Minutes - Property Committee - 2 February 2021

Held on Tuesday 2 February 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom online video conferencing
Present:  Cllrs D Newsam (DN) (Chair), Mrs J Clayton (JC); P McNeill (PM); J Radcliffe (JR); 
P Jenkinson (PJ) 
Also in attendance: Cllr J Evans (JE) (ex officio); Mrs D Locker (Parish Clerk)
There were no members of the public present.  
Meeting commenced at 7.30pm.
014/21 To resolve to receive apologies and accept reasons for absence: None received.
015/21 Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations:
No disclosures of interest were made.
016/21 The notes of the Property Committee meeting held on 5 January 2021 to be approved as the minutes:
It was proposed, seconded, and agreed to approve the draft notes of the meeting held on 5 January 2021 as a true record.  Unanimous (by those in attendance at that meeting).
017/21 Financial Matters 
a) Review of expenditure:
An expenditure report had been circulated before the meeting and the contents noted.
b) To approve recent/proposed expenditure:
  • £490 +VAT – for annual service/inspection of gas appliances at Old School Large Hall & Pavilion;
  • £120 + VAT for brackets for affixing benches to bases
  • £309 + VAT for annual intruder monitoring contract – Parish Office & Mulsanne Pavilion
It was proposed, seconded, and agreed to ratify/approve the expenditure.  Unanimous
018/21 Facilities Manager Report: 
The Facilities Manager report had been circulated and the following updates provided:
  • The textile recycling bin has been delivered and sited at the Mulsanne Park, car park;
  • Broken exterior extractor fan cover replaced; Energy smart meter has still not been recommissioned.

Old School:

  • New boiler has been installed in Small Hall;

Bishops Meadow: 

  • A new information sign has now been received (following damage to original) and will be installed by Village Handy Person;
  • Mole catcher has been contacted and asked to attend Meadow site under annual contract.

 Bill Bailey’s Play area:

  • New dog bin installed outside Scothern Road entrance;
  • A gate has been temporarily locked off (with signage) due to wet weather & slippery bank.
019/21 Working Groups 
a) Beck (PJ):
i. To receive an update on general maintenance
During regular inspections, ongoing debris/blockage have been removed from the beck, at Brookfield Ave & Danby Hill;
ii. To receive any feedback from Co-op regarding recent flooding of their car park
Confirmation about a proposed meeting date awaited, from the Coop.
iii. To note next meeting is scheduled for 22 February 2021 – 
The meeting date was noted.
b) Swathe (PM):
i. To note next meeting is scheduled for 18 February 2021
The date was noted; further feedback is awaited from CDS.
c)  Mulsanne Park (DN):
i. To consider any update from the University of Lincoln representative regarding ditch clear out (southern boundary)
A response is still awaited, from University of Lincoln. It was noted that this matter had been ongoing for almost 2 years.
ii. To receive update on pavilion refurbishment
No progress or update, at this time.
d) Field paths (JC):
i. To receive any fieldpaths report as required
No specific items to note from the field path group.
ii. To note letter requesting the Parish Council remind parishioners to remain on definitive footpaths when out walking in the countryside
Committee heard that several complaints had been received recently, from landowners and some residents, advising that walkers are straying off the designated field paths onto private land, including at Danby Hill and near Mulsanne Park.  During discussion it was suggested that provision 
of a map at the entrances to field paths may assist walkers to keep to the designated route(s).  Cllr Mrs Clayton advised that maps had been put up in the past, but have gone over time and offered to check out the availability of an up to date map for display and communications.
iii. To receive any update regarding development of the two Go Jauntly village walks
No update received.
e) Allotments (PM):
i. To receive any update as required
Committee were advised an update meeting, with Truelove Developments, is awaited.
f) Vicars Wood (JC):
i.     To receive any update as required
Application to fell Yew tree in Vicar’s Wood has been submitted to WLDC, decision awaited.
  • Prepare article for Nettleham Matters, Facebook and website about the textile bin, at MP;
  • Chase up installation of smart meters, arrange reading at premises & request refunds;
  • Chase up annual inspection report – following external play area inspections;
  • Arrange meeting with Coop to discuss recent flooding to their car park;
  • Contact representative from University of Lincoln re: South boundary ditch clear out, at MP;
  • Arrange meeting with Truelove Developments about final allotment layout – Scothern Rd;
  • Write to current allotment holders to provide an interim update. 
020/21 To receive update reports regarding (DN):
a) Any matters requiring attention as the Covid 19 situation changes:
Feedback received from the Police is they have undertaken a number of visits to Mulsanne Park recently in response to a number of reports, via calls to 101, related to breach of Covi-19 restrictions, by young people/teenagers.  The football club have also now removed the football nets.
021/21 To consider the following items (FM) 
a) To consider report on interim Village Inspection carried out in January 2021
During the recent village inspection, it was evident that individuals are accessing the Bill Bailey playing field directly from their garden, rather than by the gated entrance on Scothern Rd; this has also been witnessed by a Councillor. Further discussion about the village inspection report was deferred until the next meeting.
ACTION: FM to write to resident(s) to request they only use the official access routes, onto the park, in the future. 
b) To receive report on non-conformity of burial and cremation plots 
During recent inspections of the burial ground it was noted that several grave and cremated remains plot holders are in breach of the council’s burial ground rules.  These breaches include: extending outside of the plot area, installation of raised edging, use of stones and additional items left at plots.  
ACTION: FM to write to plot owners to request they take remedial actions to ensure that they conform with the Council’s cemetery rules.
c) To consider offer of a donation of a bench (location: Bill Baileys Playing Field)
Committee were advised that a request had been received to site a new bench in the parish.  During recent inspections it was noted that there is a need for several benches, at Bill Baileys playing field.  
It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Committee recommend that the Parish Council: Accepts the offer to donate a memorial bench for siting at the Bill Bailey’s Playing Field.  
d) To consider a request from a mobile catering company to sell food from Mulsanne Car park on Friday evenings, on site from 5pm - 10pm (including set up and shut down)
During discussion, it was acknowledged that Council had recently agreed the siting of a mobile catering unit selling Tai/teppinyaki food at Mulsanne Park car park, each Saturday afternoon/early evening. However, it was raised that there are already premises, in the village selling take away pizzas along with a mobile catering unit operating from a car park, at other non-council premises.   It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the recommendation to the Parish Council be: To refuse the request to site a mobile pizza catering unit at Mulsanne Park car park.
022/21 Tree matters (JR)
a) To receive a general update
  • Council have been notified that Western Power have engaged a tree contractor to undertake cut backs to a number of trees, on LCC highway land, that are encroaching on overhead power lines.  Approval has already been provided by WLDC, given that some trees are in the Conservation area.
  • Some time ago the Council’s appointed a contractor to undertake a tree survey; this has now been completed and their report is awaited. 
It was raised that several apple trees and the Royal Oak at Bishops Meadow site require pruning.   
ACTION:  JR to liaise with volunteers and Facilities Manager to arrange suitable cut back to 2 x apple trees and the Royal Oak.
b) To receive update on planned tree works within conservation area (outside 2 High Street, outside 10 Church Street, Vicars Wood, the Green)
Item not discussed.
023/21 Councillors’ Reports/Future Agenda items
Councillors are respectfully reminded that this is not an opportunity for debate or decision making.
  • To discuss installation of additional posts to mount the speed indicator device.
024/21 Date of next meeting:
The next remote meeting of the Parish Council’s Property Committee will be held on 2 March 2021.
The meeting closed at 8.36pm
Mrs D Locker – Parish Clerk
Minutes of Property Committee Meeting – 2 February 2021 - Signed:________________ Date: _________