Minutes - Property Committee - 2 March 2021

Draft Minutes of the Nettleham Parish Council Property Committee meeting held on Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom online video conferencing
Present:  Cllrs D Newsam (DN) (Chair), Mrs J Clayton (JC); P McNeill (PM); J Radcliffe (JR); P Jenkinson (PJ) 
Also in attendance: Cllr J Evans (JE) (ex officio); Mrs M Vail (Facilities Manager)
There was one member of the public present.  
Meeting commenced at 7.32pm - All were thanked for attending.
025/21 To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence: None received.
026/21 Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations. No disclosures of interest were made.
027/21 The notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 2 February 2021 to be approved as the minutes 
It was resolved to approve the draft notes of the meeting held on 2 February 2021 as a true record.  
028/21 Financial Matters (FM)
a) Review of expenditure:
An expenditure report had been circulated before the meeting and the contents noted.  It is anticipated that the Covid knock on effect will extend possibly until September 2021.  Noted that it was thought that WLDC had agreed their budget.
b) To approve recent/proposed expenditure:
Expenditure presented to the meeting was as follows:
  • Village Facilities - £14.99 + VAT - Grappling anchor hook with 10m nylon rope – to remove items from beck
  • Mulsanne Pavilion - £2.25 + VAT - Gutter facia clips
  • Mulsanne Pavilion - £25.00 + VAT - Replacement – white aluminium extractor grill cover
  • Mulsanne Pavilion - £119.79 +VAT - Replacement (toughened glass) double glazed unit to damaged PVC window (1045x430)
  • Village Facilities - £455 + VAT - Tree works – pruning & crown lift to 9 x trees & remove 1 dying Rowan tree
  • Village Facilities - £140 + VAT - Remove and dispose of cherry tree including stump & root removal
  • VF, Mulsanne, BG & Parish Office - £324.00 - Annual renewal of grass bin collection service
  • Village Facilities - £50 + VAT- Tree works undertaken – Wold View & Orchard Way
  • Village Facilities s137 expenditure - £885 + VAT - Purchase, erect, & take down of Christmas tree
Following a query raised as to whether the green bin expenditure was expensive, it was noted that this service was subsidised.
It was resolved to ratify the abovementioned expenditure.  
029/21 Facilities Manager Report:
The Facilities Manager report had been circulated and the following updates provided:
  • Pavilion - Broken exterior extractor fan cover was replaced in February 2021 but damage occurred a few days after replacement of new fan cover.
  • Pavilion window also broken around same time – replacement cost £143.75.  Reported to Police by Cllr Newsam.
  • Outstanding - Energy smart meter has still not been recommissioned – this has been chased with EDF. (Note: it had been decommissioned by the EDF engineer upon installation as he had considered there to be a gas leak.  No gas leak, only an escape of gas during meter changeover).
  • Mulsanne Car Park - textile bin has been delivered & NPC await the first month’s payment – article has been posted via Facebook & has appeared in the March edition of Nettleham Matters
  • Mulsanne Park - Issues with groups meeting and breaking Covid restrictions.  6 Youths apprehended by Police at MUGA, names taken and parents to be contacted by Police – plus £200 fine for one of these as repeat offender of Covid restrictions.
  • Criminal damage noted to end of brick wall (football stand) – reported to Police by Cllr Newsam
  • Outstanding: - response from University of Lincoln regarding ownership of South boundary ditch (in response to historical flooding)
  • Old School - Outstanding - Energy smart meter has still not been recommissioned
  • Bishops Meadow - Meadow Information sign received – Handyman to install sign
  • Mole catcher has been requested to attend site again under annual contract.  Await confirmation/update from him.
  • Bill Baileys Play Area - Letter to be sent to resident accessing play area from their garden
  • Burial Ground - Letters to go out to plot holders in breach of burial rules
  • Vicar’s Wood - Resident has removed vegetation from side of path to encourage walkers to use the path, rather than use the grass.  He also recommends the top of grass be skimmed to east side of path by Handyman
  • Outstanding – feedback from WLDC following application to fell Yew Tree.  Once received, order to be placed with contractor to fell.
  • All play areas - Annual external play inspection reports from 21 December 2020 – received 19.02.21.  Any actions arising to be reported to a future Property Committee
  • Field paths - Article prompting walkers to stay to paths sent to NM for March edition & to FB pages. Outstanding – Publicity for Go Jauntly app – article to be developed for FB, Nettleham Matters & webpage.
  • Allotments – Meeting held with Truelove developments – revised plan in place
  • Outstanding: - Update to be sent to allotment holders with revised allotment arrangements
  • Village Inspection Jan 2021 – Village Inspection undertaken Jan 2021 – some actions already completed.  Remainder ongoing/outstanding
  • Other - Outstanding – response from Coop to discuss recent flooding to their car park
030/21 Working Groups (15 mins max)
To receive reports as follows:
a) Beck (PJ):
i. To receive an update on general maintenance:
A tree is partially blocking the beck’s flow at Danby Hill S bends. Action: FM to approach LCC in first instance for resolution; then, if required, to attempt to identify the landowner.   As a final resort; if required, FM to obtain a quote for the work.  JC queried why NPC would be paying for work that was not on its land.
ii. To note next meeting is scheduled for 15 March 2021: Noted.
b) Swathe (PM):
i) To receive an update from meeting of Swathe Working Group held 18 February 2021:
PM had contacted a resident to undertake some geology work.  The results of his test pit inspections are currently awaited; but it is thought that the rock is small pieces and not bedrock.  The resident has been asked on how best to move forward. The resident had been provided with detailed trial pit information as determined by the contractor.  Action: FM to arrange Working Group meeting towards the end of March 2021.
c) Mulsanne Park (DN):
i. To receive an update on the recycling bank:
Details are awaited from the textile bin company of how much money NPC has made to date from donated textiles. Action: DN to chase.  The bin has been widely advertised locally; and another publicity drive is planned for October 2021.
ii. To receive an update on Police actions:
The police have caught 6 youths; issued one £200 fine; and dealt with a drunken teenager.  The police have temporarily removed their sign; but this will be replaced in due course.
The Football Club have been undertaking work to the football stands by removing the brick wall; litter picking and clearing up under the stands.  They want to close off the existing gap; and plan a feasibility study with costings for a fence and gates to close off the seating area.
Internal work at the Pavilion is planned to finish off outstanding jobs.
d) Field paths (JC):
i. To receive any fieldpaths report as required:
Footpath information has now been published on NPC’s website.
Face to face Working Group meetings will resume as the Covid situation eases.
ii. To receive any update regarding development of the two Go Jauntly village walks:
Cllr R Porter has completed the Secret Agent trail from the Go Jauntly website; and will prepare wording to publicise it ahead of an early April launch.  He is now working on a History Trail.
e) Allotments (PM):
i. To receive any updates:
PM had attended a meeting between NPC and the developer during which the new allotment site had been discussed.  The meeting had been productive, and the developer has the original amended designs for their architect to use.  The developer has agreed to a fence sunk below the ground surface to deter pests. The current timescale is for a late summer site handover (possibly August 2021); to tie into a handover to allotment holders when the new rental year begins.  The A46 site would therefore close in 2021/22; and the site would be cleared 22/23.
f) Vicars Wood (JC):
i. To receive any update as required:
The lead volunteer for Vicars Wood had recovered some of the path around the grass triangle.  He had circulated a newsletter; and was still to provide some information for an article for the parish council’s website.
g) Play Equipment (DN)
i.  To receive recommendation for a grass maze on the upper tier of Bill Bailey’s playing field:
This has been identified as a free low carbon activity which will link into the Climate Change Strategy; the idea being to let the grass grow and mow maze paths into it.  It was resolved that the idea of a grass maze be adopted.  Action: FM
It was noted that a resident on the boundary of the upper tier has cut steps into the bank. Action: FM to write to resident requesting repair and reinstatement of the bank within a specified timeframe otherwise a contractor will be employed at the resident’s expense.  Resident to also be asked to use the proper entrance into Bill Baileys Playing Field.
031/21 To receive update reports regarding (DN)
a) Any matters requiring attention as the Covid 19 situation changes:
A Government roadmap out of lockdown has been issued; with sport; and children’s dance able to resume shortly.  Other activities will subsequently open as lockdown restrictions are increasingly lifted.  The Old School is available for the forthcoming May elections. Nettleham Carnival 2021 has been cancelled.
032/21 To consider the following items
a) To consider report on Village Inspection carried out during January 2021:
Inspections had been completed, and the final report will be produced for the next meeting following late receipt of some feedback. 
b) To consider installation of additional posts to mount the speed indicator device:
New possible sites are: Greetwell Lane; Sudbrooke Lane on the approach from Sudbrooke; and outside the junior school (although speed limits here vary on the time of day).  Action: JR to establish if there is sufficient distance, given the 30mph speed sign, to allow for a speed sign on Greetwell Lane; and to bring recommendations to next meeting.
c) To receive an update on non-conformity of burial and cremation plots:
FM and Facilities Assistant had undertaken a survey which had identified several plots in contravention of the Burial Ground Rules and Regulations. In addition, topple testing of headstones had identified several as loose; including three which were very loose and of particular concern.  The FM will write letters. Action: FM
033/21 Tree matters (JR)
a) To receive a general update:
The Royal Oak has been pruned; and all bar 1 or 2 orchard trees have been pruned.   The Striped Beefing apple tree has canker and may require removal at some point.  The nearby mixed scrub is a designated nature reserve and should be left.
b) To receive an update on work carried out by Western Power:
The work is poor; with trees being cut away around cables, and not being reshaped.  Action: FM 
c) To receive update on planned tree works within the conservation area:
Purchase Orders have been issued in respect of all trees requiring work within the conservation area (on the Green, outside 10 Church Street; and on land opposite Luv A Duck Cottage).  A works order in respect of a yew requiring felling outside Vicars Wood has also been issued; along with additional instructions for the retention of the lower felled trunk against future use as a pedestal for a plaque.
A resident has accepted the offer of the location outside 10 Church Street for a memorial tree. Action: FM
034/21 Councillors’ Reports/Future Agenda items
Following a query from PJ; it was confirmed that residents of Ambrose Court are temporarily parking at the Old School, with Parish Council permission, due to road closure.
Agenda items: Village Inspection, Play Inspection Reports; to consider setting up an Earmarked Reserves against future tree work.
035/21 Date of next meeting: 30 March 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom.
Meeting ended at 20.36pm.
Mrs Michelle Vail, Facilities Manager, Nettleham Parish Council