Minutes - Property Committee - 5 January 2021

Minutes of the Nettleham Parish Council Property Committee meeting
Held on Tuesday 5th January 2021 via Zoom online video conferencing
Present:  Cllrs D Newsam (DN) (Chair), J Clayton (JC); P McNeill (PM); J Radcliffe (JR); P Jenkinson (PJ)
Also in attendance: Cllr J Evans (JE) (ex officio); Mrs M Vail (FM) (Facilities Manager)
Cllr R Porter (RP) joined the meeting at 8.30pm; then left the meeting at 8.44pm.
There were no members of the public present.  
Meeting started at 7.31pm.
001/21 To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence: None received.
002/21 Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations:
No disclosures of interest were made.
003/21 The notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 24 November 2020 to be approved as the minutes:
It was proposed, seconded, and resolved with all in favour to approve the draft notes as a true record.  
004/21 Financial Matters (FM) (5 mins max):
a) Review of expenditure:
Expenditure figures had been circulated before the meeting; and no queries were raised in respect of these.
b) To approve recent/proposed expenditure:
It was proposed, seconded, and resolved with all in favour to approve the following proposed expenditure:
  • £90.00 inc VAT – ramps for works van to enable loading of heavier items
  • £800.00 + VAT – to clean MUGA court; with the work to be scheduled for May 2020.
  • £1328.00 inc VAT – to stone under weirs.  It was proposed, seconded, and resolved with all in favour to approve transferring £500 from the £2000 beck budget allocated for the LRT beck project; into the beck budget head; and for the work to take place in March 2021 when the water level has dropped and before the weirs are reinstated.  Action: FM
Noted that government grants are once again available for business disruption during the current Covid lockdown; and that NPC may be able to access £4000 in respect of loss of hiring income.
005/21 Facilities Manager Report: 
The following report was given:
  • hot water heater is defunct: plans are to replace it via a grant.
  • Furniture and kitchen items which were gifted to NPC are now on site
  • Defibrillator checks are being reported to WLDC
  • A broken roof tile has been replaced
  • External legionellosis risk assessment has been completed
Mulsanne Car Park – textile bin to be delivered in January, to be located between the two new lighting columns.  An agreement is being drafted to be signed by the company providing the textile bin. This will need to be promoted.
Old School:
  • A new Small Hall boiler has been fitted w/c 14 December 2020.
  • Furniture and kitchen items which were gifted to NPC are now on site
  • Leaking guttering has been repaired
Bishops Meadow – a replacement information sign has been received and will be fitted soon.
Christmas tree- this was taken down on 4th January; and the associated electrical work carried out on 5th January.
Kingsway – rat problem – WLDC continue to work with residents to mop up.  No further rat problems have been reported to the parish office.
All play areas – annual external play inspections were carried out on 21 December 2020.
Across village – inspection of benches has been completed, and any required maintenance work is underway.
Vicars Wood – a section of fencing has been replaced by the company responsible for the damage.  This company was undertaking tree work adjacent to Vicars Wood for a housing association.
Facilities Team – non-routine tasks completed in November 2020 were circulated.
006/21 Working Groups (15 mins max)
To receive reports as follows:
a) Beck (PJ):
i. To receive an update on general maintenance:
DN and PJ had cleared the beck in the Danby Hill area in early December, but it needs doing again once the increased water flow has subsided.  The current increased water flow is helping to wash silt away.
b) Swathe (PM):
i. To consider revised fee structure to develop the Swathe as a memorial garden and agree actions as required:
Noted that work to date had been completed and paid for to the cost of £7950 of either £15,750 or £24,750 (ie possible total lower and upper costs of project); meaning the amount left to pay to complete the planning of the project is between £7,800 and £16,800.  Further noted that the contractor, following investigations, had advised that the Swathe could not support burials due to insufficient ground depth before hitting bedrock.  It could, however, be used as a memorial garden for cremated remains.  Additional budget will still be required to lay out the site; eg install paths and fencing; and that the contractor had been asked to provide a modular approach to develop the site in sections. 
It was proposed, seconded, and resolved with all in favour to ask that full council approves a recommendation to turn the Swathe project into a cremation memorial garden with anticipated costs expected to be £8000 to get the project to the planning stage. Action: FM
Action: FM to ascertain the cost of a planning application.
Action: FM to arrange a Swathe Working Group meeting for early February 2021.
Action: FM to provide DN with current working groups membership list.
c) Mulsanne Park (DN):
i. To consider any update from the University of Lincoln representative regarding ditch clear out (southern boundary):
The representative is awaiting input from university managers; but it is anticipated that the current Covid lockdown will delay progress in this matter.  The ditch now contains water so any work will need to be undertaken in dry weather. Action: DN
ii. To receive update on pavilion refurbishment including:
A recent meeting had taken place with the three sports clubs in respect of the proposed refurbishment.  Identified refurbishment/improvement works include both those within the pavilion as well as a path to the MUGA court; which will then continue from the MUGA court to the Stirlin estate.  Grants will be sought from two grant providers: the FA and the FCC.  The FA is a rolling application programme with an approximate two-week turnaround.  The FCC works to a three-month grant approval programme; with a reply taking up to two months to be received.
Work is in progress to arrive at a total cost estimate which will go before full council in due course for approval.
a) To approve the loan of bar equipment to clubs on a non- repair/replace agreement:
Confirmed that if a loaned item is subsequently broken, it will be the relevant club’s responsibility to repair or replace the item and, if replaced, the new item will then be under ownership of the club in question. It was proposed, seconded, and resolved with all in favour to approve the loan of bar equipment to clubs on a non- repair/replace agreement.
At this point in the meeting it was proposed, seconded, and resolved with all in favour to approve deferring the following items on fieldpaths (di and dii) until such time as Cllr R Porter could join the meeting.
d) Field paths (JC):
i. To receive any fieldpaths report as required
ii. To note responses from LCC and Go Jauntly following letter sent to them requesting funding to help set up two Go Jauntly village walks; and agree actions as required:
The above items to be considered after the following item on allotments.
e) Allotments (PM):
i. To receive details of updated suggested fencing; and a revised site plan; as provided by the developer; and agree any actions as required:
Revised site plan – the developer has changed the shape of the site but the area remains the same.
However, the new plan shows only 27 plots; a loss of 3x 105m^2 plots (original plan showed 30 105m^2 plots); a total of 415m^2 - however plots 1, 7, 15, 16, 27 appear to be larger than 105m^2; and the concrete pad/ paving slabs area seems to have doubled (originally a converted 31st 105m^2 plot). The revised site plan means that it is no longer possible to provide bigger plots to those allotment holders who had asked for them.  It was also queried that clarification is required as to which allotment site drawing is the correct and current one as, previously, several different ones have been provided but all with the same date. 
Noted that there are currently 14 people on the waiting list for an allotment.
At this point in the meeting (8.30pm), Cllr R Porter joined the meeting. He advised that, within the development documents, S106 commits the developer to an allotment site size of 104 x 51mtrs. 
Fencing - allotment holders have previously expressed concerns about the depth fencing goes into the ground to protect against vermin infestation; eg rabbits.  As such, the proposed fencing, which sits on the ground, is not satisfactory.  Cllr Porter and the previous FM had liaised with the City of Lincoln allotments manager and will forward on paperwork from this research.  Cllr Porter noted there is a specification for depth of fence underground; also, that the fencing is splayed underground. 
It was agreed that further discussions are needed with the developer. JE is facilitating a separate meeting as requested by the developer; so the above allotment matters can be part of this meeting, with DN and PM therefore also invited to attend.   
Field paths (JC):
i. To receive any fieldpaths report as required:
RP and JC are putting some content together for NPC’s website.
ii. To note responses from LCC and Go Jauntly following letter sent to them requesting funding to help set up two Go Jauntly village walks; and agree actions as required:
LCC will fund two trails on the Go Jauntly app. One will be a shorter family mystery trail around the village; and the second one will be a longer history trail around the fieldpaths. Work on these can proceed once Go Jauntly receive the money from LCC; and NPC will generate the content.  Noted that 1) imagery and information can be taken from the Neighbourhood Plan character assessment for use on the app; and 2) that RP can provide additional fieldpaths information to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan character assessment. Action: RP
Noted that there is a new Fieldpaths Working Group member who can assist with this project.
RP left the meeting at 8.44pm.
f) Vicars Wood (JC):
i. To receive any update as required:
JC and the lead volunteer for Vicars Wood are putting some content together for NPC’s website.  WLDC’s Tree Officer has responded to JC in respect of the plane tree in Vicars Wood.  Action: JC to forward response to FM.
Applications are currently with WLDC in respect of planned tree works within the conservation area.  Subject to there being no objections; orders for the works are expected to be placed end January/early February.  Action: FM to update at next meeting.
007/21 To receive update reports regarding (DN):
a) Any matters requiring attention as the Covid 19 situation changes:
The latest national lockdown has just commenced.  Although play areas can remain open, the facilities, tennis and MUGA courts have had to close.  Facilities have been locked off and signage displayed. Hirers are being advised as appropriate.
b) To note response from LCC regarding a footpath along Lodge Lane:
DN provided an update on the following:
1.) One Way System around Co-op area - LCC have recommended this is taken forward for feasibility. The DfT want increased consultation to ensure community support exists for any amendments, including from traders. This can, however, still be carried out as a 'temporary' project but by using planters and traffic wands rather than bollards so it doesn't appear temporary.   
2.) Lodge Lane. This is now harder to deliver following the DfT's shift in stance with funding, but LCC will carry out some informal feasibility work to see how a potential scheme might fit within the new priorities. 
3.) Sudbrooke Lane cycle/footpath – This is going to be a permanent and longer-term project. 
4.) NCN 1 Cycle Path – The section to Danby Hills is on the list and works are programmed. The route from Lincoln to Welton (via Nettleham) is identified as a priority route from the Cycling & Walking Network Plan. This plan doesn't come with finance attached to it, but it does provide the evidence base for improvements and the basis for funding.
008/21 To consider the following items (FM) (5 mins max):
a) To note progress on jobs identified in the Annual Village Inspection 2020; and consider plans for an interim inspection:
The 2020 report had been circulated prior to this meeting.  Only a few jobs remain outstanding; and these are in hand; namely some bench maintenance work and vegetation work.  Three trees have died off on Bill Baileys: two near to the original play area which can be removed; and the third, the WI tree, for the FM to liaise with the WI. Action: FM
The next village inspection is imminent, with councillors and the FM to carry out inspections in pairs (as allowed under Covid restrictions). Findings are to be reported to the FM for collation ahead of reporting back at the 2nd February meeting.
The following inspection is scheduled for August 2021; for reporting to the September 2021 meeting.
b) Consider installing a new dog bin outside Bill Baileys Playing Field at a cost of either £100 (excluding support post) or £160 (including support post):
It was proposed, seconded, and resolved with all in favour to approve the location as being on the soil area adjacent to the main gate into Bill Baileys off Scothern Road; and to approve expenditure of £160 + VAT for a bin and support post (VF Misc budget code 1520).  Noted that it was not feasible to relocate the existing bin. Action: FM
c) To resolve on whether or not residents should pay up front for 1) a memorial bench 2) tree work:
Noted that issues have arisen in the past with some non-payments.  FM advised that residents can be issued with an invoice; then orders for works or goods subsequently placed once payment has been received.  As this is a procedural matter, it was agreed that this goes before the Personnel and Standards Panel. 
009/21 Tree matters (JR) (5 mins max):
a) To receive a general update:
A resident had e-mailed regarding tree and tree guards on Green Lane.  Action: JR to inspect Green Lane trees as identified by the resident. Action: DN to inspect Swathe trees.
010/21 Councillors’ Reports/Future Agenda items:
Noted that:
  • the Co-op car park had flooded on 23rd December 2020.  Action: FM to contact Co-op
  • a new member had joined the Beck Working Group
  • a trader is selling curries and alcohol from the Co-op car park and that the Co-op are aware
  • several residents’ hedges are overhanging footpaths.  Action: all to note during village inspections and advise FM of locations.  Action: FM
011/21 To resolve whether to move into closed session and exclude the public and press, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed:
It was proposed, seconded, and resolved with all in favour to move into closed session and exclude the public and press, in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the commercial or sensitive nature of business to be discussed.
012/21 To approve a recommendation to full council in respect of the Football Club annual rent for 2020/21:
Noted that normal annual rent should be £4200; but that the impact of Covid has negatively impacted the use of facilities.  Therefore, a recommendation is being made, to reflect the situation, that a split season approach to setting rent is taken as follows:
  • Period 1 - Backdate mid-September 2020 – 31 December 2020
  • Period 2 – 13 January to end Feb 2021
  • Period 3 – March to mid May 2021

Confirmed that the football club are happy with the suggested framework.

013/21 Date of next meeting:
The next remote meeting of the Parish Council’s Property Committee will be held on 2nd February 2021
Meeting ended at 9.28pm.
Mrs M Vail.  Facilities Manager
7 January 2021