the village. 

  • We have concerns as to whether there is adequate parking provision on site.  It is stated in the application that 27 bays plus 2 disabled bays will be provided. This is considered adequate because only 20 staff are expected on site at any one time and that based on the 2011 Census 48% of people in the area travel by public transport. On this basis only some 10 members of staff would use cars. We believe that a very large percentage of the staff will rely on their cars to get to work. The figure of 20 staff on site at one time would also seem to assume no overlap between shifts when it might be expected that there could be double this number.
  • The proposed footpath to run along Lodge Lane from Weldon Drive to the Rugby club, built to highways standards should be formally incorporated in the S106 agreement as an important condition for the development. It would allow safe access to the site by pedestrians. It would also provide a local footpath improvement for others in the community linking up with the rugby club and much used bridleway, avoiding the risk of pedestrians walking in the very busy, unlit, Lodge Lane.
  • Nettleham Parish Council request that the developer contributes funds to the installation of two bus stops outside the proposed development.
  • The 30 mph speed limit on Lodge Lane will need to be moved and be located before the rugby club entrance to ensure safe site entry and exit on this significant route into Nettleham.
  • A condition of the approval should be that all trees and hedgerows should be retained where possible and reasons given for proposals to remove any trees or hedgerow, to be approved by the tree officer (Carol Slingsby) prior to the commencement of any work on the site.  Anglian Water in a response to another planning application (2021) for some 30 new homes Deepdale Lane, have said recently that the current water treatment plant in Nettleham is at capacity and there is no planned up-grade until 2040.  We have also witnessed, and reported to Anglian Water, that on many heavy rain occasions that the pressure of the water in the drains has lifted drain covers allowing raw sewage to leak into the Nettleham Beck.  This needs to be addressed before the Care Home is operational.
  • Despite the developer’s drainage consultant’s assurances, we have concerns that the car park will flood.  This happened to the adjacent at Weldon drive/ Lodge Lane junction of the Stirlin development in 2019 when the “carefully designed swales” failed to cope the volume of runoff during heavy rain.  The entrance to the site was cut off from Lodge Lane for days just as the development was nearing completion. Although the car park surface on the proposed development is designed to be porous, run off in heavy rain is likely. Water run-off from the fields has always been an issue in that area as evidenced by the flood zone map (fig5.1 Flood Risk and Drainage Strategy report) with water collecting along Lodge Lane adjacent to this site, 
  • There we would suggest a second opinion on the calculations. suggest seeking the opinions of either the Flood Authority or the Internal Drainage Board, neither of whom seem to have submitted a response.
  • We also ask whether cumulative effects been taken into consideration especially considering the single drainage ditch that both developments would use, and who has responsibility for keeping that ditch clear and serviceable?
  • Policy D5 of the Nettleham Neighbourhood plan `New residential developments will be resisted unless they are adjacent to the existing continuous built form of Nettleham` and `Proposed new residential development along the principal access roads into the village will only be permitted where those proposals would not extend the linear format of the settlement` Should this proposed development be accepted we would strongly request that this should not be considered to have extended the settlement boundary and be used to justify other potential residential developments which might be proposed in the future.                                                                                                                                                   

3)  11 Rusland Close – Mr M Clarke – 145569.  Planning Application for single storey side extension.  Comments – Planning Liaison Panel:  No comments
4)  Studio One, Deepdale Enterprise Park, Deepdale Lane – Mr D Lui – 145613.  Planning appl for the change of use of front half of building at ground floor from office space to community healthcare clinic, minor treatment.  Comments – Planning Liaison Panel:  No comments
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:   To approve Council’s comments and they be submitted to WLDC.  Unanimous              
b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals & withdrawals, Decisions received
i)    Appeals: -  none
ii)   Decisions:

  • 16, The Green – Mr D Gill – 145356.  Planning application to install new apertures to rear elevations and 4no. new roof lights - resubmission of 144719 Granted with conditions 5/10/22
  • 21, Mill Hill – Mr J Stewart – 145341.  Planning application for removal of existing detached garage and erection of detached garage/store. Granted with conditions 27/09/22
  • Meadow Rise, Welton Road – Ms P Summerlin – 145319. Planning application for first floor extension to rear with two storey extension to side. Granted with conditions 7/10/22
  • Land rear of, 74, Scothern Road – Emma Truelove – 145048.  Planning application to vary condition 5 of outline planning permission ref. 131975.  Refused 07/09/22
  • Troika, 21, The Green – Mr A Wilson – 144930. Planning application to refurbish retail unit and sub-divide residential unit to form 1no. apartment over existing retail unit and 2no. dwellings, including first floor extension to infill and cover rear first floor balcony. Application granted with condition 08/09/22
  • 15, The Crescent – Mr Zamo – 144692.  Planning application for demolition of garage and erect single storey extension to provide family annex.  Granted with conditions 15/09/22
  • 56 Brookfield Ave – Mr & Mrs Beedam – 145378.   Planning App. for two storey side extension with Juliette balustrade. Determined 12/10/22 – granted plus conditions.

c)  Tree applications 

  • Tigh An Uillt, Watermill Lane – Mr Ilott – 145595. Ash T001 cut back
  • 38, High Street – Miss A Edwards - 145528.  Notice to remove cherry tree & roots

d)  Update on outstanding planning matters – None

157/22.  Property Committee - Recommendations
a) To consider the notes from Property Committee meeting held on 4 October 2022 
The contents of the draft notes were noted.

158/22.  Council Matters
a) To approve the Council’s Calendar of meetings for 2023
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:   To approve the Council’s Calendar of meetings dates for 2023.  For 8; Abstention 1

b)  To discuss the delay in completion of the annual AGAR review for 2021-22, by the External Auditors, due to receipt of correspondence received from a resident The Clerk confirmed that Council had been advised by the external auditors that “as a result of correspondence received in relation to 2021/22 and/or previous years they are unable to complete their review work on the AGAR and supporting documentation”. Also that their fee for their review would be issued once they certify completion.  Councillors noted the comments and recommended that copies of the external auditor’s interim notice be left up on the notice boards until notice of conclusion of the audit is received.

159/22.  To receive an update from the Neighbourhood Plan Review Working Group 
Council heard that the Working Group had met recently to consider feedback received, following the consultation process undertaken during the summer of 2022.  The group had acknowledged that the final document needs to also properly reflect and represent the concerns of an increasing number of residents that live on the outskirts of the village – including at Minster Fields and Romangate.  WLDC have also advised that the document can define a green wedge between the village and other settlements e.g.  with North Greetwell.  However, it is acknowledged that should the document change substantially then the Council may need to do further section 13 consultation.  To do so, the Council will need to consider including an allocation in the 2023/24 budget to cover additional consultation costs estimated at between £2,000 - £5,000.

160/22.  To receive an update from the Climate Change Working Group – (RP)
a) To consider a holistic approach to management of motor traffic in the village - (RP)
Council were advised that the developer at Minster Fields had been approached by the Working Group to discuss the potential to plant approximately 300 trees at the development, which they had agreed in principle. LCC had also been approached for grant funding to provide the 300 trees; the outcome is awaited.
A report setting out potential interventions including options for: traffic calming or traffic management measures, to simplify and reduce motor traffic flows in the village centre, was also considered.  Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That the Council approach LCC Highways to discuss the implementation of a holistic traffic management approach for Nettleham.  Unanimous   

161/22.  To receive an update from the Sustainable Travel Working 
Council were advised that the request submitted to LCC to consider reducing the speed limit on the A46 (from near Beckside nursery to Nettleham Heath) is currently being assessed by LCC.  New cycling white line have also been put down in front of Beckside Nursery.  However, clarity about rights of way for cyclists or pedestrians is to be sought from LCC.  

162/22.  To receive an update from the Swathe Working Group (PM)
a) To approve appointment of Ads(df) as Swathe burial ground extension design consultants 
A meeting was held, last week, with the proposed consultants who provided a range of initial sketch options, as circulated.  Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:   To approve appointment of Ads(df) as the Council’s Swathe burial ground extension design consultants.  Unanimous              

163/22.  Consultations
a)  To consider submitting consultation feedback for Scothern Parish Council’s Neighbourhood  Plan
During discussion it was raised that the contents of Scothern’s document appeared to have no impact on Nettleham. It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That Nettleham Parish Council have no comments to make.  For 8; Abstention 1

164/22.  Councillors Reports/Future Agenda Items

165/22.  Date of Next Meetings – The next meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 22 November 2022 commencing, at 7.30pm at the Small Hall, The Old School, Mill Hill, Nettleham.

166/22.  To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed.

At 9.50pm it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To move into closed session.  Unanimous
Members of the public and the Clerk left the meeting room.

167/22.  Closed session items:
a) To discuss staffing related matters
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To request the current Clerk/RFO extend their current notice period and arrange to advertise the two separate posts of Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (including adverts with SLCC, LALC and locally).  Unanimous

The meeting closed at 10.02pm
Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

APPENDIX 1 - LIST OF PAYMENTS 01/09/22 - 30/09/22






IT management



VOIP calls & handsets (aug-sept)



VOIP calls & handsets (sept-oct)



Water charges



Broadband & lines



Cleaning O/S & MP (extra)



Cleaning O/S & MP



Grass cutting






Payroll contractor



Utilities - gas & electric



3 x Mobile phone line rent/calls



Cleaning materials & stationery



Modernisation at MP



Electrical - MP mods



Printing (Qtr)



Salary related



mileage reimb Aug



NPC reimbursement



Modernisation at MP



Window cleaning



Reimbursement CCWG



Reimb. conference



Annual Health & Safety Audit






Van lease



Misc. for play equipment repairs