Agenda - Property Committee - 5 January 20201

Following the introduction of new legislation Councils are now able to hold their meetings remotely.  Therefore the Parish Council will be using Zoom online video conferencing to hold remote meetings, until further notice.  If you wish to attend the above-mentioned remote meeting you will need to:
Click on this link:
Type in the Meeting ID and Passcode as requested: Meeting ID: 856 3218 7055.  Passcode: 324065 
Prior to the start of the meeting a public forum will ordinarily, of no more than 15 minutes, be held.  The public may address the council on current matters or issues that may become future agenda items.
1. To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence
2. Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations
(Declaration of any disclosable interest in a matter to be discussed at the meeting and which is not included in the register of interests.  Members are reminded that they are required to absent themselves during the discussion and voting on matters in which they had a disclosable pecuniary interest, whether or not the interest is entered in the register of members’ interest maintained by the Monitoring Officer)
3. The notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 24 November 2020 to be approved as the minutes 
4. Financial Matters (FM) (5 mins max):
a) Review of expenditure
b) To approve recent/proposed expenditure
5. Facilities Manager Report (5 mins max)
6. Working Groups (15 mins max)
To receive reports as follows:
a) Beck (PJ):
i. To receive an update on general maintenance
b) Swathe (PM):
i. To consider revised fee structure to develop the Swathe as a memorial garden and agree actions as required
c) Mulsanne Park (DN):
i. To consider any update from the University of Lincoln representative regarding ditch clear out (southern boundary)
ii. To receive update on pavilion refurbishment including:
a) To approve the loan of bar equipment to clubs on a non- repair/replace agreement
d) Field paths (JC):
i. To receive any fieldpaths report as required
ii. To note responses from LCC and Go Jauntly following letter sent to them requesting funding to help set up two Go Jauntly village walks; and agree actions as required
e) Allotments (PM):
i. To receive details of updated suggested fencing; and a revised site plan; as provided by the developer; and agree any actions as required
f) Vicars Wood (JC):
i. To receive any update as required
7. To receive update reports regarding (DN) (10 mins max):
a) Any matters requiring attention as the Covid 19 situation changes 
b) To note response from LCC regarding a footpath along Lodge Lane
8. To consider the following items (FM) (5 mins max):
a) To note progress on jobs identified in the Annual Village Inspection 2020; and consider plans for an interim inspection
b) Consider installing a new dog bin outside Bill Baileys Playing Field at a cost of either £100 (excluding support post) or £160 (including support post)
c) To resolve on whether or not residents should pay up front for 1) a memorial bench 2) tree work
9. Tree matters (JR) (5 mins max):
a) To receive a general update
10. Councillors’ Reports/Future Agenda items
Councillors are respectfully reminded that this is not an opportunity for debate or decision making.
11. To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed 
12. To approve a recommendation to full council in respect of the Football Club annual rent for 2020/21
13. Date of next meeting:
The next remote meeting of the Parish Council’s Property Committee will be held on 2nd February 2021
Mrs D Locker,  Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer 16 December 2020