Minutes - 28 June 2022

ON TUESDAY 28 JUNE 2022, AT 7.30PM 
Present: Councillors: Cllr Mrs A White (Chairman), Cllr J Evans (Vice-Chairman), Cllr P Jenkinson,  Cllr Mrs J Clayton, Cllr M Homer, Cllr P McNeill,  Cllr R Porter, Cllr J Barrett, Cllr A Henderson, Cllr C Higham, Cllr D Newsam
Also in attendance:    Mrs D Locker (Clerk/RFO), PCSO Jackie Parker, Cllr Ms J Oliver & 2 other members of the public.
Councillors not present: Cllr J Radcliffe and Cllr Mrs Jackie Brockway (LCC) - apologies received.
Commencing at 7.30pm
Public Forum
The Chairman welcomed those in attendance, and opened the public forum. 
Police Report
The Police area report had been circulated prior to the meeting.  PCSO Jackie Parker advised that a few reports of anti-social behaviour had been received by the Police recently including: - graffiti on a bench at Bill Bailey’s Playing Field and in the MUGA area at Mulsanne Park and damage to the Lineland’s bench at Vicar’s Wood.  Patrols in the parish had been increased and these had provided an opportunity to also talk with young people out in the village, during their patrols.  A young girl was also knocked down by a vehicle in the vicinity of Bill Bailey’s playing field and aggressive door to door sellers have been reported operating locally; these are likely to be unauthorised pedlars. 
Presentation.  A presentation was received from the Hub Manager and Youth ENERGIZE worker about proposals for provision of youth sessions for young people aged 11 – 18 years of age, at the Hub.  The key issues encountered by young people and potential benefits for those attending youth sessions were outlined along with the model and associated costs for a Nettleham service.  Council were advised that some consultation had been undertaken and a need for youth activities identified.  Two other ENERGIZE youth projects that have been supported financially, for some time, by other Parish Councils were discussed and the Parish Council were asked to consider providing similar funding levels towards delivery of youth sessions at the Hub.  There followed feedback to Councillor questions and the attendees were advised that their written submission was also included on the agenda for consideration later in the meeting.
Cllr Ms J Oliver (WLDC) advised that her report would be sent to Council via email for consideration.
Report from Cllr Mrs A White (WLDC):
- Her written report had been circulated, prior to the meeting;
The Meeting opened at 8.05pm
100/22.  To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence received by the Clerk, prior to the meeting.  
None received by the Clerk, prior to the meeting.
101/22.  Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations.
Councillor Evans advised that he would leave the meeting prior to consideration of item 17(b) on agenda.
102/22.  Notes of the Parish Council’s meeting held on 31 May 2022 to be approved as minutes
It was proposed, seconded and  RESOLVED: That following minor amendment the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 31 May 2022 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.  Unanimous - by those in attendance at that meeting. 
103/22.  Clerk’s Report (for information only)
The Clerk updated Council as follows:
  • The Annual Governance and Accounting Return has been submitted and the notice of public inspection of the unaudited accounts and associated information is on the notice boards and website, which expires 22/7/22;
  • The blue plaque for Beck House has been ordered and the associated history sited on the Council’s website;
  • The anti-social related incidences had already been discussed in the public forum by PCSO Parker;
  • Feedback sent to Cllr Mrs Brockway from LCC about the ‘Active Travel Scheme’ had been shared with the Parish Council and 76% of responses were unsupportive of closing Sudbrooke Lane towards Sudbrooke and therefore rejected; LCC had accepted the Church Street proposals (in front of the Coop) but rejected proposals for the traffic measures at Cross Street and closure of parking bays along Vicarage Lane.  LCC now acknowledge that the Parish Council went on to support the use of measures to prevent parking along the side of the Coop along Vicarage Lane and LCC have recommended that Council liaise with Cllr Brockway (LCC) regarding supporting interventions along Vicarage Lane which could be trialled by LCC under an ‘Experimental Traffic Order’.  The Clerk to write to Cllr Mrs Brockway (LCC) to seek her views on this matter.
  • PCC Coaches have been notified of reports received about buses idling their engines when parked up at Sudbrooke Lane, that the number 4 service is using Vicarage Lane which is not on the approved route, rather than accessing Sudbrooke Lane via Highfields and Brookfield Avenue.  Also, that a bus had reported to have damaged hanging baskets at a property in the vicinity of the Village Green.
104/22.  Financial Matters 
a) To Ratify Payments made – 01/05/22 – 31/05/22 
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: That Council ratify payments made during May 2022.  Unanimous
b) To consider the Income & Expenditure report at 31/05/22 
The contents were noted.
c) To consider the Council’s bank account balances at 31/05/22
The bank account statement balances were checked against statements & signed off by the Chairman.
d) To note the ½ year loan repayments due on 18/07/22 - Noted.
105/22.  Planning Matters  
a) To receive/ratify recommendations or observations on the following planning applications:-  
No applications received.
b)  Appeals, Consents, Refusals & withdrawals, Decisions received
     i)   Decisions:
  • 50 Greenfields – Dr J Hodgson – 144823 Planning application for rear extension and front infill extension.  Granted 14/6/22
  • Kemmel, Lincoln Road – Mr J Cann – 144633.  Planning application to erect a two storey rear extension.  Granted 12/5/22
  • 44 Brookfield Ave – Ms Daniels & Mr Lincoln – 144551.  Planning appl. to remove porch and erect single storey front extension.  Granted 25/4/22
  • Magnolia Cottage, 57 Washdyke Lane – Mr & Mrs White – 144539.  Planning appl. for proposed porch & alterations to dwelling.  Granted 22/4/22
c)  Tree Application – 
  • 79 All Saints Lane – Mr K Gough – 144992.  Fell Birch tree T17
Following discussion about the tree application it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That the Parish Council would prefer to see a crown lift to the tree rather than it be removed and these comments be submitted to WLDC.  For 10; Against 1
d)  Update on outstanding planning matters
Council considered the considered feedback from WLDC Planning enforcement relating to properties within the article 4 area at Chapel Lane some of which now fall outside of the timescale for WLDC being able to progress enforcement measures.  
ACTION: Clerk to write to WLDC to express Council’s disappointment in WLDC not being in a position to now take enforcement action in some circumstances.
106/22.  Property Committee - Recommendations
a) To consider the notes from Property Committee meeting held on 7 June 2022 – Noted.
b) To approve expenditure up to £5,000 from General Reserve for 2 x solar powered speed indicator devices
Following discussion, it was proposed & seconded to approve expenditure up to £5K from General Reserves to purchase 2 x speed indications.  For 3; Against 4; Abstentions 4.  This item was not carried.
c) To approve expenditure of £1,572 from General Reserves to provide a footpath at Mulsanne Park, from the side of the MUGA to join up to existing path to the development, off Lodge Lane
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: To approve expenditure of £1,572 from General Reserves to provide a footpath from the side of the MUGA to join up to the existing path to the development, off Lodge Lane.  Unanimous
d) To approve recommendation to transfer funds from General Reserves to capital Earmarked reserves - £10K each to Mulsanne & Larch Ave play equipment & £5K to tennis courts (fencing). 
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and  RESOLVED:  To approve transfer of funds from General Reserves to capital Earmarked reserves of £10K each to Mulsanne & Larch Ave play equipment & £5K to tennis courts. Unanimous
107/22.  Council Matters
a) To approve appointment of a Chairman to Property Committee
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To appoint Councillor D Newsam as Chairman of Property Committee.  Unanimous
b) To agree nominations to Working Groups
Following discussion, Cllr P McNeill and Cllr R Porter volunteered to act as Lead Councillors for the Bishop’s Palace/Meadow Working Group; Cllr A Henderson volunteered to be the Lead Councillor for the Speed Monitoring Group and it was recommended that Green Lane be incorporated into the Amenity Areas Working Group.
c) To agree arrangements for reporting back from meetings, to all Councillors
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That all meeting agendas and minutes (with the exception of Personnel & Standards Panel) be available and accessible to all Councillors.  Unanimous
d) To develop a strategy to encourage residents to consider becoming Parish Councillors (RP)
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  Council set up a task and finish group (comprising: Cllr Mrs White, Cllr Evans, Cllr Porter & Cllr Jenkinson) to develop ideas and publicity materials to promote and encourage individuals to stand for election as Parish Councillors in May 2023.  Unanimous
e) To consider a request to provide grant funding for youth activities at the HUB – via Energize
The proposals for delivery of youth sessions at the Hub and a request for Council to provide funding as submitted by the Nettleham Hub and Energize were considered.  Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That, in principle, the Parish Council encourage the introduction of youth services and support an approach being made to LCC to ascertain if they have funding available towards provision of youth services in Nettleham. Unanimous
ACTION:  Chairman to contact the Hub to arrange a follow up meeting & for contact to be made with LCC to discuss funding.
f) To consider Nettleham Football Club request for a formal agreement for their continued use of Mulsanne Park facilities to enable their grant applications to be considered by the Football Assoc.
Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That whilst Council, in principle, support having a formal written agreement for continued use of facilities at Mulsanne Park, by the Nettleham Football Club and also the Cricket Club for a period of 10 years – Council will first seek legal advice and then re-consider the request at a future meeting of the Parish Council.   Unanimous  
108/22.  To receive an update from the Neighbourhood Plan Review Working Group - (CH)
a) To consider & approve the updated draft Neighbourhood Plan for consultation
Council heard that the period of consultation for the Neighbourhood plan will include: a public drop in session at the carnival 9/7/22, a public meeting 14/7/22, leaflets & posters on the Council website and noticeboards.  Feedback will then be considered and the document revised, prior to final submission.  It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve the draft Neighbourhood Plan documents for public consultation
For 10; Abstention 1
109/22.  To receive an update from the Climate Change Working Group – (RP)
a) To consider approval for an application to LCC for the ‘Zero Carbon Parishes Grant Scheme’
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve submission of a grant application for the sum of £5,000, to the LCC Zero Carbon Parishes grant scheme for use towards two climate change related projects for the parish.  Unanimous  
110/22.  To receive an update from the Sustainable Travel Working Group – (RP) 
Council heard that LCC are currently looking at options to reduce traffic speed in the parish – e.g. via the ‘twenty is plenty’ initiative; the Road Safety Partnership continue looking at options to reduce vehicular speed on sections of the A46 within the parish and an LCC engineer had undertaken an assessment to look at improving arrangements for pedestrians and cyclists at the A46 roundabout but none were identified other than for a path to be erected over the carriageways.
111/22.  To receive an update from the Swathe Working Group – (PM)
Members of the working group met with designers and some initial outline layout option have been requested from a designer; once received they will be considered by Property Committee before appointment.
112/22.  Correspondence
a) To consider request from Nettleham Hub to use village beck for boat race 19/9/22
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That Council have no objections to using the beck for a paper boat race, but recommend to the Hub they undertake their own risk assessment prior to their event.  Unanimous
b) To note complaint about speeding vehicles in the parish
Contents were noted by Council.
c) To consider report of idling vehicles and for reconsideration about parking at Vicarage Lane 
The contents were noted.  The Council have already notified LCC of their support for active travel related initiatives to be put in place including to restrict parking down Vicarage Lane.  
Clerk to write to resident to advise.
d) To consider request to publicise the issue of inconsiderate parking on verges and footpaths
Feedback received from PCSO J. Parker is that it is already an offence to cause a dangerous obstruction when parking on the footpath with potential for a fixed penalty being issued with a fine.  WLDC Parking Enforcement Officers can also issue fixed penalty notices for those parking on lines and in bays where it is prohibited.  Clerk to write to resident to provide feedback received. 
e) To consider report of teenagers playing loud music & using a barbeque at Mulsanne MUGA
The MUGA area was inspected and no damage identified.  Clerk to advise the resident that the Police are aware of anti-social related incidences having occurred in the parish and will continue to monitor Mulsanne Park, during their patrols. 
113/22.  Councillors Reports/Future Agenda Items
114/22.  Date of Next Meetings – The next meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 19 July 2022 commencing, at 7.30pm at the Small Hall, The Old School, Mill Hill, Nettleham
115/22.  To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed.
At 9.50pm it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To move into closed session.  Unanimous
Members of the public had already left the meeting room.
116/22.  Closed session items:
116/22(a).  To approve recommendations from the Personnel & Standards Panel on staff related matters
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve the award of annual increments to staff, backdated to 1/4/22, and for approval to advertise for recruitment to the post of Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer following receipt of the current post holder’s resignation due to retirement, (with a minimum of three months’ notice).   Unanimous
At 9.55pm Cllr J Evans left the meeting room
116/22(b).  At 10pm it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To suspend Standing Orders and extend the meeting to conclude the item under discussion.  Unanimous
116/22(c). To approve recommendations from the Personnel & Standards Panel following complaint received about the Council
It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve feedback received from the Personnel & Standards Panel and to notify the resident of Council’s response, following consideration of the resident’s complaint about the Council.   Unanimous (For 10; Against/Abstentions 0)
The meeting closed at 10.06pm
Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer
LIST OF PAYMENTS - 1/5/22 to 31/05/22


£ ( incl VAT)




VOIP calls & handsets (Apr & May)



IT consultancy



Fence post repair (office)



Water charges



 Bench – Bill Baileys



Annual insurance



BT P/O & O/S & MP



Plumbing goods – Pavilion



cleaning - MP & OS



Modernisations - Pavilion



grass cutting



Bank charges



IT equipment



Reimburs. – MP goods



 Payroll contractor



Utilities - gas/elec



Mobiles line/calls



Stationery/cleaning goods



 Annual gas servicing OS



Electrical work - MP



Cleaning materials






Tree works



Mileage reimb.



Personnel Adviser



Plumbing - MP



 IT support – year end



IT support - .gov.uk






Van lease






Fuel for equipment



Lawn seed & joint fix