In response to feedback received from residents expressing concern that some plot holders are in breach of the rules, the Council undertook a review of their burial ground rules.

Following inspection of the burial ground, it was evident that a significant number of plot holders were, indeed, not abiding by the rules.  The key issues identified included: siting of grave goods, use of framing and chippings, unsecured plant pots and planting.

These practices have an impact on our ability to safely undertake grass cutting and regular maintenance at the cemetery; they also have an impact on adjacent plots.  In particular, the Council has concerns about the risk of chippings being whipped up when strimming and general grass cutting is undertaken.  Accidental damage occurring to memorials and grave goods is also of concern.

In conclusion, the Council acknowledges that these practices have been allowed to build up over time but feel it is now appropriate to work with plot holders to bring plots in line with the Council’s burial ground rules. 

The Council recently undertook a review of the burial ground rules and no significant changes were made.  The Parish Council agreed to write to all plot holders currently in breach of the rules, setting out what is required of them to comply with the rules.  

Alternatively, where plot holders have been unable to comply with the rules, by 1st April 2022, the Council will take steps to reinstate plots and remove items, which will then be held in storage, for a period of up to six months, for collection.  Chippings and edging, particularly evident around some cremated remains plots will also be removed and surrounding grassed areas will be reinstated.

January 2022

Published: Saturday, 16th October 2021