Nettleham Parish Councillors

The Parish Council is made of 12 Councillors.  Currently we do not have any Councillor vacancies.

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor please contact the Parish office for further details about what is involved.  

If you would like to contact a Parish Councillor please telephone - 01522 750011 or email the Parish Council at 

List of serving councillors at November 2020

Councillor John Evans – Chairman              
Councillor Philip Jenkinson – Vice- Chairman   
Councillor John Barrett                                                                                           
Councillor Mrs Janice Clayton                              
 Councillor Alan Henderson                                   
 Councillor Christopher Higham
Councillor Mark Homer                                                             
 Councillor Peter McNeill
Councillor David Newsam
Councillor Richard Porter
Councillor Jeremy Radcliffe
Councillor Mrs Angela White
To view Councillors declarations of interests, please visit the West Lindsey District Council website - using the following link: