Minutes - 14 July 2020




PRESENT:  Councillors: J Evans (Chairman), P Jenkinson (Vice-Chairman), Mrs J Clayton, Mrs A White, P McNeill, D Newsam, J Barrett, J Radcliffe, A Henderson

Also in attendance remotely: Mrs D Locker (Clerk), Cllr Mrs Brockway (LCC), Cllr G McNeill (WLDC) and 2 members of the public

Councillors not present: - Cllr C Higham.

Commencing at 7.36pm

The Chairman welcomed those in attendance remotely and would commence with the opening of the public session.

Public Forum

Resident 1 – advised they were in attendance as a resident in the Baker Drive area:

  • To express their deep concerns about the developer (Larkfleet) pressing ahead with plans to develop an adjacent site;
  • They were told by the developer’s representatives that the site would remain as farmland, prior to purchase of their current home;
  • Having considered the planning applications (140938 & 141032 on the agenda) their main concerns are about parking arrangements, the density e.g. it is a lot higher than the adjacent new development and associated noise that will arise;
  • The planned development is not in character with the village;
  • The developers are trying to push for the angle for provision of social housing which the resident does not feel it is required, at this point;
  • In conclusion they felt that the proposals will have an impact on residents.

The Chairman confirmed that the Council has already submitted feedback to WLDC opposing the proposals, particularly as the development is not identified as a development site within the Nettleham Neighbourhood plan and concerns about the density. He also noted that over 100 residents had responded to the Planning consultation.  This development is to be considered by the WLDC Planning Committee and Council will make representation to oppose the development proposals, at Committee

Councillor Mrs Brockway advised:

  • Proposals related to future plans for the Linelands site are likely to be taken to the LCC Executive meeting in September 2020;
  • Residents at Parkside, who had severe cutbacks to their hedges by LCC contractors have now had their hedges removed and alternative contractors, of their choice, will provide replacements;
  • There has been an approx. 25% increase in waste deposited at the LCC recycling centres and the  appointment system introduced at the centres is to be retained in the future;
  • The child HPV vaccination programme has fallen behind and additional promotion is requested by all
  • She would like to thank Cllr Radcliffe for all of the work he’s put in posting information via Facebook.

Councillor G McNeill

  • Recently there has been a significant rise in reports of fly-tipping within the Nettleham parish including at Hall Lane and Riseholme Lane.  The WLDC enforcement team will, however, be pursuing prosecutions where possible; he went on to advise that individuals can report incidences of fly-tipping via the WLDC website.
  • The new leisure centre built at Market Rasen is set to open on 25 July 2020;

The Chairman requested feedback about the effects of Covid-19 on the District Council’s budget.  Cllr G McNeill advised:

Current projections are that WLDC:

- need to find an extra £2.4m for their current budget, associated with Covid-19 measures;

- are considered in a more favourable financial position compared with other Lincolnshire Districts;

- could still potentially sustain losses of income, for up to 2 years.

Councillor Mrs White (WLDC) advised:

  • Following receipt of a complaint from a resident she had been in touch with Larkfleet developers to urge they progress the clearing of a range of items/rubbish from the land (off Deepdale Lane) that should have been retained, as ridge and furrow. 
  • She has arranged to meet with the WLDC Planning Officer and Historic Environment Officer to seek to progress this forward with the developer as they are considered to be  in breach of the Planning conditions/regulation that were included in the planning application decision;

Police Report – No incident report having been received, from the Police.

The Meeting opened at 8.00pm


The Clerk advised that apologies had been received from Cllr Higham.

It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED: To accept apologies and the reasons given for their absence.  Unanimous


Councillor J Barrett declared an interest in respect of item 6(5) and 6(6) on the agenda.


It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council, held on 16 June 2020, be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chairman.  Unanimous - (by those that had been in attendance at the meeting.

078/20.  CLERK’S REPORT  (for information only)

  •  A response has been received from LCC regarding the review of bus stops on Deepdale Lane advising that any bus stop changes requested, are currently on hold;
  • The speed indicator device has been delivered to the Parish Office and confirmation is awaited from LCC about the progress for fitting of 2 new posts; also about availability of a member of staff for guidance about installation of brackets to the LCC posts already in situ to install the device;
  • Feedback is awaited from LCC about undertaking a review of the junction at Deepdale Lane and A46; also for the potential for changes to the speed restriction being reduced from 60mph to 40mph along Lodge Lane near to the Rugby club, for it then to run to the existing 30mph limit, nearer the bend;
  • The Police Neighbourhood team have advised that they will no longer provide incident data (as it is available from their website) and will be sending the Council a quarterly newsletter update.  The new Police Beat Manager has already been invited to the next Council meeting – 15/9/20 by the Clerk;
  • The Chairman had subsequently viewed the website and Council are concerned at the type and amount of serious incidents logged as having occurred in the vicinity of the Police HQ. Councillors have suggested these have been incorrectly coded on the Police data and could potential create an impression the parish as a high crime area.  This to be explored further with the Police Beat Manager;
  • A letter has been sent to the resident advising her request to plant a memorial Cherry Tree, at Bishops Meadow had been declined; however Council would continue in their efforts to find an alternative, suitable location for such a tree, on parish land.


(a)  To ratify Payments made – 01/06/20 – 30/06/20

It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That Council ratify payments made during June 2020.  Unanimous

(b) To consider the Income & Expenditure report at 30/06/20.  The contents were noted including that no income has been received from the Old School since March.

(c)  To consider Bank Account balances at 30/06/20.  The bank account statement balances were checked and signed off as a true record by the Chairman.

(d)  To consider renewal of CPRE membership from 2/8/20 at £36.  Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That Council will not renew their membership with CPRE from August 2020.  Unanimous

(e)  To consider Public Works Loan repayments – July 2020 and outstanding balances.  The information was noted - including the payments due July 2020 and outstanding loan balances.


a) To receive/ratify recommendations or observations on the following planning applications:-

1)  Corner Cottage, 27, East Street Mr & Mrs J Downs                                                               141211

Listed building consent for conversion and extension to existing single storey outbuilding to form

new accessible bedroom and bathroom.   Comments from Planning Liaison Panel - No comment

2)  Corner Cottage, 27, East Street  Mr & Mrs J Downs                                                               141211

Planning application for conversion and extension to existing single storey outbuilding to form new accessible bedroom and bathroom.     Comments from Planning Liaison Panel - No comment

3) 23, Shaw Way                                Mr & Mrs D Fogg                                                                  141169

Planning application for a two storey and single storey rear extension with garage conversion

Comments from Planning Liaison Panel - Nettleham Parish Council have concerns over this application with regard to the proximity of the proposed 2 storey wall to the rear.  This wall would present the view a large brick wall only approximately 2 m for the adjoining property to the rear and potentially impact the setting of the neighbouring property to the rear.

4) 73, Sudbrooke Lane                     Mr Oliver Samkin                                                                  141168

Planning application for a rear single storey extension  

Comments from Planning Liaison Panel - No comment

5)  Land off Deepdale Lane              Mr Mark Mann                                                                       140938

Planning application for construction of 33no. Entry Level homes and associated infrastructure - Phase 2 - amended in line boundary, reduction in house numbers, changes to site layout & types

Comments from Planning Liaison Panel - Nettleham Parish Council strongly objects to this application.

This proposed part of the phase 2 application previously submitted under PA 140938 for 38 homes plus PA 141032 previously submitted for 2 Bungalows for older people. 

Our objections to those previous applications have not been modified by this revised PA.  The Phase 2 proposal in total or in part for development on this site does not comply with the CLLP or the Nettleham Neighbourhood plan as stated in our previous submission.

6)  Land off Deepdale Lane              Mr Mark Mann                                                                       141032

Planning application for erection of 2no. affordable elderly persons bungalows and 5no. homes 

(change of description & additional information)    

Comments from Planning Liaison Panel - Nettleham Parish Council strongly objects to this application.

This proposed part of the Deepdale Lane phase 2 applications previously submitted under PA 140938 for 38 homes plus PA 141032 previously submitted for 2 Bungalows for older people. 

Our objections to those previous applications have not been modified by this revised PA.  The Phase 2 proposal in total or in part for development on this site does not comply with the CLLP or the Nettleham Neighbourhood plan as stated in our previous submission.

Following discussion - it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  That the Councils comments be submitted to WLDC for the planning applications shown as agenda items 6(a)(1-6), as above.  For: 8;   Abstentions:  1

(b) Appeals, Consents, Refusals and Withdrawals, Decisions received

 i)   Appeal Decisions

  • Brown Cow Inn, Lincoln Rd            Mr R Wilkinson                         APP/N2535/W/20/3244288

Proposed change of use from pub to 3 bed dwelling, construction of 4 x 3 bed dwellings 

Appeal dismissed (refused) - 30.06.20

ii)    Decisions

  • 30, Baker Drive                                  Mr Jason Gray                                                          140985

Planning application to erect boundary fencing. 19/6/20 - Granted time limit +conditions

  • Land off Scothern Road       Mr Musson                                                                            140946

Outline planning application to erect 7no. dwellings with access to be considered and not reserved for subsequent applications. Refused 15/06/20

  • 29, Wold View                                    Mr Simon Hardy                                                        140876

Planning application for erection of two storey extension to front with thermal upgrade using external wall insulation to the entire exterior. Granted time limit +conditions 20/05/2020

  • 20, Cliff Avenue                                 Mr & Mrs Unsworth                                                  140838

Planning application for alterations to existing dormer, ground floor extension and dormer extension to the rear. Granted time limit + conditions.  27/05/2020

  • 1 Brookfield Avenue                         Mrs. Melanie Gregory                                              140749
  • Planning application for single storey extension to rear and internal alterations. Granted time limit +conditions 29/05/2020

c) Tree Application – None

d) Update on outstanding planning


(a)  To note the draft minutes of the Property Committee meeting held on 7 July 2020

The contents of the minutes were noted.  The Chairman of the Property Committee provided a further update:

  • The 3 new bike racks, grant funded by LCC are to be fitted 15 July, 2020 at Mulsanne car park;
  • The village beck project works are currently postponed due to Covid-19 related issues;

b)  To receive an update about the proposed burial ground extension, into the Swathe

Subsequent feedback received from Historic England, via the Council’s contractors CDS, has been more positive in relation to Council’s plans to extend the burial ground into the Swathe.  This follows initial concerns expressed that extensive and costly archaeological surveys were required; however, before proceeding with Council’s plans, final feedback from Historic England is awaited. The final burial plan in respect of the existing cemetery is also awaited, from CDS.

c)  To consider recommendations to Council – Covid related and opening of Council buildings/facilities 

Following discussion, having regard to up to date government guidance, it was proposed, seconded and  RESOLVED:  To keep the council’s building facilities closed and this be reviewed 1/9/20 For: 8;    Abstention: 1

d)  To consider recommendation to set up a Speed Watch Working Group

Council were advised that Cllr Radcliffe was nominated, by Property Committee on 7 July 2020 as the lead Councillor for the Speed Watch project; with Cllrs Newsam and Jenkinson to act as substitutes.

e)  To consider agreement for additional expenditure for an additional grass cut, if required

Council heard that last year an additional cut was required as, due to good weather experienced, the growing season was extended.  It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve expenditure for an additional grass cut, if a further cut is necessary.   Unanimous                 

f)   To consider recommendations - review of sport club rents

Council were advised that the sport club arrangements and their respective rents were due for a full review and a new agreement is to be put in place, from April 2020.  However, due to the impact of covid-19 the cricket teams have been unable to use the facilities, following closure of the Pavilion. The tennis club, however, were only unable to use the courts for a two month period - (April and May).  These arrangements were discussed at Property Committee meeting on 7 July 20 and it was recommended that Council:

  • Use the 2019 rent charge and add a 2% uplift from April 2020, to all of the sports team rents;
  • Apportion the charge for the Cricket club’s limited usage, commencing from early July to the end of September 2020 (e.g. due to closure and ongoing limited usage and access only to the WC at the Pavilion);
  • Charge the Tennis club for only 10 of the 12 months’ rent for 20/21 to reflect the two month closure;
  • Charge the football club the full increased rent for 202/21 on the assumption that the club will have access and full use of the facilities, from October 2020.  However, this will be subject to review should the club have restricted use of the facilities from commencement of the season;
  • Will undertake a full review of the terms and rents and will arrange for a new agreements to be put to all clubs using Mulsanne Park and the Pavilion, from 2021/22.

It was proposed seconded and RESOLVED:  To agree that the recommendations of the Property Committee be put in place and arrange to charge the clubs accordingly.  Unanimous


(a)  To receive an update from the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) review group

Council considered the contents of an update report submitted by Councillor Higham and the key points identified, including:

  • Initial thoughts are that Council undertake a light touch review of the NP
  • Subsequent feedback received from the Council’s consultant suggests that, mindful of current national planning policy, there is potential vulnerability that could leave the parish open to unwanted development, if a more thorough review is not undertaken;
  • The Consultant’s recommendation is that a more detailed character assessment, to include areas highlighted for protection and also for future development should be included as part of the review;
  • Quotations have already been sought from three suitably qualified individuals to undertake a character assessment and their feedback is awaited;
  • The Council’s Chairman will also investigate the potential to bid for additional grant funding to assist with the cost (anticipated at between £3,000-£4,000) as the basic grant allocation to Councils has now been increased by £1,000;
  • Council’s approval for additional authority to spend, from unallocated reserves, is also likely to be requested, at a later date, to allow for budget provision to be identified to under the assessment.                   


a)  To commence recruitment process to the vacant post – Assistant Clerk

The Clerk advised that following Council’s approval to recruit to the role, the Panel had reviewed the post’s Job Description and Person Specification.  The Panel had subsequently recommended that some candidate testing be included, as part of the recruitment process.  The post will also be advertised imminently.

b)  To approve new and updated policies:

            i)  Vexatious or persistent complainants Policy (New)

            ii)  Appointing Contractors & Project Review Policy (New)

            iii) Disciplinary Policy (update)

            iv) Councillor Vacancies (Co-option) Policy (update)

Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To approve and adopt the policies, with immediate effect.   Unanimous


a) To consider applications for Co-option to the Councillor vacancy

It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To co-opt Mark Homer to the Councillor vacancy.   Unanimous

b) To appoint to vacancies on Property Committee & Personnel & Standards Panel

It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To appoint Cllr Jenkinson to the vacancy on Property Committee and Cllr Henderson to the Personnel and Standards Panel vacancy.  Unanimous

c) To receive an update about development of a Communications strategy and publicity matters

 Council were advised that the communications and publicity strategy is currently in development and will be brought to a future meeting of the Parish Council. Thanks were also put forward in recognition of the work undertaken by Mrs Appleton, towards development of this strategy, who has since stepped down as a Councillor.

d)  To consider setting up a website review Working Group

The Clerk advised that the Council’s website is administered by Lincolnshire County Council and a new template website had been developed to enable the Lincolnshire council users conform to ‘The Public Sector Bodies (Website and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 - which come into force on 23/9/20.  Councillor McNeill volunteered to provide some support in migrating the Council’s information to the new website.

e) To consider responses to Covid-19 update

Covid-19 related government guidance is regularly reviewed, by staff, to ensure Council is responding to changes, as they arise.  Council were advised that the closure of the Old School and Pavilion is having a fairly significant impact on income levels which ordinarily are used to cover costs and for balancing the Council’s budget.  It was raised that a decision had already been made to keep the buildings closed and this be reviewed from 1/9/20 – subject to Government guidance.  In the meantime, council’s staff would prepare an opening plan e.g. undertake risk assessments and take relevant steps to ensure that the buildings are Covid-19 compliant.  It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  The Clerk to arrange risk assessments modelled on up to date government guidance, an opening plan and associated purchases required for the Council’s facilities in preparation for re-opening, at a date to be agreed. Unanimous


a) To consider response to Local Government Association – Councillor Code of Conduct

b) To consider response to WLDC – Draft Licensing Policy 

c) To consider a survey response to WLDC - Climate, Environment and Sustainability Strategy

Following discussion, it was suggested that Councillors submit their own individual responses to the three consultation/survey requests, as set out on the agenda.


a) Request for the speed indicator device to be sited also on Sudbrooke Rd near Brookfields Ave

Council was advised that during the initial site survey, conducted by Councillors and LCC staff, a suitable location for the speed indicator was identified, on Sudbrooke Road, near to the entrance to Poachers Meadow.  This location was subsequently agree by Council.  It should also be acknowledged that the device will also be moved across the 6 sites as identified.  Residents will also be notified that it will be re-positioned across the parish using Council publicity arrangements.

Other general correspondence received, was also reported:

  • LCC works to footpaths & roads – arranged for High Street/Mill Hill and Highfield
  • Anglian Water Lincoln to Ancaster pipeline – although the parish will not be affected by the forthcoming planned works, it is likely to be at a later date.


  • Communication and Publicity Strategy
  • Traffic flow around the centre of the village

The Chairman reported that a virtual meeting had been held recently with a member of the LCC Travel Sustainability Team regarding the options for installation of a footpath from Sudbrooke Lane through to Sudbrooke village.  LCC are to investigate funding options to install a 2.5mtr wide tarmac road and will contact the local farmer to discuss the potential for such a path, on his land.

The Chairman confirmed that Council is not tabled to meet during August, so suggested calling an extra-ordinary meeting on 4/8/20 to discuss some urgent business in hand -  e.g.:

  • To provide consultee feedback following submission layout/landscaping/road plans for the planning application 141225, already agreed for 63 properties on land off The Hawthorns, to ensure it can be submitted within the WLDC deadline;
  • Request for Council expenditure approval to cover consultancy fees to progress the Neighbourhood plan review Character assessment;
  • Review of the risk assessments & opening plans completed and to consider any additional requirements to progress the opening of Council premises, once agreed.                                 


A virtual meeting, via Zoom has been arranged for Tuesday 15 September 2020 commencing at 7.30pm.


At 9.28pm it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To move into closed session.  Unanimous

All members of the public left the virtual meeting

090/20.   CLOSED SESSION ITEMS          

(a)  To provide an update following Staff appraisal

Following discussion, it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED:  To support the recommendations of the Personnel & Standards Panel. Unanimous

The meeting closed at 9.46pm


APPENDIX 1 - PAYMENTS MADE - 1/6/20 - 30/6/20

RECIPIENT                                                           AMOUNT (incl. VAT)                                       TRANSACTION

ACTIVE8 MANAGED TECH                                    163.66                                                           IT consultancy

AKO GROUNDWORKS                                           873.60                                                          Ground works - Mulsanne Park

AMAZON                                                                    77.97                                                          Toilet seats – Mulsanne Pavilion

ANGLIAN WATER                                                      48.66                                                           Water charges

ARGOS LTD                                                                9.99                                                            Laminator pouches

BT GROUP PLC                                                        81.60                                                            Telecoms

BUILD BASE                                                              42.48                                                            Line Marker paint

CONTINENTAL LANDSCAPES                             3810.24                                                            Grass cutting

COOP BANK                                                              91.56                                                             Petty cash top up

COOP BANK                                                              13.82                                                             Bank charges

CORONA ENERGY                                                 206.92                                                              Utilities

CORONA ENERGY                                                 116.24                                                               Utilities

D WARD - SCHOOL OF  DANCING                          49.91                                                              Refund - hire charges

DATAPLAN INVOICE                                                 60.00                                                              Payroll contractor

EE LIMITED                                                               39.50                                                               Mobile phone charges

JTF                                                                             30.25                                                               Padlocks, ties & paint

LAB PLANNING SERVICES                                    400.00                                                              Consultancy - Neigh plan

MISS J ASHBY                                                          21.60                                                               Staff mileage reimbursement

MR MARK A CROPPER                                          290.00                                                              Contractor - Swathe

MULTIDATA LTD                                                        38.92                                                               Wi-Fi Old School

SALARIES                                                              6301.00                                                               Salaries incl. HMRC/pensions

PERSONNEL ADVICE SOLUTIONS                       120.00                                                                Personnel services

POST OFFICE                                                             4.10                                                                Parcel Postage - returns

SHELL WAITROSE                                                    25.00                                                                Fuel for works van

VWFS  UK  LIMITED                                                218.34                                                               Works vehicle lease

WICKES                                                                     46.00                                                                Paint - Mulsanne Pavilion

WICKES                                                                     42.15                                                                Paint - Mulsanne Pavilion

WICKS                                                                        23.40                                                                2 x refuse bins for play area

ZOOM                                                                         28.78                                                                Mthly video conferencing fees


                            TOTAL       £  13,275.69