Minutes - 2 June 2020

Minutes of the Nettleham Parish Council Property Committee Meeting held on

Tuesday 2 June 2020 via Zoom online video conferencing

Present: Cllrs D Newsam (DN) (Chair), J Clayton (JC); P McNeill (PM); J Radcliffe (JR),P Jenkinson (PJ)

Also in attendance: Cllr J Evans (JE) (ex-officio), Mrs M Vail (FM) (Facilities Manager).

There were no members of the public present.

Meeting started at 7.30pm.

All were thanked for attending.

029/20 To receive apologies and accept reasons for absence: None received

030/20 Disclosure of interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensation

No disclosures of interest were made

031/20 The notes of the Property Committee Meeting held on 12 May 2020 to be approved as the minutes

It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED with all in favour to approve the draft notes as a true record.

032/20 Facilities Manager Report:

The following report was given:

  • Mulsanne Pavilion - Redecoration of main room is underway; and a paint refresh of kitchen and bar area is planned.
  • Old School - Car park pavers have been reset.  The contractor had been re-called to attend to some individual pavers which had been missed on his first visit to site.  Noted that loose pavers at the Old School is an ongoing maintenance issue.
  • Village - Annual Village Inspection took place w/c 18 May; with the FM accompanied by one lead councillor per day.  It was considered that carrying out these inspections in May was beneficial as vegetation issues were being picked up that would not be apparent earlier in the year.
  • Swathe Bramble Patch - Contractor has advised that their mowers are unable to cut the sides of the bramble patch.  However, his operative will mow as close to the patch as possible, then the volunteers should monitor it and side it up with hedge cutters every now and again.
  • 033/20 Working Groups

Noted that Cllr Newsam had been voted in as Property Committee Chairman at the May Full Council Meeting; and that lead councillor responsibilities would be apportioned at the July Property Committee meeting.

033/20.1 To receive reports as follows:

033/20.1.1    Beck:

a) to receive an update on general maintenance:

Noted that a small dam had been removed at Watermill Lane; but that a new one had appeared behind the White Hart pub.  Action: FM

The supplier of the replacement weir board had confirmed that they were working through a backlog of work – delays due to Covid 19 situation - but would provide a quote as soon as practicable.

b) to note any feedback from Co-op meeting held with them on 12 February 2020 concerning car park drainage into beck and silt by car park entrance:

Feedback was that the Co-op were obtaining a quote for the remedial work; and would have a contractor on site as soon as possible; subject to any Covid 19 constraints.  

Noted that the beck with its plants was looking good.  It was decided against displaying advisory signs to denote a one-way system along the beck path.

033/20.1.2   Swathe:

a) to receive an update on the Swathe project following meeting with CDS on 21/5/20:

The May Full Council meeting had received a full report on this matter; but in summary; the contractor had been appraised of NPC’s concerns regarding the archaeology; and had gone away to investigate further; including to approach Historic England.  Their response is awaited.

b) to receive an update on mapping works to the existing burial ground  following meeting with CDS on 21/5/20:

The May Full Council had received a full report on this matter; but in summary; the contractor had been appraised of NPC’s concerns regarding the burial ground plan which had been provided to them.  The contractor is to clarify the mapping, with an approximate timescale for feedback of mid – end June.

033/20.1.3 Mulsanne Park (DN):

a) To receive an update regarding provision of safe transition point from Lodge Lane development into Mulsanne Park: 

This work should, weather permitting, take place on 5 June. An 8ft2 area will be competed to make safe the transition point.

b) To note any feedback from University of Lincoln regarding clearing ditch out (southern boundary):

A response is awaited from the University; delayed due to the Covid 19 situation.  Noted that the Rugby Club have severe drainage problems requiring attention; and that NPC had advised them of potential issues many years ago.

033/20.1.4 Fieldpaths (JC):

a) to receive a general update:

  • The correct entrance has now been created off Greetwell Lane onto the new permissive path.
  • Additional posts along the same permissive path require relocating; with expenditure for this to be approved later in this meeting.
  • NPC are investigating whether the Greetwell Lane to Danby Hill path can be upgraded in status to a permissive bridleway; and are awaiting a response from the landowner to confirm if they are interested in allowing this.

034/20 Financial Monitoring Reports                                                                                                   

034/20.1To approve recent/proposed expenditure:

It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED with all in favour to approve both the following proposed expenditure, and the ratification of the following incurred expenditure:

Proposed expenditure:

Old School - £118.50 + VAT - re-cement in two down pipes (Note: £40 has already been approved for a third pipe in the May 2020 meeting

- £50.00 + VAT - for additional visit to repoint should existing mortar prove unsuitable for re-affixing pipe

New Permissive Footpath - £100 +  VAT - Move three 8’ wooden posts to new positions and make good the ground of the previous positions

Ratification of expenditure:

Mulsanne Park - £728.00 + VAT - To lay path transitioning from Stirlin development into grassed area to provide a safe access point underfoot.  Costs had been reduced by NPC supplying its existing supply of bags of concrete.

Noted that two domestic black bins are required for litter at Bill Baileys and behind the MUGA; for which expenditure approval would be sought at the next meeting.

035/20 To receive update reports regarding:

a) update on pavilion refurbishment and associated grant availability:

  • Redecoration is progressing within the Pavilion.
  • The tree contractor is supplying free wood chippings for the paths; some paths have been completed, and this is a work in progress dependent on availability of the wood chippings.
  • The grant scheme is still closed so the application cannot yet be submitted.  If, in time, the application is unsuccessful, more work will be required before NPC can apply again.

b) Update on cycle racks for Mulsanne Park ie. that a meeting has been requested with the LCC grant representative:

This project will be progressed soon; subject to the availability of the contractor.  Action: FM

c) to note any feedback from developer regarding handover date for new allotments:

  • A response from the developer is slow in coming: the FM had finally spoken to someone very recently and was awaiting an answer.
  • Noted that both allotment sites are to be run concurrently for a one year period, although one tenant may require a little longer.  It is likely that notice will be served on the tenants in October 2020.

036/20 To consider the following items

a) to consider the Annual Village Inspection 2020 report:

The inspections had been carried out w/c 18 May; with the Old School boundary wall in particular noted as in need of attention. Noted that £27,249 was set aside for this project; with match funding to be obtained.  Action:  FM to research grants and obtain quotes.

b) to note decision made by Full Council regarding new energy deal:

Noted, with a 1 July 2020 change over date.  (Note: deal is a 3 year fixed energy deal with EDF).

037/20 Tree Matters (JR): (5 mins max)

a) to receive a general update:

A letter seeking permission to plant a memorial cherry tree in the memorial copse at Bishops Meadow has been received. It was agreed that this should be taken to the June Full Council meeting for consideration; and noted that NPC has previously agreed that, with 9 or 10 trees, the memorial copse is at capacity so other locations could be considered.

038/20 Councillors Reports/Future Agenda Items:

Future agenda items –

  • To appoint membership of Working Groups – July meeting
  • To consider adjusting numbers on the Beck Working Group (currently at 7, up from 5) – July meeting
  • To set up a speedwatch group with one person to take ownership – July meeting
  • Covid 19 – ongoing item
  • Grasscutting- ongoing item during season
  • to review grass cutting tender requirements – September meeting
  • To review litter and dog bin locations – July meeting


  • Full Council agendas to include ongoing Covid 19 agenda item.
  • Noted that Welton’s skate park is open.  Action:  FM to ask WLDC for advice.
  • JC had dug up daffodils on some redundant land on Deepdale Lane; and these would be relocated in the Autumn to more advantageous location(s).

039/20 Date of Next Meeting:

The next remote meeting of the Parish Council’s Property Committee will be held on Tuesday 7 July 2020, commencing at 7.30pm. 

Meeting ended at 8.25pm.

Mrs Michelle Vail, Facilities Manager, Nettleham Parish Council                                                                        

4 June 2020